Emotional Fathers at Weddings Who Will Melt Your Heart

It’s the golden rule of wedding videos: When dads cry, we cry.
by Vanessa M. Buenger

Nothing brings on the waterworks like a solid emotional dad moment in a wedding video. Whether he’s crying seeing his daughter for the first time, welling up with pride as his son says “I do” or choking up over his sentimental toast—quite simply, dads know just how to make us lose it. These four weddings from Love Stories TV, the place to watch wedding videos, showcase some of the most heartfelt dad moments we’ve ever seen.

Marcie’s father remembers the day she was born:

Video by: Films By J

In his father of the bride speech, Marcie’s dad shares how he recalled the day Marcie was born when her now-husband Nick came to ask for his blessing. And it’s almost too much to handle.

John’s dad gets emotional talking about his son:

Video by: AJ Ingoglia Films

At the start of Lisette and Jon’s wedding video we get a moment alone with the father of the groom. It’s a magical few minutes that’s hard to put into words, but when you watch their film you’ll completely understand.

Maggie’s dad toasts her new husband:

Video by: Blue Racer Productions

Maggie’s dad has perfected the “make you laugh, then make you cry” speech. When he talks about his daughter’s teen years you’ll chuckle, and when he talks about about Michael joining the family—let’s just say you’ll lose a lot of mascara.

McKenzie’s dad sees her for the first time:

Video by: The McKellars Wedding Cinema

Father-daughter first looks are on their own different level of emotion. When McKenzie’s dad sees her he immediately breaks down. It’s an incredible moment we could watch over and over again.

Lizzy’s dad tries not to cry:

Video by: White Heart Wedding Films

We can’t get enough of this sweet father of the bride. He admits he said he wouldn’t cry, but the minute he sees his daughter in her dress, he couldn’t help but shed a few tears.

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