15 Acrylic Wedding Invitations From Etsy That Really Bring the Glam

Full transparency: Forget the fridge, these fancy invites deserve a top-shelf display.
Acrylic wedding invites
Danielle Halibey
by Danielle Halibey
Updated Mar 23, 2023
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It's true—you can't go wrong with classic cardstock wedding invitations adorned with fancy fonts and perhaps some special foil details. But for those looking for something a little more unique and experiential, acrylic wedding invitations are a glamorous choice. So what are acrylic wedding invites, exactly? An acrylic invitation comes to be when a designer prints or etches the bid to your big day on glass-like sheets of clear plastic.

It's a stylish look that feels very luxe, so when it arrives at your guests' doorsteps, it'll make your family and friends feel like they've truly been invited to the wedding of the century.

Just like traditional paper invites, you can infuse pops of color, distinguishing fonts, gold foil embellishments and one-of-a-kind etchings into your acrylic design to match the aesthetic of your wedding. You also often have choices in acrylic—whether you want a fully transparent card or one one with a frosted finish—and how thick you want the sheet to be, with most options ranging from .5mm to 2mm thick. Remember, though, they will cost you more than most paper invitations.

One thing to note if you're considering acrylic invites is that it's usually only the main invitation that's minted in acrylic, but you can still complement it with a full suite composed of traditional cardstock. You'll actually achieve a much more dimensional look that way. Also, you'll have to consider mailing costs for an invitation that's so bespoke. Acrylic is lighter than glass, but heavier than traditional cardstock, so even if you fit it into a more structured envelope or wedding invitation box, you'll likely still need to treat it like a package with corresponding shipping costs. Taking a trip to the post office with a fully assembled invitation suite is super helpful. There, you can ask as many questions as you'd like and get a clear picture of what mailing costs may entail.

If you're ready to start looking around for an acrylic wedding invitation perfect for your big day, start by checking out our vendor marketplace. We have a tremendous network of invitation artisans and calligraphers who turn out stunning custom stationery. You can also check out Etsy for some other lovely options. To get you started, we've rounded up some favorites below.

1. Invitation Elegant Green Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Acrylic wedding invite

If you're more partial to a thin design, these elegant acrylic wedding invitations with a floral-adorned oval drawn around your wedding details is a great choice. You can select from 23 different monograms and a handful of metallic foil options for the lettering. A custom forest green envelope with your monogram and wedding date emblazoned on the flap will finish the look. Bonus: You can add a custom details or RSVP insert in matching acrylic.

2. Happy Moments Ever Vintage Flowers Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Floral acrylic wedding invite

A garden wedding on the books calls for a floral wedding invitation and we're all about the blossoming blooms on this vintage-inspired invite. You have 20+ design templates to choose from and can match your floral appliques to the ones you'll be carrying or showcasing on your special day. As for envelopes, we think a metallic shimmer shade, like Oyster Shell, would be perfect. Ask the designer about their acrylic stand add-ons, too. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful display tool.

3. Jane Custom Gifts Tropical Plants Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Floral acrylic wedding invite

Have a destination wedding on deck? You'll need a festive invitation to start building anticipation and we'd be hard-pressed to find something more fitting than this one. This clear acrylic invitation features a stunning border of tropical foliage and metallic sparkle, with your wedding particulars written legibly in black. The thickness of the acrylic is 2mm (the most durable), so you know it'll hold up.

4. Jane Custom Gifts Monstera Leaf Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Acrylic monstera wedding invite

These leaf-shaped invites are a step above a typical rectangle. The color variation and detail make it look super high quality. Envelopes should fit the leaf design swimmingly, but you can always pop by the post office to see if the non-traditional shape requires special packing instructions.

5. Invitation 4 Wedding Elegant Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Elegant floral acrylic wedding invite

We love when an invitation comes with the option for a wax seal, it just elevates the look in one fell swoop. The floral-trimmed top and bottom on these clear acrylic wedding invitations are beautiful complements to your celebration callouts (outlined in a matching shade). And, of course, a wax seal with the words "with love" makes our hearts burst. Just be prepared to pen a few sentences to include on the invitation as part of the personalization.

