An Arizona Honeymoon Has More to Offer Than Just the Grand Canyon

From Sedona to Scottsdale, these are the best spots to visit on your romantic getaway.
Below the milky way at Cathedral Rock in Arizona
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Jamie Spain - The Knot Contributor.
Jamie Spain
Jamie Spain - The Knot Contributor.
Jamie Spain
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Updated Apr 23, 2024
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Considering an Arizona honeymoon? With its hot climate and gorgeous desert landscape, Arizona is one of the top honeymoon spots for all kinds of couples. Full of breathtaking national parks, artistic towns, world-class golf courses, monuments and, of course, the Grand Canyon, a romantic honeymoon in Arizona will include its fair share of sightseeing, not to mention it will be the perfect backdrop for your cute newlywed photos.

If you're stationed on the West Coast, a trip to this US honeymoon destination will be quick and easy, and you can even turn it into a road trip if that's the type of adventure you're looking for. If you're based on the East Coast, nonstop flights to Arizona will take around five hours, so while it's still totally manageable, you'll want to budget for a little extra travel time.

Ready to hike, admire nature and go on the ultimate honeymoon adventure? We thought so. From the best time to visit Arizona to the top hotels and things to do, use our expert tips to plan your honeymoon itinerary.

Arizona Honeymoon Tips in this Article:

    Saguaro National Park at sunset
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    Best Time to Honeymoon in Arizona

    Arizona is the sixth largest state in the US, which means different times of year are best depending on which area of the state you plan to visit (though you'll typically want to avoid June through August). If you're taking a trip to Phoenix, the best time to visit is from November through April, but if you're looking to visit Flagstaff, it's best to go between September and November after the summer crowds have left and before the snowy winters begin.

    Those interested in seeing the artsy town of Sedona or spotting the Grand Canyon should go between the months of March through May, before the temperature gets too hot. If you're looking to hang out in Tucson, it's best to go in April, May, September or October for the best weather.

    Best weather: March to May, September to November.
    Festival highlights: The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in February is a spectacular event for gem enthusiasts, while the Sedona International Film Festival in February and March offers a cultural experience in a scenic setting. The Scottsdale Culinary Festival in April is a treat for foodie couples, showcasing local and international cuisine.

    Arizona Honeymoon Planning Tips

    No matter where you live in the US, getting to Arizona is pretty easy. The state is full of gorgeous scenery, wonderful national parks and natural beauty. It has a little bit of something for everyone, whether you want to spend the day at a luxury resort or try your hand at some outdoor activities. The weather is bound to be amazing wherever you go, since Arizona is known for its gorgeous sunny days and warm temperatures.

    Arizona is a landlocked state with a hot climate, so if you're more of a snow bunny or you're interested in seeing the ocean, you'll probably want to keep brainstorming.

    If you're traveling to Arizona for the first time, remember that the desert climate may be a completely different environment than what you're used to. It's important to drink water and stay hydrated if you're out in the sun. Arizona is also home to some wildlife that you won't want to mess with, like snakes and scorpions, so watch where you step.

    Here are a few more things to keep in mind before hopping in your car (or buying plane tickets) for your Arizona honeymoon.

    Entry requirements: You won't need your passport, but don't forget to bring your ID along with you.
    Location: Arizona is located in the southwestern region of the United States, bordered by California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and the country of Mexico.
    Currency: USD.
    Flight time to Destination: If you're flying from New York City to Phoenix, Arizona, direct flights are around 5 hours. Flights from Los Angeles on the other hand are only an hour.
    Getting around: Renting a car (or going on a Jeep tour) is highly recommended for getting around Arizona, as attractions like the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and other natural landmarks are spread out. Larger cities like Phoenix and Tucson also offer public transit options, including buses and light rail systems.

    Pro tip: For tailored advice, find a honeymoon planning expert to help you with your Arizona adventure. Browse travel agents near you on The Knot Marketplace for Arizona honeymoon tips, reviews, testimonials and more.

    Best Arizona Honeymoon Hotels and Resorts

    From adorable honeymoon cabins to boutique hotels, there are all kinds of fantastic accommodations in Arizona; it just depends on what kind of honeymoon experience you're looking for. Here are a few options to consider.

