What a Full Moon Wedding Means, Plus How to Nod to Your Lunar Luck

Because your love isn't just a phase.
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Updated May 28, 2024

You're over the moon with your partner (of course), venue and wedding date, but have you given thought to the actual moon and how it could influence your nuptials? A full moon wedding holds spiritual resonance, but there's a sliver (or should we say crescent) of significance behind getting married under every lunar phase. Maybe you're your crew's go-to to ask: "Is mercury in retrograde?" or perhaps you haven't thought about a heavenly body since the 2018 Met Gala. Either way, we know you're curious. That's why we tapped Letao Wang—a certified spiritual counselor that specializes in professional tarot, astrology and numerology—to shed some (moon)light on the symbolism. See what a wedding on a full moon means (and find a few ways to celebrate it) below.

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Best Moon Phase for a Wedding

According to Wang, the new moon phase is an especially auspicious option for weddings. "A new moon symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts," he says. "Marrying under this phase can set the intention for a marriage filled with new opportunities and growth." Though, he emphasizes that you should start the proceedings after the specific time of the new moon (not just the day of) to reap the full spiritual benefits. Otherwise, "the moon would still be in the "waning" stage and the new moon's power would be undermined."

For any of you couples with a 2024 wedding date, if your nuptials fall on June 6, July 5, August 4, September 2, October 2, November 1, December 1 or December 30, you'll experience that prime new-moon good energy. "I personally always recommend weddings on the new moon in Libra, Taurus and Cancer," Wang notes. "Libra is the sign of marriage/relationships, and the moon is exalted in Taurus and Cancer, so the lunar energy is extra strong and positive."

The expert notes that the waxing gibbous moon, which sits in the sky between the 10th and the 13th day of the lunar cycle, is also highly auspicious for weddings. All days of the moon's waxing phase (when it becomes fuller) bring growth, abundance and the promise of a flourishing future.

The waning moon (when it becomes smaller), tends to bring about meditation, resolution and reflection. While these qualities aren't bad for a wedding, these dates are Wang's least favorite. Though, they may bring peace to couples who have overcome adversity together: "Marriages under this phase may focus on resolving past issues to foster a fresh, harmonious beginning later," says Wang.

Special lunar events can also influence the energy of your nuptials. The nights of blue moons are considered lucky wedding dates, since these bespoke lunar events symbolize rarity and uniqueness. (How fitting, since a love like yours comes around "once in a blue moon.") Though, couples seeking a lunar eclipse wedding should think twice. "A lunar eclipse on your wedding day might bring intense emotional energy, often viewed as less favorable for starting new commitments," says Wang.

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How to Plan Your Wedding Date Around the Full Moon

If a wedding under a full moon is calling your name, it's not too difficult to ensure you're saying "I do" under its glow. First off, start looking for wedding dates as soon as possible and be open to dates further in the future. Reason being: A full moon typically appears once per calendar month (perhaps twice if the first full moon is very early), but a full moon on a Tuesday won't do much good if a weekend wedding is a must for you. You can find lunar calendars online over four years in advance, which should give you plenty of leeway to secure a date that suits your stipulations. "Consulting the lunar calendar helps couples align their wedding with beneficial cosmic energies, ensuring a harmonious start," says Wang.

Once you've nailed down potential options for your full-moon wedding ceremony, you can consult a wedding astrologer (yes, those are a thing) to lean even more into the spiritual energy and select a day that's written in the stars. Your wedding planner can also help you capture the right mood—from incorporating some celestial wedding details to finding a wedding venue that corresponds to your zodiac signs.

Full Moon Wedding Meaning

A full moon on your wedding day means that your emotional and spiritual connection with your partner will likely be intensified, according to Wang. The moon itself is "often associated with emotion, intuition and the feminine divine, making it a powerful symbol in astrology," says the expert. And the moon's phases and cycles are believed to influence love and marriage especially, so the most prominent iteration of the moon (aka a full moon) might intensify these powerful aspects of its nature. But if you're already a very emotionally intense pair, you might not notice a difference. Practically speaking, a full moon wedding means you might need a few more tissues on hand and be inclined to hold your partner and loved ones extra tight.

