5 Expenses Groomsmen Should Expect to Pay For

Who pays for the suits? The bachelor party? The answers might surprise you.
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Updated Dec 08, 2022

If you're been asked to be a groomsman in a friend or family member's wedding party, congrats—it's a huge honor to stand by your pal's side on their big day. It also comes with a good number of duties and a pretty big financial responsibility. When all is said and done, a groomsman will likely end up spending hundreds of dollars on his participation in the wedding—but what exactly does a groomsman pay for? We're here to guide you through every expense you can expect in the months leading up to the wedding day.

Do Groomsmen Pay For Their Own Suits?

As a groomsman, you'll need to procure and wear specific wedding attire. This might be a suit, a tuxedo, a shirt and slacks or another ensemble selected by the groom or couple, and the outfit can be purchased or rented (a suit or tuxedo rental tends to cost between $100 and $200, while purchasing a suit or tux usually costs more). But who actually pays for the groomsmen's attire?

Most of the time, the groomsman pays for his own outfit, just as a bridesmaid would pay for her dress. The groom may give his crew some flexibility in their ensembles, allowing them to choose their own attire within certain style parameters (a navy suit, a black tux, etc.), which is usually a more affordable option—especially if the groomsman already has an appropriate outfit in his closet! Or, the groom may ask the groomsmen to wear a specific suit or tux that needs to be purchased or rented, which is usually a pricier endeavor.

Who Pays for the Bachelor Party?

One of the biggest groomsman responsibilities is planning (and paying for) the bachelor party. The best man usually leads the charge on this pre-wedding event, but all of the groomsmen contribute both planning help and financial support for the bach party. And while in some situations, the groomsmen may cover all of the groom's expenses (travel, lodging, meals, swag and activities) as well, this isn't always the case.

There are many different types of bachelor parties, from a night out on the town, to a weekend at lakeside cabin, to a multi-day getaway to a far-off destination. For one dinner or bar-hopping night, it might be reasonable for the groomsmen to cover all of the groom's expenses, but things get more complicated if you're planning a pricey trip. Your best bet is to sit down with the whole group to determine what everyone can afford and figure out a plan everyone is comfortable with. This may mean paying for the groom's flight, or covering all his meals and drinks for the trip—but you aren't required to pay for every expense on a bachelor trip.

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Additional Groomsman Expenses

Wedding Gift

Yes, despite paying for attire, the bachelor party and more, groomsmen are still required to purchase a wedding gift for the couple. While we typically recommend that close friends and family members spend between $100 and $200 on a gift, if you're already spent a lot on other wedding-related expenses, you can stay on the lower end of this range. You can also split a group gift with other members of the wedding party to manage costs.

Travel and Accommodations for the Wedding and Other Pre-Wedding Events

If you'll have to travel to attend the wedding, you're responsible for paying for your transportation and accommodations. The couple may offer to help with certain travel-related expenses by booking a room block or splitting the cost of accommodations, but it's not required. You may be able to save money on travel expenses by splitting an Airbnb or hotel room with other wedding party members, or using points.

And this probably goes without saying, but if you're attending other pre-wedding events, like an engagement party, you'll need to shell out for any travel expenses associated with these celebrations, too.

Groomsman Accessories

Aside from renting or buying a suit or tux, groomsmen will also need accessories like shoes, socks, cufflinks, ties, pocket squares and more. It is typically the groomsmen's responsibility to purchase these accessories, though there may be some cases where the groom gifts them to his crew (more on that later).

What Groomsman Expenses Does the Groom Pay For?


Boutonnieres, or a single flower or small floral arrangement worn on a tux or suit jacket's lapel, help set VIPs apart from the rest of the wedding guests. Groomsmen usually wear boutonnieres, which can cost around $20 each. Typically, these floral arrangements are paid for by the groom's parents. According to traditional wedding budget etiquette, the groom's family pays for personal flowers, like bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

Required Groomsman Accessories

While the groomsmen pay for the majority of their accessories, the couple may pay for certain specific pieces. For example, if the groom if requiring the groomsmen to wear a certain tie or pair of socks, he should gift them to the guys.

Wedding-Day Transportation

On the day of the wedding, the couple is responsible for providing any transportation to and from the wedding ceremony and reception venue(s). This may mean renting a shuttle, limo or party bus for the wedding party. Not only is this just a nice gesture, providing professional transportation will ensure that everyone gets to where they need to be safely and on time.

Groomsman Gifts

The groom usually purchases special groomsman gifts as a thank you for their assistance during the wedding planning process. These gifts needn't be overly expensive, but should be well thought-out and personal.

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