9 Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Happy

If you incorporate these thoughtful touches into your wedding, your guests may never want to leave the party!
by Bridget Clegg
Bride and groom at long reception table
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Guests will undoubtedly gush over your gown, be amazed by your centerpieces and snap photos of the wedding cake. But give them a charging station for when their phones hit 3 percent battery power or blister Band-Aids in the bathroom for when their heels start hurting, and your wedding will go down in history with the greats. So our advice: Think about the small things that'll really allow guests to enjoy and celebrate the day with you. Use these 13 ideas below to impress them with that extra little touch.

Pamper Them With a Welcome Bag

Wedding welcome bag
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Quench Their Thirst With Pre-Ceremony Refreshments

Signature white angria wedding cocktails
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Warm Them Up With Blankets

Blankets for wedding guests
Chudleigh Weddings

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Shield Their Eyes With Sunglasses

Black and navy sun glasses
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Give Their Feet a Break from Dress Shoes

Wedding guest flip flops
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Wrap Them in Pashminas

Colorful Fringed Scarf Wedding Favors
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Send Them Home With a Treat

Miniature pie wedding guest favors
Heather Waraksa

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Thank Them With a Note at Their Seat

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Feed Them Late Night Treats

Coke and pretzels late night party snack
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