How to DIY a Tissue Paper Tassel Garland (Watch!)

Looking for a little something extra to dress up your dessert bar or sweetheart table? Look no further. This DIY craft adds serious style points and instant-cheer.
by Andrea Fowler
DIY tissue paper tassel garland wedding reception decor
Devon Jarvis

In case you haven't noticed: tissue paper tassel garlands are all the rage, and for good reason. In addition to being totally inexpensive, they're customizable and seasonless. Best of all, they can be tucked away and pulled back out for future parties. Dress up a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or reception venue with a few strings of festive tassels.

Tissue paper
Sharp scissors
Hot glue gun
Ribbon or cord

1. Fold your tissue paper in half, lengthwise.

2. Cut the entire sheet in half, creating two separate "mini" sheets. Set one aside.

3. Cut lines of fringe up to 2 inches from the centerfold.

4. Unfold tissue paper and roll (tightly) into a long tassel.

5. Twisting in the middle, fold in half to create a loop.

6. Secure the twist with a dot of hot glue. (This is optional, but handy for easy transportation and long-term storage.)

7. Arrange tassels in color order and slide onto your ribbon or cord.

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