Bridesmaid Dresses: Do They Have to Match?


I don't want to make my bridesmaids wear the same dress -- one of them is overweight and would be uncomfortable in most dresses. Is it okay to ask each woman to wear a bridesmaid dress -- in a color of my choosing -- that she feels comfortable in, regardless of style?


You are right on the money with this one. More and more brides are letting their bridesmaids choose their own dresses because they want their maids to feel good about what they're wearing. And it's a fact of life that not everyone has an identical body type. All of your attendants will appreciate having input as to what style dress they'll wear for your wedding.

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The bridesmaid dress I like is sleeveless and my wedding dress is not. All four of my bridesmaids said they would feel comfortable in a sleeveless dress, and the two maids who tried it on really liked it, but I'm concerned that I'm violating some rule of etiquette. How closely do the bridesmaid dresses have to match the bridal gown?

by The Knot1 min read