6. Margo Designs Store Beach Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Beach acrylic wedding invites

Who can resist a beach wedding? Not us! These suites are undeniably coastal chic, with the info card, response card and coordinating envelope and ultra-luxe velvet liner in dusty blue all included with the main invitation. And those reef metallic vellum wraps provide just the right touch of sparkle, while also securing the delicate acrylic invitation.

7. Darells Attic Floral Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Floral acrylic wedding invite

When an invitation nails the classic floral aesthetic, we can't help but applaud. This flawless design does just that, with just enough of a floral border on top and a subtle silvery leaf design at the base. It's giving serious botanical beauty.

8. Margo Designs Store Frozen Acrylic With Initial Wedding Invitations

Elegant acrylic wedding invite

Frosted acrylic wedding invitations with your initials laser cut? We're into it. Not only is the main invite poised to draw in the gazes of your guests, the accompanying blush-pink info cards and RSVP cards are love-worthy, too. Peep that frosted RSVP envelope with pink lettering; is it wrong that this might be our favorite part?

9. World of Wedding Co. Acrylic Gold Foil Wedding Invitations

Gold foil acrylic wedding invite

Hexagonal invitations are always worth the hype, but when it's done in acrylic, the level of finesse gets kicked up a notch. You can select from clear, matte or frosted acrylic for the base and gold, silver or rose gold foil for the geometric outlining. This particular listing includes an acrylic invitation, envelope and gold monogram seal, but you can supplement with other stationery accessories like a details card and an RSVP card with a QR code—so high-tech.

10. Paper and Pine Co. Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Acrylic wedding invite

How can you top the contemporary cool of a crisp white color scheme? This stunning invitation features your wedding details, painted in white, on a thick and luscious slate of acrylic. Clean, simple, elegant.

11. Margo Designs Store Arch Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Terracotta acrylic wedding invite

The stunning arch shape on these luxury acrylic wedding invitations sealed the deal immediately. We can't envision a more appropriate bid to a desert wedding than this special design. The geometric styling is brazenly boho and the "together with their families" printing that curves from the top can be your tying-the-knot trademark—just have the rest of your day-of signage sporting trendy curved phraseology.

12. Prettiest Pixel Dusty Blue Clear Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Blue acrylic wedding invites

Have you ever seen a prettier spring wedding invitation? This suite delivers on style, fashion and romance, and the acrylic main invitation is the obvious pièce de résistance. You can choose among several acrylic templates and dozens of ethereal color palettes—from fall coppers, to jewel tones, to a soft powder blue.

13. Stunning Engraving Clear Snowflake Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Acrylic snowflake wedding invite

A winter soirée is the perfect excuse to send a flurry of acrylic snowflakes to your family and friends (if you sent a unique save-the-date, then this is the ideal follow up). We're smitten with these custom acrylic wedding invitations because they come in two different sizes and show off your wedding specifics with laser precision (like literally, laser engraving at work). The "frosted" white text offers an extra wintery touch.

14. Prettiest Pixel Black and Rose Gold Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Rose gold acrylic wedding invite

Not every acrylic wedding invitation has to be transparent. You can choose thick black acrylic for your main invite decorated with rose gold calligraphy and it'll be a knockout, especially if you're playing with a petal pink, black and white color combination for the wedding itself. Just be sure to connect with the designer about an appropriate mailer, because the thicker varieties can tear through traditional envelopes.

15. Happy Moments Ever Peony Roses Round Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Rose acrylic wedding invite

And finally, why not go unique with a circular acrylic invite? This one comes with a shimmer or matte square envelope—we're big fans of the pink-on-pink vibes, just sayin'. There are eight designs to choose from, but you can't go wrong with this rose-and-peony frame.

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