23 Celestial Wedding Ideas for a Starry Celebration

Your horoscope says these ideas are perfect for your big day.
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Updated Sep 22, 2021
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When it comes to picking the perfect wedding theme for your big day, the sky's the limit—literally. Whether you're a self-proclaimed zodiac expert or you simply have an affinity for all things whimsical, a celestial wedding theme might be right for you. And while you can certainly go all out with a zodiac-themed wedding, you don't have to fully commit to that theme to incorporate a few stunning starry accents.

Your vendors will help execute your wedding style, but it doesn't hurt to nail down a few preliminary ideas to keep your vision on track. In fact, we always recommend making a wedding inspiration board to make your theme feel thoughtfully curated and established. So, if a celestial-themed wedding is written in the stars for you and your S.O., we've rounded up 23 ideas that are simply perfect. Take note of your favorites below, then share your wildest dreams with your pros to bring your vision to life.

"To The Stars" Sign

Celestial wedding decor can be as lavish or as subtle as you prefer. If you're committed to nailing the aesthetic, though, we recommend a statement sign inspired by the theme—and this "To The Stars" rendition is a great fit. A statement backdrop is a worthy investment for a number of reasons: Not only will it look great in your wedding photos, it'll appear behind you during some of the most important moments during the day, like your vow exchange, the first dance or your cake-cutting ceremony.

Gold Flecked Table Runner

If you'll have a sweetheart table at the wedding reception, look for impactful decorations that'll enhance a celestial wedding theme. We love how this couple draped a deep indigo gold-flecked tulle runner over their special seat, complete with clusters of stars and candles around the bottom.

Constellation Seating Chart

All eyes will land on your seating chart at some point during the wedding, so use this opportunity to make the design an extension of the aesthetic. This thematic seating chart directs guests to sit at tables labeled as different constellations found in the night sky. And with a dark blue, silver and gold color palette, it sets the tone for the starry soirée.

Celestial Wedding Invitation Suite

Fact: Your invitations are the best way to introduce your theme to guests. From the moment your save-the-dates land in mailboxes, your stationery choices will give a hint of what's to come on the wedding day, which is why we recommend choosing a design that compliments your vision. We love these celestial wedding invitations, which boast watercolor cloud paintings, constellation drawings, and a rich blue and metallic color palette. To find something similar, try browsing The Knot Invitations for a design that matches your zodiac vision. Or, for even more inspo, check out this roundup of wedding invitation ideas based on your zodiac sign.

Moon Wedding Cake Topper

You can certainly go all out with a celestial wedding cake if you want to—but for something a little more low-key, try decorating a simple confection with a metallic moon cake topper. This simple-yet-impactful detail will tie your theme together effortlessly.

Celestial-Themed Wedding Dress

You'll be the star of the show in a statement celestial wedding dress like this, which features subtle star patches embroidered on the sheer bustier bodice. Perfect for wearers that want to stand out, a bold design like this will surely bring all eyes to you.

Crescent Moon Backdrop

The moon is a key design element for a celestial wedding theme, which is why this crescent-shaped ceremony backdrop is incredibly apropos. Arrange it behind your altar for a breathtaking ceremony setup.

Constellation Menus

Constellation motifs printed on various paper goods serve as a great minimalistic approach to celestial-themed wedding decorations. We love how small star patterns appear on this menu, which is placed on every table setting. To take it a step farther, consider also adding constellation prints to your place cards, escort cards, signage and even your wedding guest book.

3D Cloud Decor

This unique celestial wedding decor idea leaves us starry-eyed. For a bold visual impact, place voluminous cloud puffs throughout your venue to make guests feel like they've literally been transported to the sky.

Velvet Blue Suit

Shades of blue are a color palette must-have for your astrology-themed wedding. And, if you won't be wearing a wedding dress, consider a luxe velvet midnight blue suit to give your outfit a thematic finish.

Crystal Centerpieces

The way you arrange your wedding reception tablescapes will leave a lasting impression on guests, and we love the rich texture and dimension these crystals bring to the table. Plus, in shades that correspond to your core wedding colors, shiny geodes are an easy way to add something special to your place settings.

Suspended Gold Stars

Invite your guests to go "stargazing" inside your wedding venue by suspending large statement stars from the ceiling. We have a feeling a decorative accent like this will be the focus of so many Instagram stories throughout the evening.

Zodiac Table Numbers

If you're an encyclopedia of zodiac sign meanings, this celestial wedding decoration is an absolute must. Instead of categorizing tables by numbers, give them different zodiac signs instead. And, for an added touch of personalization, consider leaving small cards of different facts about each zodiac sign on the table for guests to read. (They might even want to take it home as a wedding favor too.)

Starry Accessories

Bring a pretty pop of sparkle to your zodiac wedding day attire with a few starry accessories, like hair clips or statement earrings.

Blue Bouquet

Work with your florist to build a celestial wedding bouquet featuring in-season blooms. We recommend using flowers that come in deep shades of blue, indigo and purple.

Sky Blue Suit

If a dark blue suit or tux isn't your thing, try switching it up with a pastel shade instead. This bright color will certainly complement your S.O.'s outfit to create an unforgettable celestial look.

Constellation Vow Books

While a vow book isn't a necessity for your wedding ceremony, it certainly adds a sentimental touch. If you're looking for unique celestial wedding theme ideas, matching vow books with constellation prints are a super simple way to honor the theme.

Sunburst Headpiece

Choose a unique wedding accessory to make your day-of attire simply unforgettable. A statement sunburst headpiece like this will elicit plenty of gasps as you walk down the aisle.

Starry Welcome Sign

This pretty welcome sign looks like the night sky thanks to its deep blue background, which is accented with bright white calligraphy. This can even be a great DIY project if you have a friend or family member who's artistically gifted.

Illuminated Disco Balls

Create all the starry night wedding vibes with an ethereal decorative hack like this: Instead of hanging traditional string lights, replace the lighting with illuminated hanging bulbs and disco balls. The final result will cast an unforgettable glow of twinkling lights over you and your guests as you celebrate.

Night Sky Serving Plates

Dessert will taste so much better when it's presented on eye-catching galaxy serving plates like these. Rentals can actually act like decor since they'll be sitting in plain sight on your tables, so look for colors and patterns that evoke the overall vibes of your theme.

Constellation Table Numbers

For a literal take on the celestial wedding theme, opt for table numbers represented by patterns visible in the galaxy. By the end of the night, your loved ones will be able to point out all the constellations in the night sky.

Galaxy Wedding Cake

Of all the sweet treats in the milky way, this one is absolutely fit for a celestial wedding theme. Go all out with a multi-tier celestial wedding cake, complete with astrological accents like a moon, star flecks and a swirled color palette that's reminiscent of the deep depths of space.

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