What is a Bridal Ring Set?

Purchasing your engagement and wedding rings together as a set ensures a perfect match—just like your partnership.
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Updated Dec 15, 2023
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First comes love, then comes marriage—or, rather, first comes the engagement ring, then comes the wedding band. However, that's not always the case. A bridal ring set cuts out the challenge of finding a complementary band months after choosing the engagement ring (which, depending on the intricacies of the ring, sometimes requires a custom project). By purchasing the rings together, you know you'll get a set that fits flush together for supreme comfort and wearability, plus looks beautiful aesthetically. Yet, even though the rings are bought together, you can still save the band for the wedding, opting to wear just the engagement ring up until the big day per tradition. Especially for couples who plan to pick out an engagement ring together anyway, bridal ring sets are a "do" in our book. Here, is a little more about what each ring represents, and a baker's dozen beautiful options to shop.

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What Is a Bridal Set of Rings?

Bridal ring sets, also known as wedding or ring stacks, are groups of rings purchased together to complete your engagement and wedding band look. Stacks are typically made up of an engagement ring and one or two coordinating bands specifically designed with contours that match the engagement ring and sit flush against it. Although some brides-to-be would prefer to select their wedding band, there are definite pros to purchasing rings as a set from the get-go: It guarantees a perfect match, and some jewelers even offer a discount on rings purchased together.

How Many Rings Come in a Bridal Set?

When shopping for sets, you'll most often find two or three rings sold together. Two-ring sets include the engagement ring (or engagement ring setting; center stones are sometimes purchased separately) and a coordinating wedding band. Three-ring sets include the engagement ring and two bands to be worn on either side of it.

Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to just three rings. Consider adding additional bands and increasing your stack for significant anniversaries, the birth of children, job promotions, or other momentous occasions.

When Do You Wear Each Ring in A Bridal Set?

Traditionally, a bride-to-be wears only the engagement ring from proposal to wedding day, and adds the wedding band after "I do." (If it's a three-ring set, she can add both bands after the wedding or reserve one band until a major anniversary.) After that, though, the choice is all hers: She can mix and match the pair or trio of rings day by day.

13 Gorgeous Bridal Ring Sets to Shop

For couples shopping for engagement rings together (and even for those who aren't), it makes sense to purchase the engagement ring and wedding band or bands as an already matching set. But, within that category, the options are endless: There are soldered ring wraps that encircle the engagement ring, matching contoured bands designed to nestle beneath high-profile stones, diamond infinity bands that amp up the bling, and more. Here, we've selected a variety of options to inspire your search.

Channel-Set Diamond Bridal Set

Channel-Set Diamond Bridal Set
Photo: Kay Jewelers

Why have one diamond when you can have four? The most unique part of this bridal set's engagement ring is the quartet of princess-cut diamonds in place of a single center stone. And, that's just the start of the sparkle. The band and matching wedding band feature brilliant round diamonds channel-set along the 14-karat yellow gold band, all totaling 4 carats.

Grown Brilliance Double Band Bridal Set

Grown Brilliance Double Band Bridal Set
Photo: Grown Brilliance

This three-ring bridal set features a 2-carat lab-grown emerald-cut diamond on a rose gold band for the engagement ring, with not one but two diamond pave bands to accompany it. Often, couples wait until an anniversary or other special occasion to add the second band, but with the understated beauty of the slim pavé, one on either side is the perfect complement.

Valerie Madison Zara Pink Sapphire Wedding Stack

Pink Sapphire Wedding Stack
Photo: Valerie Madison

A stunning 2.18-carat pink sapphire is the showpiece of this stellar set, but each of the two bands is unique in its own way, too. First is an arched band featuring five baguette diamonds in a sunburst pattern; next is the unique open band with tapered ends, made of 14-karat recycled gold. The exciting thing is the variety of pairing options: Wear the pink sapphire with just the sunburst or the gold band, pair the two bands together, or stack all three; you could even wear the open band on a separate finger. (And, by the way, purchasing all three together garners a 20% discount on the total.)

Moissanite 3-Piece Vintage-Style Bridal Set

-Piece Vintage-Style Bridal Set
Photo: Flawless Moissanite

Moissanite bridal ring sets are gaining popularity; the lab-grown stone is slightly more affordable than a diamond, so you save big on a two- or three-ring set. This set starts with a classic solitaire on a pavéd band; adding the dual sunburst bands on top and bottom gives the style a vintage, art deco vibe.

