Wedding Gown: How Can I Sell My Wedding Gown?


I'm thinking about selling my wedding gown after the wedding. How would I go about doing this?


There are a couple of ways to unload your wedding gown once the wedding is over. One of the easiest ways is to sell your dress online. Several new sites have caught wind of the trend and in fact created entire online marketplaces around pre-owned wedding dresses. One of our favorites? Nearly Newlywed. They make it super fuss-free to sell your wedding dress. Send them the photos and all the details and they'll promote it for you. (There's even an option to have them clean your dress for you first.) Once your dress sells on Nearly Newlywed, you get 65 percent of the profit. Not bad!

If you want to go it the manual way, another idea is to contact some consignment shops or wedding gown rental boutiques, who either sell the gown for you and keep part of the profit, or who buy the gown directly from you (often at a much lower price than what you paid for it) for resale.

Good luck!

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