Full Moon Wedding Symbolism and Significance

A full moon wedding signifies completeness, balance and emotional fulfillment—it's no wonder why the ancient Greeks thought these unions to be the happiest and most prosperous. It also symbolizes the end of a journey and the start of a new one, so it's a good omen for a marriage. Experts note that, in the 1500s, full moons paralleled weddings, since the term "honeymoon" referred to the 30ish-day period postceremony where a couple would enjoy each other's company for a full lunar cycle—presumably until the next full moon.

And despite the full moon's deep romantic roots in bygone eras, the heavenly body still serves as a barometer for relationships today. Case in point: the full moon TikTok trend, where you see if the moon's phase on your day of birth and your partner's day of birth combine together to form a full moon. If they're a perfect match, you two supposedly are one as well.

Full Moon Wedding Ceremony Script

Whether you opt to incorporate just one moon-related element into your ceremony or plan the whole thing around the celestial icon, a full moon wedding ritual could be a fun to nod to the lunar-given spiritual properties of your wedding day. Your wedding officiant can help you identify where to add this special touch, but honoring the full moon through a reading or favorite quote woven into the ceremony is simple and effective.

Another addition to your nuptials that would tie into the full moon is a unity ceremony. As aforementioned, a full moon represents completeness and balance, so any practice that represents the equity of your marriage is fitting. A handfasting ceremony is a great choice, since it hails from Pagan and Wiccan origins, but fire also comes into play for many full-moon rituals, so a unity candle is also an apt option.

Full Moon Wedding Ideas

You'll definitely be dancing in the moonlight if there's a full moon on your wedding night, but you might be inclined to celebrate the heavenly body a little more throughout the day. Go subtle or full-on celestial with these ideas.

1. Full Moon Wedding Invitations

Full Moon Wedding Invitations
Photo: The Knot

Your stationery is the first glimmer guests will get of your wedding, so why not wink at your celestial guest of honor, so to speak, with your paper. This suite is anchored by a full moon and crowned with a crescent, though every phase is represented here and surrounded by stars.

2. Tarot Card Reader

You know that you're destined to have a great future with your partner, but guests will be excited to see what the spiritual realm has in store for them under the light of that full moon. Hiring a psychic, fortune teller or tarot card reader for your cocktail hour or reception will drive home the mystical vibe. Find them under the "Wedding Soloists + Ensembles" category on The Knot Vendor Marketplace.

3. Full Moon-Shaped Flower Hoops

This stunning geometric floral hoop evokes the shape of the full moon, while incorporating glittering crystal and celestial accents. It's a unique alternative to a bouquet for yourself, your partner or your wedding party.

4. Galaxy-Colored Circular Wedding Arch

Galaxy-Colored Circular Wedding Arch full moon wedding decor

Bring the magic of the full moon down to earth with a circular wedding arch. This one features moonlight-white baby's breath and fluffy hydrangeas as well as roses and carnations. The way the colors fade from cream to bright galaxy purple and blue evoke the dusky evening sky.

5. Handfasting Ceremony

Handfasting Ceremony for full moon wedding
Photo: Kim Payant Photography

Recall the full moon's ability to bring balance and heighten emotional bonds with a traditional Celtic handfasting ceremony.

6. Observatory Venue

Observatory Venue for full moon wedding
Photo: Isaiah + Taylor Photography

An observatory is a fitting venue for a couple of star-crossed lovers set to wed under a full moon. Some might even be able to facilitate telescope access so you and your guests can see the lunar wonder close up.

7. Crystal Wedding Decor

The full moon is when lunar energy is at its strongest and, if you dabble in the occult, you might know that charging crystals under a full moon increases their spiritual properties. Crystal wedding decor will keep the good vibes going.

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