The Knot Editors' Favorite Celebrity Wedding Veils of All Time

From Grace Kelly's to Sofia Richie's, these headpieces transcend time and trends.
Best celebrity wedding veils.
Photos: Getty Images,Design: Tiana Crispino
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Sarah Hanlon
sarah hanlon entertainment and celebrity editor the knot
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Updated Jun 16, 2023

As curators of wedding inspiration, The Knot editors continually scour every inch of the internet for the latest trends, tips and tricks in the industry. While you can find wedding ideas just about anywhere, one of our favorite places to look are the nuptials of A-list couples. Celebrity weddings fascinate and inspire all of us around the world, and oftentimes, they spark trends that make their way to couples also planning their big day. From celebrity dresses to A-lister wedding rings, we can't help but swoon over the styles of famous brides—which is why we've created a definitive list of our all-time favorite celebrity wedding veils.

Below, The Knot editors look back on their favorite headpieces worn by stars, from historical figures to royalty and the most recognizable celebrities of the modern era. Relive our favorite looks, and let these iconic dress toppers inspire your own search for the perfect veil to wear on your walk down the aisle.

Priyanka Chopra's Veil by Ralph Lauren

Coming in at 75 feet in length, Priyanka Chopra's wedding veil by Ralph Lauren is the longest headpiece on this list—and that's exactly why Kimberly Brown, The Knot's Influencers & Partnerships Specialist, considers it her all-time favorite. "Talk about a veil that takes your breath away! This is my all-time favorite veil and I get chills every time I look at it," she says. "The dramatic length is absolutely timeless, dreamy and romantic."

Sofia Richie's Veil by Chanel

Sofia Richie's wedding took over the internet in April 2023, instantly solidifying her as a Gen Z it-girl. It's no surprise, then, that Lauren Whalley, The Knot's Fashion Editor, Beauty & Inclusivity, was captivated by the thoughtful details of her elegant headpiece. "Sofia Richie is the moment, and so is her custom Chanel dew-drop veil that she wore to her wedding in the South of France," Lauren explains, adding that she predicts it may spark a mainstream bridal trend in the near future. "It was made with water resin droplets that shimmered as she walked down the aisle, and the way it photographed was magical. I think this is going to be one of the hottest veil trends to come out of her wedding, and I'm obsessed."

Meghan Markle's Veil by Givenchy

Meghan Markle wears a long Givenchy veil.
Photo: Getty Images,Design: Tiana Crispino

As The Knot's Deputy Editor, Esther Lee has reported on most celebrity weddings in recent history—but it's not hard for her to pick one veil that stands out from the rest. "The moment we saw this silk veil cascading down the steps of Windsor Castle in 2018, The Knot Editorial Team knew this was the celebrity veil of the decade," Esther muses. In addition to its breathtaking length (nine feet, to be exact) Meghan Markle's veil was brimming with significance. "The design itself was thoughtful and respectfully nodded to the 53 countries of the Commonwealth."

Ariana Grande's Veil by Vera Wang

As much as Kim Forrest loved the Duchess of Sussex's veil, she considers another famous topper to be her second all-time favorite. "Listen, I love a long veil as much as the next person, and my actual favorite is Meghan Markle's…but Esther beat me to it," jokes The Knot's Senior Editor. "But Ariana Grande's shoulder-length tulle style also gives me all the feels. It's the perfect accessory to her minimalist-chic Vera Wang gown, and the sweet bow is a nod to her youthful, feminine image. I also adore how the veil sits atop her head just like her trademark ponytail."

Princess Iman of Jordan's Veil

As much as we all love a wedding tiara, The Knot's Assistant Commerce Updates Editor Emily Rumsey has a special affinity for glittering headpieces. "Story time: When I was shopping for my first communion outfit I really wanted a tiara for hair, but my mom said no. (*Ensue toddler meltdown*)," she remembers. "So, to appease me she said I could have one at my wedding—and I've never forgotten that."

It's because of that promise that Emily considers Princess Iman of Jordan's veil to be the best…even if it is because of the crown. "Everything about Princess Iman of Jordan's bridal hairstyle is enchanting," Emily continues. "I like that she lets the ensemble speak for itself with a simple and elegant low chignon bun and face-framing pieces. My favorite part is that the gossamer veil—aka an extremely sheer Italian tulle bridal veil—was embroidered with an intricate floral pattern that matched her dress and cascaded into a sweeping train. To me, coordination is everything and if you're going to have a veil, it must be long and dramatic."

Kate Middleton's Veil by Alexander McQueen

Kate Middleton wears an elegant wedding veil.
Photo: Getty Images,Design: Tiana Crispino

As The Knot's resident expert on all things aesthetics, Editor Samantha Iacia knows a great wedding when she sees one—and that's why she says Kate Middleton's royal veil reigns supreme, even over a decade after we first laid eyes on it. "I remember watching royal wedding coverage on repeat for the entire weekend in 2011," Sam reminisces. "This photo captures the moment when the Princess of Wales (then Catherine Middleton) arrived at Westminster Abbey and waved to the crowd before going inside. I love how her veil complements but doesn't overpower her gown, and we can still see her beautiful makeup and accessories—a Cartier tiara, naturally—through the airy silk tulle. The veil is trimmed with embroidered flowers representing the four countries of the United Kingdom."

