Bridal Shower: Can Relatives of the Bride Host a Wedding Shower?

Q: I keep reading about brides whose relatives throw a bridal shower for them. I thought this was considered inappropriate because it seemed like the relatives were soliciting wedding shower gifts. Is this still the case?

A: These days, it's increasingly practical for moms, sisters, or other relatives to throw bridal showers. More brides and grooms are living in cities other than the one where they grew up, and their attendants may be in still another city. If they're having the wedding in their hometown but none of the attendants live there, it's unrealistic to expect a maid of honor in Seattle to plan a shower in Chicago without any help from the locals. So it's often Mom or Sis who can really coordinate the shower plans. Faraway bridesmaids and honor attendants are definitely pitching in but more and more, Mom is becoming party central and there's no faux pas in that. (In fact, showers thrown by relatives are pretty much the norm in some regions of the country.) And when it comes right down to it, the shower is about gifts, no matter who throws it.

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by The Knot