Bachelorette Party Hangover Kit Ideas for Every Kind of Bash

These must-haves will get you through the morning-after.
Two bachelorette hangover kit ideas
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Ariel Taranski
Ariel Taranski
Ariel Taranski
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Updated Aug 21, 2023

There are a lot of components to planning a bachelorette party. And one of our favorite new trends is the bachelorette party hangover kit. (Seriously, whoever came up with these deserves royalties.) Whether you're playing classic bachelorette party games or adding a "drink" twist to them, these hangover kits can be lifesavers for any bash. So tell your maid of honor to grab her bachelorette planning checklist and add these bachelorette party hangover kit ideas to her shopping cart.

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Bachelorette Hangover Kit Ideas

Bachelorette hangover kits are one of the must-have bach party supplies. But you may be wondering, "Where do I even start?" We've rounded up some of our favorite hangover kit supplies so you'll no longer be left wondering what to put in a hangover kit. With these products you can put together your very own bags and customize them with hangover kit supplies for each of your bridesmaids if you wish.

"Oh Sh**" Kit Drawstring Bags

'Oh sh*t kit' drawstring bachelorette hangover kit bags
Photo: The Knot Shop

Looking for funny hangover kit ideas? This bag says it all, and it can fit all your hangover necessities. And since it's reusable, it's perfect to have on hand for any night out… or the morning after.

Pint-Sized Pain Reliever

Travel sized advil pain and headache reliever for bachelorette hangover kit
Photo: Walmart

Include this in a hangover kit for bachelorette party-induced headaches—combat the inevitable headache with these handy pain reliever tablets. Just pop one of these bottles inside your kit for each member of your wedding party for a low-cost lifesaver.

Customizable Hangover Kit Bags

Custom bachelorette hangover kit resealable bag
Photo: Sprinkled With Pink

These holographic bachelorette survival kit bags can be fully customized with a name or phrase. And you can even choose your own wedding colors for the bags.

"Keep It Minty Fresh" Tins

Personalized Mint Life Savers for Bachelorette Hangover Kit
Photo: My Wedding Favors

This is a product for a hangover kit bachelorette party attendees are sure to appreciate. Beer breath is a great reason to have a few mints on hand. You can even customize these to match your other bachelorette decor.

Soothing Face Masks

Soothing face mask 12-pack kit for bachelorette hangover kit
Photo: Amazon

Face masks are one of the most important hangover kit items to remember. These are perfect for when a full skincare routine just isn't in the cards. And thankfully, they also come in soothing scents that won't make your head spin.

"Nighty, Night" Eye Masks

Black Satin Sleep Mask
Photo: The Knot Shop

Keep out the light with these fabulous eye masks. You can choose from a range of designs and styles for every fashionista in your wedding party.

"Check Yourself" Pocket Mirror

Trendy Script Personalized Compact Mirror for bachelorette party hangover kit
Photo: Personalization Mall

Adding this pocket mirror to your hangover kit can make sure there are no makeup mistakes or hair fiascos when everyone's a bit tipsy. Plus, it's a gift your girls will use long after the bachelorette weekend.

No-More-Alcohol Mouthwash

Travel sized mouthwash for bachelorette party hangover kit
Photo: Target

This mouthwash is perfect for when you don't want the taste of even more alcohol. Keep your breath feeling fresh and minty with this pocket-sized mouthwash.

Refreshing Collagen Under-Eye Gels

Gold Gel Collagen Under Eye Patches for bachelorette party hangover kit
Photo: Amazon

Don't let the lack of sleep give you eye bags. These under-eye gels are a top-notch addition to any hangover kit.

"Hangover Hair, Don't Care" Scrunchie

'Couldn't Tie The Knot Without You' Custom Bridal Party Scrunchie for bachelorette party hangover kit
Photo: The Knot Shop

These scrunchies can seriously come in clutch for your bachelorette party. And you can choose from various colors and phrases so they're on-theme for the weekend.

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"No Dry Lips Here" Lip Balm

Eos 'chill vibes' lip balm set for bachelorette party hangover kit
Photo: Target

Keep your lips moisturized with these soothing lip balms. You get four in a pack, so it's easy to add one to each bag with your bridesmaids' favorite flavors.

Wipes to Fix Last Night's Makeup

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelette Singles for bachelorette party hangover kit
Photo: Walmart

Let's be real. You're probably sleeping in your makeup during the bachelorette weekend, but this pack of wipes can help in the morning.

"Goodbye, Harsh Sun" Sunglasses

Heart Shaped Bachelorette Party Hangover Kit Sunglasses
Photo: The Knot Shop

Bright lights are a big no the next day, so how about these adorable shades? You may not have hearts in your eyes exactly, but these sunglasses will give the appearance that you do.

Hand Sanitizer to Spread Love, Not Germs

Personalized Hand Sanitizer Favors
Photo: My Wedding Favors

Keep your hands clean in a pinch with some hand sanitizer. And these customizable bottles also make great wedding favors if you want to buy a few packs.

Plop, Plop, Fizz Hangover Relief

Alka-seltzer orange fizz hangover relief tablets for bachelorette party hangover kit
Photo: Amazon

This hangover relief is a game changer and a must-have for your bachelorette hangover kit. Just add a packet into your bag to make the next morning a bit easier.

Freshen-Up Shower Wipes

Simpleaf Body Shower Wipes for bachelorette party hangover kit
Photo: Walmart

Between the partying and the drinking, you might be too tired to freshen up. Thankfully, that's where these handy shower wipes come in and do the dirty work.