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's Veil

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's elegant wedding veil.
Photo: © Denis Reggie 1996

In what was perhaps the most private celebrity wedding of all time, John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette swapped vows in a quaint, candle-lit chapel on a secluded island off the coast of Georgia. Only a handful of images were released from the exclusive nuptials, including one that showed off the bride's timeless ensemble, which would go on to inspire trends for decades to come. Unable to pick just one favorite celebrity veil, Esther Lee considers this to be another accessory that stands the test of time. "What I love most about Carolyn Bessette's silk tulle veil from her 1996 wedding to JFK Jr. is that it was sleek, subtle and simple…just like her crepe Narciso Rodriguez gown," she says.

Amal Clooney's Veil by Oscar de la Renta

George and Amal Clooney on their wedding day.
Photo: Getty Images

The wedding of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin captured the attention of the world thanks to its grandeur and magnificence. It was such a high-profile occasion, in fact, that fans and paparazzi alike swarmed the canals of Venice, Italy, to catch a glimpse of the newlyweds. For the lavish occasion, the bride stunned in a lace ensemble we won't soon forget. "This veil was the moment I knew multi-hyphenate A-lister Amal Clooney could add fashion legend to her resume," says Hannah Nowack, The Knot's Senior Editor, Weddings. "The Oscar de la Renta design was a cathedral-length stunner with Chantilly lace and bead-and-crystal embroidery. Mic drop."

Princess Diana's Veil

Princess Diana wears a beautiful wedding veil.
Photo: Getty Images,Design: Tiana Crispino

Royal watchers were so desperate to get a glimpse of Princess Diana's dress before her 1981 wedding to Prince Charles that the designers, husband-and-wife duo David and Elizabeth Emanuel, went so far as to place fake scraps in the trash outside their studio to prevent leaks. The big reveal, of course, was worth the wait. Princess Di wore a grand ivory silk taffeta and antique lace gown, complete with a cascading train and a veil that was 153 yards of tulle.

"Diana always knew how to command a room, and nothing says power move like a 25-FOOT TRAIN," remarks Ash Tulett, The Knot's Associate Director of Editorial Video. "The veil evokes pure Disney princess vibes and blends seamlessly with the train to give such a wonderful fairytale aesthetic—which you hope would be the case, given that the dress is worth nearly $125,000 in today's money. Diana set the standard for a lengthy veil, which is something that Meghan Markle would go on to emulate when she married the princess's son, Prince Harry, 30 years later."

Issa Rae's Veil by Vera Wang

At a gorgeous light pink chateau nestled along the French Riviera, actress Issa Rae married businessman Louis Diame wearing an ultra-romantic Vera Wang ball gown. Unsurprisingly, her veil was perfectly tailored for the whimsical setting. "Outside of the fact that Issa Rae is one of my all-time favorite writers and actors, I couldn't get enough of her polished and absolutely timeless wedding day look," raves The Knot's Director of Content Strategy, MaryKate Callahan. "Brilliantly paired with a voluminous low pony, Issa's veil is giving sophisticated drama with its length (cathedral!) and its subtle detailing (dainty floral embroidery around the edges)."

Paris Hilton's Veil by Oscar de la Renta

"'That's hot?' More like, 'That's iconic,'" Lucy Ferut says of Paris Hilton's unforgettable Oscar de la Renta bridal ensemble. As The Knot's Social Media Specialist (with a focus on Instagram), Lucy has a finger on the pulse of all things pop culture. It's for this reason that she considers the heiress's wedding veil to be the best of the best. "Everything about Paris' wedding day was dramatic and stunning—as to be expected," she notes. "I was obsessed with this long veil with detailing that matched her timeless Oscar de la Renta dress. It was all just *chefs kiss*."

Lily Collins' Veil by Ralph Lauren

"Allow me to fangirl over Lily Collins for a second," says Mina Garagozlo, The Knot's Senior Social Media Manager. "The thing I love most about her style is that she infuses a certain elegance into every look. This cathedral-length lace cape with Swarovski-beaded flowers and silk organza petals elevates her already-stunning wedding dress in the most graceful way. The way the light filters through shows off the silhouette of her gown, rather than cover it. (The dress alone deserves a moment!)."

Dress design aside, Mina tells us that the reason Lily's veil is her favorite is because of the unique way it was draped over her head. "The hood captures my attention more than anything, as it perfectly framed her face which allowed her entire outfit to put her as the bride into focus. This look is absolutely timeless!"

Bianca Jagger's Veil

Bianca Jagger wears an elegant wedding veil.
Photo: Getty Images,Design: Tiana Crispino

As one of the more unique veils on this list, Bianca Jagger's bridal hat is "the epitome of iconic," according to The Knot's Designer Tiana Crispino. The actress married Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger at a courthouse on the French Riviera in 1971. For the spur-of-the-moment elopement, the bride wore a chic Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo jacket with a bias-cut skirt and a broad-brimmed hat covered with a layer of gauzy tulle. "Not only is the wedding suit oh-so memorable and unique, the combination of the wide-brimmed hat and veil is a one-of-a-kind bridal moment that stands the test of time," Tiana muses.

