Most Daring Wedding Dresses From Bridal Fashion Week!

Every season, wedding dress designers unveil their latest collections, and without fail there are a handful of designs that aren’t exactly traditional. We’re talking about beautifully designed dresses – not meant for the fainthearted. These are those.
  1. This Ruffled Wedding Dress

    Photo by Kurt Wilberding
    It’s impossible to ignore a dress this massive. With ruffles on ruffles on ruffles, this wedding dress from Lazaro’s Spring 2015 collection took tiers to the extreme.
  2. This Butterfly-Embellished Wedding Dress

    Photo by Kurt Wilberding
    This gown with 3-D butterflies flying off the hip (and headpiece, and bracelet!) from Pnina Tornai’s Fall 2015 collection is anything but understated.
  3. This Floral-Printed Wedding Dress

    Photo by Maria Valentino / MCV Photo
    You have to be pretty bold to pull off mixed prints, like this dress from Tara LaTour’s Fall 2015 collection that combines floral and plaid and proves that the whole “clashing patterns” thing is a total myth.
  4. This Sporty Lace Pantsuit

    Photo by Kurt Wilberding
    Now you can be super-comfy without giving up the drama of wearing a wedding dress. Try this lace bridal set with a long train from Rivini’s Fall 2015 collection.
  5. This Chain Mail Bodice and Face Mask

    Photo by Maria Valentino / MCV Photo
    On the one hand you may not be able to kiss through the gold chain mail mask. Then again, this dress from Della Giovanna Fall 2015 takes the pressure off of having to find the perfect hair accessory.
  6. This Shorts-and-Blouse Combo

    Photo by Kurt Wilberding
    Now "short-shorts" and "wedding" can go in the same sentence. If you’re willing to show a little (okay, a lot) of leg, then his Coachella-inspired bridal style from Delphine Manivet’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection may be the perfect daring look for you.
  7. This Elaborately Embroidered Blue Wedding Dress

    Photo by Kurt Wilberding

    The boho lace wedding dress gets an edgy update when dyed in a striking blue hue and embroidered with flowers. As if those details weren't unique enough, it’s the back of this gown from Claire Pettibone Fall 2015 that landed it on our daring list.

  8. This Silver Fringed Wedding Dress

    Photo by Kurt Wilberding

    This super-sparkly number from Johanna Johnson Fall 2015 is begging for a party. Plus, it brings together two of our favorite decades: ’20s art deco meets ’70s disco.

  9. This Winter-Forest-Inspired Wedding Dress

    Photo by Maria Valentino / MCV Photo

    Winter wedding dresses usually evoke the season. This graphic-printed dress that depicts a snow-covered forest from Theia Fall 2015 takes that idea in a super-literal direction.

  10. This Sheath Dress With a Feather Embellishment

    Photo by Kurt Wilberding

    Ostrich feathers amp up the daring factor on just about anything. Pair an ostrich feather dress with a jeweled waistband and side cutouts, like this gown from Jim Hjelm’s Spring 2015 collection, and you’ve got a pretty bold look on your hands.

  11. This Super-Shiny One-Shoulder Sheath Dress

    While the silhouette of this dress from Romona Keveza Collection Fall 2015 is classic through and through, the allover liquid satin fabric makes it incredibly daring.

  12. This Lace-Skull-Embellished Wedding Dress

    Nothing says "Halloween wedding" like wearing a skull on your wedding day. Then again, the skull on this dress from Ivy & Aster Fall 2015 is subtle enough that you could pull it off any day.

  13. This Short Lavender Trapeze Dress

    Photo by Kurt Wilberding

    Every element of this dress by Houghton for their Fall/Winter 2015 collection -- from the soft purple hue to the super-short hemline and the exaggerated trapeze shape --combines to make it truly, well, different.

  14. This See-Through Skirt and Bodysuit

    Photo by Kurt Wilberding

    Nope, this look isn’t just meant for under the dress or the wedding night. There’s no doubt about it --- wear this totally sheer number from Hayley Paige’s Fall 2015 collection and you’re bound to get more than a few gasps.

  15. This Fur Cape Wedding Dress

    Photo by Maria Valentino / MCV Photo

    A fur-and-feather-accented wedding dress, like this one from Theia Fall 2015, means you’ll stay warm at your winter wedding and still pull off that snow-queen-chic style while you’re at it.

  16. This Dress With a Chain Mail Cape

    Photo by MCV Photo

    Who needs a knight in shining armor when you can just wear this chain-mail-inspired set from Naeem Khan Spring/Summer 2015? (Sword not included.)

  17. This Sarong Set

    Photo by MCV Photo
    If you think about it, this sarong and bikini set from Oscar de la Renta Spring 2015 is actually pretty modest…for the beach.
  18. This Dress With Purple Tulle Inserts

    Photo by Kurt Wilberding
    If you just looked at the simple, sleek top of this Kelly Faetanini Spring 2015 mermaid-style gown, you’d never expect the supersize purple tulle skirt (which is exactly what put this dress on our list).
  19. This Blue Rosette Wedding Dress

    Photo by MCV Photo

    There’s no rule that says you can’t turn your “something blue” into “all blue.” Take this cornflower blue Monique Lhuillier Spring 2015 wedding dress, for example.

  20. This See-Through Embroidered Bodice

    Photo by MCV Photo

    Wear this Inbal Dror Fall 2014 dress on your wedding day and you won’t be the only one blushing. Let’s just say the floral embroidery on the see-through top portion of the dress doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

  21. This Very Layered Wedding Dress

    Photo by MCV Photo

    This lace gown from the Houghton Spring/Summer 2015 collection gives an entirely new meaning to the idea of layers.

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