15 Fun Wedding Socks for Groomsmen and Grooms

There'll be no cold feet at your event.
by Emily Platt

Socks aren't always exciting gifts, but groomsmen socks actually make awesome wedding party presents. They're a playful way to show how well you know your crew or coordinate their outfits. Grooms can join in on the fun with socks that match their attendants', or they can wear a unique pair (a gift from their future spouse, perhaps?). Whether you're shopping for wedding socks for the groom, statement groomsmen socks or both, we've found a few styles that are sure to add some punch to any wedding outfit.

1. Party Animal Socks

Party animal groom groomsmen socks

Dressing a rowdy crew? Check out these bright graphic groomsmen socks.

ASOS DESIGN socks with fun party animal prints, $15 for a set of 3 pairs, ASOS.com

2. Cold Feet Socks

Cold feet socks for groom

Make light of prewedding jitters with these cold feet socks for the groom.

Mudpie So You Don't Get Cold Feet socks, $13 per pair, DavidsBridal.com

3. Tropical Socks

Tropical groom groomsmen socks

Nod to your destination with fun groomsmen (or groom) socks. This pair works well for a tropical celebration.

Bugatchi patterned mercerized cotton blend socks in Midnight, $20 per pair, Nordstrom.com

4. Groomsmen Proposal Socks

Custom groomsmen socks

Searching for a genius groomsmen proposal idea? Present your pals with these patterned socks—their labels ask "will you stand with me as my groomsman?"

NoColdFeetCo groomsmen socks and sock labels, $15 for a pair of patterned socks with a custom label, Etsy.com

5. Booze Socks
Cocktail wedding socks for groom or groomsmen

Celebrate everyone's signature drink with boozy groomsmen socks. This pair features Old Fashioned cocktails, but you can find anything from Moscow Mule to beer socks too.

Always Fits Old Fashioned men's crew socks, $13 per pair, AlwaysFits.com 

6. Superhero Socks

Superhero socks for groomsmen

How about superhero socks for groomsmen, playing up each guy's special strength? These custom groomsmen socks are extra-unique.

Shopsockprints superhero wedding socks for a wedding party gift, from $16 per pair, Etsy.com

7. Mismatched Socks

Fun patterned groomsmen socks

Consider buying a variety pack (or two) in the wedding color palette. Then, let everybody pick their favorite print.

The Tie Bar The Novelty Sock pack socks in Navy, $20 for a set of 3 pairs, TheTieBar.com

8. Floral Socks

Floral groomsmen socks

Want wedding socks for the groom (or fun groomsmen socks) that are still a little dressy? Say hello to these floral feet warmers.

ASOS DESIGN sports style socks with allover floral, $15 for a set of 3 pairs, ASOS.com

9. Face Socks

Dog face wedding socks for groom and groomsmen

Feel free to really go above and beyond when it comes to custom groomsmen socks and groom socks. We're obsessed with the idea of putting the groom's (or each groomsman's) pet on the accessories. Alternatively, try hilarious socks with the couple's faces printed on them

DivvyUpSocks custom dog socks, $24 per pair, Etsy.com

10. Personalized Socks

Custom groomsmen socks with personalized packaging

These custom groomsmen socks are actually quite simple. It's the label that's perfectly personalizable.

The Knot Wedding Shop personalized men's socks wedding gift in Suit Up, $12 per pair, TheKnotShop.com

11. Pizza Socks
Pizza groomsmen socks

Tell everyone they've got a pizza your heart with this seriously amazing sock box. The brand also sells socks by the "slice" and there are similar products for sushi lovers.

Pizza Socks Box socks, $26 for a set of 4 pairs, Amazon.com

12. Striped Socks
Striped groom groomsmen socks

Take it straight from Spongebob (sort of): The best time to wear a striped sweater pair of socks is all the time. (But especially on the wedding day.)

Paul Smith Artist stripe socks in Multi, $30 per pair, ASOS.com

13. Polka Dot Socks

Polka dot groom groomsmen socks

These colorful but classy dress socks are ideal for making a subtle statement.

Ted Baker London Aluren dot socks, $16 per pair, Nordstrom.com

14. Custom Socks

Wedding logo groom groomsmen socks

You can customize groom and groomsmen socks with something personal to the wearer, or you can tie their looks into the rest of the wedding with socks displaying the event's logo.

Shopsocksprints wedding party socks, from $16 per pair, Etsy.com

15. Novelty Socks

Peanut butter jelly groomsmen socks

The wedding day's all about one perfect pair, right? That's where these novelty socks come in. Nod to the dynamic duo with another dynamic duo: peanut butter and jelly. (Alternatives include everything from milk and cookies to chicken and waffles.)

Always Fits peanut butter and jelly men's crew socks, $13 per pair, AlwaysFits.com

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