Mandy Moore's Veil by Rodarte

Mandy Moore was pretty in pink as she wed musician Taylor Goldsmith in 2018. The couple's bohemian nuptials featured clusters of airy pampas grass and vintage rugs decorating the ceremony aisle, but it was the bride's nontraditional blush Rodarte gown that captured the attention of everyone—particularly The Knot's Senior Manager of Commerce Content Strategy, Emily Platt. "This polished pink veil was the sweetest addition to her ceremony look," she explains. "Simple, fresh and fun, the accessory cascaded beautifully and perfectly complemented the rest of her outfit. Plus, I love how the gathered tulle at the top resembled a bow."

Lily Allen's Veil

Of all the wow-worthy celebrity veils out there, one in particular took our Fashion Content Strategist's breath away. "I still remember the gasp I let out when I saw Lily Allen's veil for the first time," Nic Taliaferro says. Given their expertise on all things wedding fashion, it's no surprise this elopement look landed on our list of the most beautiful wedding veils ever. "When I think of 'quintessential' wedding fashion, my mind always goes to vintage courthouse ceremony style," Nic adds. "The short tulle blusher gives Lily a naturally windblown look, leaning into the whimsical, blissful, and spontaneous vibes associated with a civil ceremony. Plus, there's something so adorable about the veil and dress lengths hitting just above her knees."

Christine Quinn's Veil by Galia Lahav

Who says veils have to be white? Kerre Jo Lattanzio, The Knot's resident Gen Z trends expert, predicts that Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn's all-black Galia Lahav ensemble is one of many more colorful wedding dresses we'll soon see in the celebrity world. "It's safe to say that Gothic weddings are having a moment," says the Social Media Coordinator. "This dramatic veil is a dream for the non-traditional bride. It serves as the perfect accessory that adds personality and edge to any bridal look, without compromising elegance. We're obsessed."

Kate Bock's Veil by Ralph Lauren

Within the ornate walls of The New York Public Library, model Kate Bock married NBA star Kevin Love wearing a one-of-a-kind lace Ralph Lauren gown, which Taylor Whitten calls "the epitome of classic and timeless style." As The Knot's Content Strategist with a focus on Planning & Style, Taylor sees countless photos of weddings (and veils!) every single day—but Kate Bock's stands out from the crowd. "Please bow your heads for the four-foot-long veil that takes *cathedral* to the next level," she says of the noteworthy headpiece. "It deserves its own moment for the way it eloquently adds movement to her wedding day look, complementing her low pony and every intricate detail of her beaded gown."

Grace Kelly's Veil by Helen Rose

Grace Kelly wears a beautiful embroidered wedding veil.
Photo: Getty Images,Design: Tiana Crispino

There's no denying that Grace Kelly's wedding dress is perhaps the most recognizable of all time. Her custom long sleeve lace gown is regarded by many—including The Knot's Executive Editor Lauren Kay— as one of the most beautiful gowns ever made. "There's nothing I don't love about Grace Kelly's complete wedding look, from the ring to the gown and the veil—it's one of the most iconic wedding looks of all time," she tells us. "The veil featured beautiful appliqued lace motifs, including two love birds, and was designed to make her as visible as possible (you know, to the 600+ guests and 30 million viewers on European TV. Casual). The whole ensemble was created by costume designer Helen Rose and was a gift from MGM studios—totally befitting for Hollywood royalty."

AnnaSophia Robb's Veil by Danielle Frankel

Many recent celebrity brides are gravitating toward Danielle Frankel wedding dresses, from Alexandra Daddario to Julia Garner, solidifying the designer's status as the ultimate cool-girl label. The Knot's Assistant Fashion Commerce Editor Sofia Deeb is well-versed in up-and-coming bridal brands, and confidently considers this as one of her favorites on the scene. "One thing about me: I'm a sucker for a Danielle Frankel ensemble, and AnnaSophia Robb's look in particular is one I simply can't get out of my head," Sofia explains. "I love the way she paired her chapel-length veil with a matching draped scarf. The combination strikes the perfect balance between old Hollywood and modern minimalism."

Naomi Biden's Veil by Ralph Lauren

As The Knot's Entertainment and Celebrity Editor, I analyze A-list weddings like it's my job. (Because it quite literally is!) While I love every single celebrity wedding veil on this list, there's one I always find myself dreaming about—and it was worn by Naomi Biden, granddaughter of President Joe Biden. Naomi married Peter Neal on White House grounds in November 2022, and the first photos of the intimate celebration left me in awe. Everything about her timeless Ralph Lauren wedding dress embodied classic elegance, but it was the headpiece that truly took my breath away. The second I saw photos of her trailing cathedral lace-lined veil blowing in the wind, I knew it would become my all-time favorite. (Don't ask how many angles of her look are in my saved Instagram posts.) It just doesn't get more opulent than this.

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