     L' Auberge de Sedona Hotel, Arizona
    Photo: Paul R. Jones | Shutterstock

    Loews Ventana Canyon Resort

    If you want to experience a truly romantic and private getaway, head to the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, which is just two hours from Phoenix. This spa resort will help you unwind with its two swimming pools, private balconies and delicious restaurants.

    4.5 Star Rating | Read Reviews

    Royal Palms

    Royal Palms is a Scottsdale-based resort that boasts amazing wellness opportunities, including a spa, yoga classes, award-winning Mediterranean cuisine and romantic private cabanas.

    4.5 Star Rating | Read Reviews

    L'Auberge de Sedona

    At the super-romantic L'Auberge de Sedona, you'll be able to choose from a variety of private cottages. During the day, hike through gorgeous Red Rock formations, and at night, enjoy dinner on your private balcony while stargazing.

    4.5 Star Rating | Read Reviews

    The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician

    This five-star hotel will definitely sweep you off your feet. Aside from offering beautiful guest rooms and suites, The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician has a variety of activities to keep you entertained all week long. Get the golf experience package and spend as much time as you want on the course, or opt for the Phoenician spa package to get pampered all day long.

    5.0 Star Rating | Read Reviews

    Marriott Phoenix Resort Tempe at The Buttes

    Take in the one-of-a-kind view at this Marriott located in the historic Twin Buttes area. Dine at the Top of the Rock restaurant, spend your days sightseeing in the Sonoran Desert, and gaze out your guest room windows to catch a truly breathtaking view.

    4.0 Star Rating | Read Reviews

    Pro tip: For Arizona honeymoon accommodations that may provide more privacy, lower prices or unique experiences, consider looking into a romantic Airbnb or VRBO.

    Arizona Honeymoon Itinerary Ideas

    Arizona has some of the best natural sites and historic towns in the country, so there's a lot to see. If you want to jump between a few different cities, we recommend going on a road trip honeymoon and renting a car, since it's difficult to get very far on your own.

    Depending on the city you're heading to, there are a ton of fun and unique opportunities for exploration in the Grand Canyon State. If you're the outdoorsy type, you might want to consider a camping (or glamping) honeymoon, too.

    Red Rock country mountains surrounding Sedona Arizona
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    If you're looking to spend some time in a luxury resort, Phoenix has a number of wonderful options. It's also a great spot to visit if you're looking for a dose of Southwestern culture. Head over to the Desert Botanical Garden, or spend some time hiking up Camelback Mountain. Phoenix is also home to some wonderful museums, golf courses, spa treatments and gorgeous parks.


    Head to Tucson in the southern part of Arizona to spend some time hiking through the Sabino Canyon or wandering through Saguaro National Park. If you're looking to explore the city itself, Tucson is home to the University of Arizona, so take a walk through the campus or hop on a historic bike tour.


    For those interested in exploring the artsy side of Arizona, Sedona has some of the best sights around. While you can still take advantage of gorgeous hiking trails and state parks like Red Rock, Sedona is also home to an arts and crafts village, the Verde Valley Wine Trail and calming spas perfect for that couples getaway.

    The Grand Canyon National Park

    If you really want to catch sight of one of the seven natural wonders of the world, take a trip to the northern part of Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. Hiking through the Grand Canyon can take hours—if you want, trade in your walking shoes for a saddle and go horseback riding while admiring the view. You can also go on the Grand Canyon Skywalk to catch sight of one of the most beautiful places in the world from a new angle.


    For those who are embarking on an Arizona road trip, Flagstaff is the perfect stop between Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Flagstaff is home to Walnut Canyon, Lowell Observatory and the Wupatki National Monument, which is full of Native American archeological sites.

    Pro tip: Add Arizona honeymoon experiences to your gift registry so that loved ones can give you one of these memorable couples activities. Don't forget to post a few photos to your wedding website while you're away!

    What to Pack for an Arizona Honeymoon

    A tour through the red rock formations and tunnels of Antelope Canyon in Arizona
    Photo: Matthew Micah Wright | Getty

    Arizona is known for its dry and arid climate—in most cases, you can leave your snow boots and raincoats at home. Make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen, a hat and light clothes in your honeymoon luggage. If you're planning on taking advantage of Arizona's many outdoor activities, your packing checklist should also include heavy-duty walking shoes or hiking boots, comfortable clothes and a backpack.

    Brittany Barber contributed to this article.

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