Make This Apple Cider Bellini at Your Bridal Shower (It’s Perfect For Fall!)

by Rachel Sylvester
Apple cider bellini ingredients
Sarah Love Photography

As much as we love a giant mug of hot apple cider, there's something to be said about cider that's actually enjoyed cold. Have five minutes and a bottle of Prosecco? Grab some fresh cider, and mix up this apple Bellini in under three steps! Your bridal shower guests will thank you — we promise.

Apple cider bellini ingredients

Sarah Love Photography

What You'll Need:

Fig-infused vodka/liquor (we used Mahia)
Apple cider
Powdered cinnamon (optional)
Granulated sugar (optional)

Note: The type of Prosecco is up to you — just pick a favorite. Doesn't matter if it's pricey or less than 10 bucks.

Step 1: Pour a splash (seriously, that's all you need) of the fig vodka into a shaker and add 3/4 cup of cider to the mix. Shake to combine.

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