13 Groomsmen Outfit Ideas That'll Stand Out at the Altar

Plus, our favorite retailers to find the best looks for your crew.
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When it comes to wedding fashion, there are plenty of resources for finding wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses—but groomsmen attire is just as important. Your wedding party plays an essential role on your big day, so it's essential to outfit them in looks that complement your venue and theme.

If you're just beginning your search for groomsmen outfits, start by gathering style inspiration. To help get your creative ideas flowing, we've rounded up our favorite groomsmen outfit ideas from real weddings. Take note of what accessories you like too, because they're a key element of groomsmen attire. Once you have an idea of the look you want to achieve, you'll be ready to start shopping. (Need help? We also break down the best places to buy groomsmen outfits.) Consider this your go-to guide for all things groomsmen attire.

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The Best Places to Buy Groomsmen Attire

So, where do you find groomsmen outfits? It's important to know the best places to shop for formalwear. We always recommend trying nearby tailors or clothiers first. Not only will shopping local help support small businesses, it'll give you a customized experience that you can't always get from a national retailer or an online store.

But, if you're working within a strict budget or a tight timeframe, shopping online (or at a traditional formalwear store) might be the best option. Not to worry: We've rounded up the best places to buy groomsmen outfits below (along with special perks that'll elevate your shopping experience).

Ministry of Supply

We get it—formalwear isn't always comfortable. If you're going to wear a suit all day, the last thing you want to deal with is a stiff pair of pants or an uncomfortable jacket while taking wedding photos or showing off your best moves on the dance floor. Enter, Ministry of Supply. If you want to make sure your groomsmen are comfortable in their wedding suits, browse this brand's selection of blazers and dress pants. They also have an inclusive collection of adaptive pants that are specifically designed to give wheelchair riders maximum comfort. Ministry of Supply designs their suits with the same materials used to create athletic wear, which offers mobility and comfort without sacrificing a formal look. Their suits are also machine-washable, which means your groomsmen can skip a trip to the dry cleaner after the big day.

The Tie Bar

You might know The Tie Bar as a go-to destination for formal accessories like bow ties, suspenders, printed pocket squares and novelty cufflinks. But the brand also offers a variety of formal clothing, making it a great place to shop for groomsmen attire. You can mix and match printed shirts and accessories for custom combinations—or, for those that need help in the styling department, you can browse curated wedding looks that take the guesswork out of wedding day fashion.


You can't go wrong with Nordstrom. While you can browse their extensive collection of formalwear online, there are plenty of locations throughout the US for your crew to try on clothes in-person. The store offers a wide variety of menswear options, from blazer-and-pant combos to casual suits and formal tuxedos, making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for.

Kirrin Finch

If you're looking for inclusive formalwear retailers, consider shopping a gender neutral or non-binary brand like Kirrin Finch. This Brooklyn-based company makes menswear-inspired fashion attainable for all body types. While you can visit the store for in-person fittings, most of their business is conducted online. Shop the brand's collection of formal shirts, suit jackets and pants for a look that can complement every member of your wedding party.

Men's Wearhouse

Your groomsmen can buy their wedding suits if they want, but it's often a pricey expense. To keep costs low, they may prefer renting their suit or tux. You can do either at Men's Wearhouse—visit a store location to try on outfits in person, or rent your wedding attire online. And don't stress about finding the perfect fit virtually: Men's Wearhouse uses a special sizing algorithm to help you get the right size.

The Black Tux

Dress your groomsmen in premium tuxes without premium prices at The Black Tux. Your crew has the option to rent a suit without leaving home—the brand's sizing algorithm makes it easy to get the perfect fit. (Plus, they'll be able to test their suit for two days before committing to it.) You also have the option to buy a suit if that better fits your needs. An added bonus: If you get six or more groomsmen suits from The Black Tux, you'll get a discount on the groom's outfit. (Score.)

Our Favorite Groomsmen Outfit Ideas

Before you start shopping, it's important to have a general idea of what you want your wedding party to look like at the altar. (After all, getting inspired is one of the most important parts of wedding planning.) Here, we've rounded up our favorite groomsmen outfit ideas from real weddings to help you nail down a look for your own. Screenshot your favorite groomsmen outfits below and share with your crew to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it's time to shop.

You can't go wrong with a classic black tuxedo. This tried-and-true groomsmen outfit is a versatile choice—it can fit just about any wedding venue or season (though we particularly love this look for a formal fall or winter wedding). Complete this stylish groomsmen ensemble with black shoes and a black bow tie. Your crew will look as sleek as can be.

The groom's attire doesn't have to match what the groomsmen wear. Consider incorporating inverted colors to make a serious statement. If the groom is planning to wear a white suit jacket or tuxedo, have the groomsmen wear black ensembles. This unique color coordination will look especially dapper at an upscale black tie wedding.

If you're planning an outdoor wedding, casual groomsmen attire may be the way to go (especially if you'll be in a hot climate). Skip the suit jacket and have your crew wear crisp dress shirts with leather suspenders. Pin boutonnieres on their shoulder straps to formalize their outfits.

There are so many ways to customize groomsmen attire, from polka dot ties to floral pocket squares or printed socks. But one of our favorite groomsmen outfit ideas involves an element that's not immediately visible: the undershirt. Whether your crew owns matching sports shirts or you all have corresponding superhero tees, wear them under button-ups for a discreet personal touch. (Psst: Matching shirts would also be great groomsmen gifts.) Let your wedding photographer know about the personal detail so you can take a few pictures showing off your personalities.

Monochrome wedding parties are definitely a thing. (In fact, it's one of our favorite wedding ideas for this year.) If you love the thought of having the groomsmen match the bridesmaids, pick a color swatch that fits your wedding palette. Retailers that offer a variety of suiting shades will be able to help you find designs that fit your vision.

Nautical groomsmen outfits are a must if you're planning a beach wedding. Bring your preppy mood board to life with navy suit jackets, crisp white shirts and khaki pants. (Don't forget a pair of Wayfarers for each groomsman.)

Just as the maid of honor sometimes wears a special dress, the best man can wear a unique outfit too. Help them stand out with a different colored suit jacket or tuxedo than the rest of the group. Even a subtle accent like a floral tie or a printed pocket square will differentiate their look.

Let your groomsmen show off their personal style by allowing them to pick their own dress shirt. Pops of various colors and patterns will look super modern when they're standing together at the altar.

Don't feel confined to dark shades if you're planning a summer wedding. Lighten up your color palette with neutral cream or tan groomsmen suits. Keep their outfits crisp with white or pastel neckties.

Bring a pop of color to the altar with blue suits. A dark navy shade is perfect if you're on the fence about experimenting with color—it's an easy alternative to a traditional black tux that's not too bold. We love how this groom opted for black lapels to differentiate his tuxedo from the rest.

Warm tones are a must for a rustic wedding. Give your groomsmen a boho makeover with maroon or terra cotta suspenders against a white shirt and neutral pants. Forgo a suit jacket to ensure the colorful accessories get the attention they deserve.

Who says the groomsmen outfits all have to match? If you're going for an eclectic wedding theme, allow your crew to pick an outfit they feel best in—just give them a few color parameters to follow so they look intentionally mismatched.

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