Bachelorette Party: Bachelorette Party Costs?


As the maid of honor, I'm planning a bachelorette party that will take place in another city. Am I supposed to pay for the bride's airfare? Is there anything else I'm expected to pay for?


When a bachelorette party consists of a night out on the town, the bridesmaids usually cover all expenses. But when it's a weekend away, that's a different story. If you plan to take the bride across the country for her bachelorette party, chances are the costs for the trip will be substantial. If you and your fellow maids are willing and able to cover the cost of her travel expenses, by all means feel free -- it's an extremely generous gesture. But if dishing out that kind of cash is too rich for your blood, you should definitely sit down with the bride before settling on a plan and make sure she (and everyone else) is able to afford the trip. As for other costs you and the rest of the bridesmaids need to cover, fork over the cash for any entertainment you've arranged, party favors, drinks, and at least one dinner out on the town.

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