Oval Engagement Rings You Can Shop Now

This twist on the traditional round-cut diamond has serious cool girl appeal.
by The knot
  1. Oval Engagement Rings

    Looking for an engagement ring that's the perfect mix of modern and traditional? Oval-cut diamonds are a more fashion-forward alternative to their classic round-cut counterpart. (It's no wonder why celebs like Blake Lively, LeAnn Rimes and Whitney Port can't get enough of this unique diamond shape!) Their cool factor aside, oval diamonds are also an engagement ring win-win: Their elongated shape instantly slims your hand and gives the appearance of a larger center stone.

    Check out stunning oval engagement rings you can buy now, below!

  2. Oval Engagement Ring Kwiat

    Ring by Kwiat

  3. Oval Engagement Ring Mark Broumand
  4. Oval Engagement Ring Uneek

    Ring by Uneek

  5. Oval Engagement Ring DeBeers

    Ring by DeBeers

  6. Oval Engagement Ring Tacori

    Ring by Tacori

  7. Oval Engagement Ring Danhov

    Ring by Danhov

  8. Oval Engagement Ring A. Jaffe

    Ring by A. Jaffe

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