"Time for a Touch Up" Makeup Bag

Personalized Canvas Cosmetic Case for bachelorette party hangover kit
Photo: Personalization Mall

You can use these makeup bags for your hangover kit to fit even more necessities. They're perfect for fitting eyeliner and lipstick so that nothing smudges.

No More Drunken Mist-akes

Pacifica Wanderlust Hair & Body Mists for bachelorette party hangover kit
Photo: Target

Smell like your usual self with these hair and body mists. And since you get three in a pack, you can buy a few boxes and add one to each hangover kit.

Socks to Keep Keep It Cozy

Personalized Cozy Sherpa Lined Cable Knit Slipper Socks for bachelorette party hangover kit
Photo: The Knot Shop

Keep it cozy with these ultra-soft socks that give you another reason not to get out of bed. And they've got a non-slip bottom, which is definitely essential for the dizziness.

Gummies for the Tummy

Before you drink gummy bears for bachelorette party hangover kit
Photo: Walmart

Even if you don't want to eat anything, you'll want these gummies. They're made with natural ingredients that can help combat your hangover and have you feeling better in no time.

"But Did You Die?" Hangover Kit Bags

'Do what you love' holographic bachelorette party hangover kit bags
Photo: Amazon

Even if you feel like death, you totally survived. And these funny hangover kit bags are the perfect way to store all the must-haves for the morning.

Recover in No Time With These Supplements

No days wasted bachelorette party hangover kit recover bundle
Photo: No Days Wasted

This bundle comes with two elements—a supplement to take before you drink and a hydration replenisher for after. If you want to go hard on the dance floor, you'll be grateful to have these two products on hand to keep you in tip-top shape.

Pre-Made Bachelorette Hangover Kits

If you're someone who likes to buy things already made, then don't fret. We've also thought about the busy bride with too much wedding planning on her plate, so here are some pre-made hangover kits. With these, you don't have to wonder what to put in bachelorette party hangover kit bags because they come pre-stocked with everything. Plus, plenty of these can match many popular bachelorette themes.

The Wild Wild West Bag

Gettin' Rowdy Gettin' Hitched Bachelorette Hangover Recovery Kit
Photo: HomemadeByMakenzie

Here's a Western-themed hangover kit that can give you the giddy up when you got too rowdy. And it comes with everything you and your gals need to survive the day.

"Giddy Up, Dancing Queen" Kit

'Let's go girls' bachelorette party premade hangover kit
Photo: PebbleandMae

Here's a hangover kit perfect for that disco-cowgirl bash full of sequins and cowgirl hats. It'll be sure to put the yee back in your haw in no time.

"Beach, Please" Hangover Kit

Beach Bachelor Party Hangover Survival Kit
Photo: My Wedding Favors

This kit is handy for those bigger emergencies during your bachelorette. And this bag has enough space to pop in some electrolyte powder and headache relief so your bridesmaids are feeling good as new.

Hazy-Days Hangover Bag

'Boozed and confused' premade hangover kit
Photo: HomemadeByMakenzie

Here's a hangover kit that can get you back to feeling all right, all right, all right for when you're a little too dazed and confused. It fits the '70s-theme perfectly for your boogie night.

"Oops, We Did It Again" Kit

'Bach to the 90s' premade hangover kit
Photo: HomemadeByMakenzie

If you're throwing it back to the 90s, then this hangover kit is perfect for your retro bash. (Just make sure your bachelorette playlist has all the right songs to match the retro vibes.)

Bag to Rally the Bridal Troops

'The Rally Bag' 10 Pre-Filled Hangover Kits for Bachelorette Party
Photo: Amazon

This hangover kit has all the essentials for you and your bachelorette party comrades. Consider this your hangover arsenal at your disposal.

"Dance the Night Away" Kit

Barbie inspired premade bachelorette party hangover kit
Photo: KmbDesignCompany

Don't be caught off guard like Barbie at the Mojo Dojo Casa House. This Barbie-themed hangover bag will have you feeling "fantastic" again soon.

"Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again" Hangover Kit

Disco Ball Bag Premade bachelorette party Hangover Kit
Photo: FavorFavs

"Mamma Mia, here we go again…" But this time, be prepared with this groovy hangover kit that will have you being the dancing queen in no time.

Get-Down-Boogie Kit

Holographic premade bachelorette hangover kit
Photo: Amazon

Disco definitely isn't dead, but your hangover will be. This pre-made kit has everything you could need to be jiving and putting on your boogie shoes.

"I'm Drunk in the Back of the Car" Kit

Taylor swift inspired bachelorette party drawstring pre made hangover kit
Photo: partypunchtsl

"Said I'm fine but it wasn't true" should not be your bachelorette mantra. That's why this Taylor Swift hangover kit can have your summer feeling way less cruel.

Hangover Kit With All the Essentials

6-pk Bachelorette Hangover Kit Supplies
Photo: Amazon

This hangover kit has just what you and your wedding party need to make it through that next morning. And you can easily tuck it away in your clutch or purse to have on hand.

Galactic-'N-Rowdy Kit

Lets Go Girls Hangover Kit Bottle
Photo: FavorFavs

Recover from your hangover with this handy kit in a holographic bottle. Get yourself some space, cowgirl, from all the bright lights and sparkling boots.

Treat-Yourself Hangover Kit

Pre-Filled Premium Hangover Kits For Bachelorette Party Favors
Photo: Amazon

Let the morning-after be a spa day, of sorts, with this bag. It's got just what your body needs to recover from a long night of partying hard.

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