How to Show Gratitude to Your Besties With Bridesmaid Thank-You Cards

Your leading ladies have supported you every step of the way. Say "thanks" for the role they played in your big day.
Everything You Need to Write Bridesmaid Thank-You Cards
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Updated Nov 28, 2023
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While it takes lots of trained pros to make your wedding day go off without a hitch, it's your bridesmaids who have stood by you every step of the way. They've been there for the crazy, the beautiful and everything in between—beyond the whirlwind wedding. A bridesmaid thank-you card is just the thing to let them know how much they mean to you. Whether you choose to give your leading ladies this special correspondence on the day of your wedding, after your rehearsal dinner with your bridesmaid gifts or after your big day, a well-worded note of gratitude will go a long way.

Wondering what to write in a bridesmaid thank you card? (We get it—sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words.) No worries. In this article, we've written out some great thank-you messages for a bridesmaid. Copy them as they are or build on them with a personal touch; It's really up to you. Plus, you'll find a slew of great bridesmaid thank-you note stationery you can buy now.

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Bridesmaid Thank-You Card Wording

The biggest day of your life went off without a hitch. Now, it's time to sit down and write out a thank-you note to each of your bridesmaids. Here are some great examples and thank-you card etiquette you can use to get you started.

What to Write

Our advice? Don't overthink it. Simply speak from your heart, rather than worrying about how short or long your message is. Let your bridesmaids know how much it means to you that they chose to stand next to you as you wed your partner. If a particular girl did something that was truly special, feel free to call that out directly; your bridesmaid thank you notes don't have to be identically worded. And really, they shouldn't be. We're sure each one of your girls contributed something special and unique to her to your big day and the events leading up to it, so craft every thank-you card for your bridesmaids to be individual. If Becky made the most fire bach weekend playlist, let her know how her tunes set the perfect mood. If Jax was the veil fluffer of the century, let them know how it made all the difference in your photos. Keeping all this top of mind will help you say, "thank you for being my bridesmaid" with personality, heart and sincerity.


Need some help getting your thoughts onto paper? Check out these bridesmaid thank-you note examples.

Thank you for making my wedding day so special. I can't imagine saying "I do" without you by my side. I want you to know how much I appreciate all the things you did to make this journey go so smoothly, from making sure vendors were in the right place at the right time to keeping the flower girls in check. You're an amazing woman and I'm so proud to call you my friend. I can't wait to support you on your big day.

We've been friends forever, but having you by my side on my wedding day has taken our friendship to a new level. Your constant presence, help and encouragement over the past several months makes me feel like one of the luckiest brides in the world. I love you so much and can't imagine doing life without you!

To my sidekick, my bestie, my partner in crime: the biggest "thank you" from the bottom of my heart for all you did as my bridesmaid. I can't imagine starting this journey without you and, even though I'm married now, I always want you right by my side as we go through this next chapter of our lives. Thank you for being my bridesmaid.

The Best Bridesmaid Thank-You Cards

Once you've got your sentiments nailed down, you'll of course need a great card to write them on. Check out some of our favorite stationery for your bridesmaid thank-you letters below. Scoop these up with some cool affordable bridesmaid gifts or bridesman gifts and you'll be all set.

1. "Day Made" Bridesmaid Thank-You Card

"Day Made" Bridesmaid Thank-You Card
Photo: Artifact Uprising

Your bridesmaids made your day. Let them know with this chic thank-you card from Artifact Uprising. It proudly states: "Day made!" The seven-by-five flat card also displays your favorite photo from your big day (hint: add a snap of you and your girls for a personal touch) and includes an envelope with a liner in your choice of colors.

2. "Thanks, B*tch" Bridesmaid Thank-You Card

"Thanks, B*tch" Bridesmaid Thank-You Card
Photo: Minted

This funny bridesmaid thank-you card is definitely a bit crass, but your girls are sure to find it hilarious. Choose from a variety of color schemes that coordinate the words with the background color, so you don't have to do the guesswork when it comes to designing the card, but can still add a little customization. Looking for a thank-you card for a bachelorette party? These are perfect for that as well.

3. "Merci" Bridesmaid Thank-You Card

"Merci" Bridesmaid Thank-You Card
Photo: Papier

This adorable, Parisian-chic card displays the French word for thank you across the front. It's a sweet and feminine way to say "thanks" to your leading ladies for the role they played in your wedding. We adore the floral letters of this design.

4. "Thanks!" Bridesmaid Thank-You Card

"Thanks!" Bridesmaid Thank-You Card
Photo: Minted

This soft cotton textured card is folded and comes blank on the inside, so you can write your own sentiments to your bridesmaids. The front boldly displays the word "thanks" scrawled across a picture of your choice. Choose from six pretty font colors and add an envelope with the option of free recipient addressing from Minted.

5. "Thank You" Bridesmaid Thank-You Card

"Thank You" Bridesmaid Thank-You Card
Photo: Papier

Simple and beautiful, this classically elegant card is perfect if your wedding day was a black-tie or otherwise formal affair. Here, the words "thank you" are scrawled in gold calligraphy across a clean, white background. Leave it blank to write your own words or add a printed message to the inside for an additional charge.

6. Personalized Portrait Bridesmaid Thank-You Card

Personalized Portrait Bridesmaid Thank-You Card
Photo: InkandFred

We're obsessed with this thank-you card for a bridesmaid, since it's made to be an exact replica of you and her! Choose from tons of different personalization elements, like dress type, color, skin tone, hair length and color, veil style and more to make the women displayed on the card look just like you and your favorite bridesmaid. It's such a beautiful way to thank her for being there for you on your big day. Choose from flat or folded options and write your own thank-you message in this blank card.

7. "To My Bridesmaid" Bridesmaid Thank-You Card

"To My Bridesmaid" Bridesmaid Thank-You Card
Photo: TheWhiteInvite

The front of this card leaves nothing to guess about, with the words "to my bridesmaid" scrawled in elegant black letters. The inside is a blank slate for you to pour your feelings of gratitude onto the page. Choose from a variety of different envelope liner colors to match your wedding's color palette.

8. Rose Gold Bridesmaid Thank-You Card

Rose Gold Bridesmaid Thank-You Card
Photo: Amazon

This 50 pack of thank-you notes could be used for a number of different wedding-related activities, since the outside simply states, "beyond grateful." They make a great option if you're strapped for cash and don't want to splurge on specialized stationery for your thank-you notes for your bridesmaids and other attendants.These cards are everything you'll need for your big day.

9. Mini Vellum Bridesmaid Thank-You Card

Mini Vellum Bridesmaid Thank-You Card
Photo: LeighLouiseCreative

These sweet little mini cards sure are an adorable way to say "thank you" to a bridesmaid for all the help and support they provided. Each girl's name is displayed in rose gold writing across the front, while a sweet pink ribbon secures the vellum overlay and the white cardstock underneath. Each mini card comes with a white envelope.

10. "To My Bridesmaid" Bridesmaid Thank-You Card

"To My Bridesmaid" Bridesmaid Thank-You Card
Photo: Amazon

These white and gold cards are steeped in elegance, perfect for a bridesmaid thank-you card. On the front, the card says, "to my bridesmaid on my wedding day" and the inside is blank, offering you an opportunity to tell her exactly how much she means to you. A gold-lined envelope is the perfect finishing touch for this pretty card.

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