21 Under $30 Bridesmaid Gifts Your Friends Will Love

Say “thank you” the right way.
by Sophie Ross

Your bridesmaids have been there for you every step of the wedding planning journey (and will always tell you if you have spinach in your teeth at your reception)—so of course, it’s necessary to give them gifts that make them feel loved.

But that doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg to properly thank them—there are tons of personalizable and thoughtful gifts that only look expensive, like these ones that are all $30 or less. Shop them below.

  1. 1. Yes, your bridesmaids will look so cute with these matching clutches on your wedding day.

    Asos scallop edge envelope purse affordable bridesmaid gift

    Asos scallop edge envelope purse, $13, Asos.com

  2. 2. Okay, so maybe you can’t afford to send all your bridesmaids on vacations, but at least you can help them get some cute outfits for future ones.

    Tiare Hawaii gift card affordable bridesmaid gifts

    Tiare Hawaii gift card, $25, TiareHawaii.com

  3. 3. If your friends happen to have sweet teeth, they’ll love these “bento boxes.”

    ​Sugarfina Faves 3-piece candy bento box affordable bridesmaid gifts

    Sugarfina Faves 3-piece candy bento box, $26, SurLaTable.com

  4. 4. Help them relax and recover from your bridezilla demands (just kidding) with a nice, luxurious bubble bath.

    ​Copper+Crane shimmering bath oil soak affordable bridesmaid gifts

    Copper & Crane shimmering bath oil soak, $20, CopperAndCrane.com

  5. 5. These skincare essentials are totally organic, and suitable for every skin type.

    ​Sumbody Skincare Get Sum bath & body assortment in sunkissed vanilla affordable bridesmaid gifts

    Sumbody Skincare Get Sum bath & body assortment in sunkissed vanilla, $30, Sumbody.com

  6. 6. Personalize your gifts with zodiac-inspired jewelry.

    Kitsch Virgo necklace and earring set affordable bridesmaid gifts

    Kitsch Virgo necklace and earring set, $29, MyKitsch.com

  7. 7. Chocolate lovers will go crazy for these adorable cherry cordials.

    ​The Cordial Cherry butterflies and yellow daisies cordial cherries gift affordable bridesmaid gifts

    The Cordial Cherry butterflies and yellow daisies cordial cherries gift, $30, TheCordialCherry.com

  8. 8. Of course, a good bottle of prosecco is perfect for every occasion.

    La Marca prosecco affordable bridesmaid gifts

    La Marca prosecco, $29, MinibarDelivery.com

  9. 9. Soy candles are a huge trend right now (they last longer and release less carcinogens)—and this brand has an amazing-smelling scent for everyone.

    ​Jaded Candle 8 oz. Hydrangea candle affordable bridesmaid gifts

    Jaded Candle 8 oz. Hydrangea candle, $20, JadedCandle.com

  10. 10. Give your girls the gift of sampling skincare products with a cute and convenient trial kit.

    ​Glow Studio hydrated glow trial kit affordable bridesmaid gifts

    Glow Studio hydrated glow trial kit, $25, GlowRecipe.com

  11. 11. Gift these before your wedding so your bridesmaids can sport matching studs.

    Gorjana Mave shimmer mini studs affordable bridesmaid gifts

    Gorjana Mave shimmer mini studs, $30, Gorjana.com

  12. 12. Scrunchies are making a major comeback—your friends will love these luxe velvet ones.

    ​Kitsch velvet scrunchies affordable bridesmaid gifts

    Kitsch velvet scrunchies, $12, MyKitsch.com

  13. 13. Once you start sleeping with a cozy eye mask, you’ll never go back.

    ​Glow Recipe You Are Cool To Me sleeping mask affordable bridesmaid gifts

    Glow Recipe You Are Cool To Me sleeping mask, $25, SaksFifthAvenue.com

  14. 14. A chic makeup bag with stitched-on initials? You can’t go wrong with this gift.

    ​The Knot Shop personalized velvet quilted makeup bag affordable bridesmaid gifts

    The Knot Shop personalized velvet quilted makeup bag, $10, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

  15. 15. Sometimes, you know your friends will just want to take some shots once this wedding is over (out of stylish glasses, obviously).

    ​Thumbs Up skull shot glasses affordable bridesmaid gifts

    Thumbs Up skull shot glasses, $16, ASOS.com

  16. 16. If you're having a destination wedding, get your girls excited with some tropical-themed, deliciously scented body lotion.

    ​Malie mango nectar body gloss affordable bridesmaid gifts

    Malie mango nectar body gloss, $25, Malie.com

  17. 17. Encourage your hard-working, badass bridesmaids to practice some self-care—they deserve it.

    Nügg hydrating face mask affordable bridesmaid gifts

    Nügg hydrating face mask, $4, Target.com

  18. 18. Silky, personalized PJs that they can wear during the getting-ready photos too? Yes, please.

    ​The Knot Shop personalized satin pajama sleepwear set affordable bridesmaid gifts

    The Knot Shop personalized satin pajama sleepwear set, $22, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

  19. 19. Stylish sunnies are always a good idea, but if you're having an outdoor wedding, matching ones are the perfect bridesmaid gifts for the group.

    Peepers Heat Wave polarized sunglasses affordable bridesmaid gifts

    Peepers Heat Wave polarized sunglasses, $24, Peepers.com

  20. 20. These sheet masks work wonders on all skin types (even sensitive)—so every one of your girls can wake up glowy on the morning of your wedding.

    Iris & Orchard firming facial sheet mask affordable bridesmaid gifts

    Iris & Orchid firming facial sheet mask, $10, Amazon.com

  21. 21. Whether worn on your wrist or wrapped around a braid or ponytail, a silk bow scrunchie like this one will be a hit.

    red silk bow scrunchie - Maggie Wu Forever silk scrunchie - affordable bridesmaid gift

    Maggie Wu Forever silk scrunchie, $28, MaggieWuStudio.com

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