Lisa Robin The Brooklyn Art Deco Diamond Wedding Set

 Art Deco Diamond Wedding Set
Photo: Lisa Robin

Five baguettes are arranged vertically and horizontally to create a unique engagement ring shape perfectly suited to a V-shaped band in this deco two-piece set. We especially love it in white or rose gold, and the option to add engraving further personalizes it.

Berlinger Pearl & Diamond Shared Prong Stacking Set

Pearl & Diamond Shared Prong Stacking Set
Photo: Berlinger

This piece brilliantly answers the question: Can you wear a bridal set as an engagement ring? Without a standout center stone, wearing the whole stack together is more reasonable even during the engagement period (and the middle ring does have a unique element to set it apart: Whereas the top and bottom are diamond eternity bands, the middle is a pattern of diamonds and pearl cabochons). After "I do," there's no need to add a new wedding band; but, if you want to go bigger, we'd love this stack paired with a wide metal band.

Mineralogy Ash Ring and Diamond V Contour Band

 Ash Ring and Diamond V Contour Band
Photo: Mineralogy

Though these are technically sold separately, Mineralogy does a great job of suggesting coordinating bands to complete a bridal set, which is helpful as the Chicago jeweler's creations come in unique shapes that are not as simple to match. For the Ash ring—made with mint-colored Montana sapphire and diamond baguettes—the jeweler suggests three coordinating bands that could work well; our pick is the Diamond V contour band in 14-karat recycled gold.

Angara Sapphire & Diamond Sunburst Ring Wrap

Sapphire and Diamond Sunburst Ring Wrap Bridal Set
Photo: Angara

A ring guard—also known as a ring wrap or ring jacket—is a different take on the three-ring set. The engagement ring nests between a pair of connected bands, making it appear as though there are three bands when, in fact, it's a two-ring bridal set. This one is unique in the pattern of white diamonds and vibrant sapphires; drop in a sapphire engagement ring to go all in on bridal blue.

Lunette Nested Diamond Ring Stack

Gold Bridal Diamond Ring Stack
Photo: Brilliant Earth

For a similar look with more flexibility—say, wearing a single band for a more understated look—this sunburst stack features two disconnected bands that can nest around an engagement ring. Try it with a high-profile round solitaire for a luxe look.

Diamond Bridal Set in 14-Karat White Gold

Diamond Bridal Set in 14-Karat White Gold
Photo: Helzberg Diamonds

Though this look is ultra-classic, the pro of buying these rings as a set is that you know they're made to fit together flawlessly. The engagement ring features a half-carat center stone that's made to look even bigger and more brilliant by a border of smaller round-cut diamonds matching the ones that run down the band; the wedding band matches the engagement band with round diamonds (all in, this set totals 2 carats). Matching the two bands is a timeless look that will never go out of style.

Noir Sapphire & Diamond Wedding Set

Noir Sapphire & Diamond Wedding Set
Photo: Shane Co.

The twists and contours of this two-ring bridal set make it hard to decipher which piece is which and where one band ends and the other begins. Diamond pavé rows on either band are accents to the main row of stunning black sapphires that increase in size toward the center. The sold-separately center stone can be any diamond cut; we love an oval diamond, set ever so slightly askew so that the smaller diamonds seem to wrap it in a hug.

Valerie Madison Astrid Hexagon Diamond Wedding Stack

Astrid Hexagon Diamond Wedding Stack
Photo: Valerie Madison

While many bridal ring sets feature contoured bands that sit flush with the engagement ring, this unique pairing makes open space part of the aesthetic. Bands—one solid gold, one paved with diamonds—on either side of the step-cut hexagon diamond engagement ring are V-shaped to match the arch of the center stone and reveal a little skin on either side.

Calypso Sapphire & Diamond Wedding Set

Calypso Sapphire & Diamond Wedding Set
Photo: Shane Co.

Many bridal wedding ring sets—especially ones with three rings—go big on bling. This one does just that, starting with a twisted-band engagement ring set with a halo of white diamonds and natural blue sapphires, raised off the hand in a high profile. Sitting flush with the band and nested just below the halo are dual bands of blue sapphires.

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