Wedding Gifts: How to Give Cash as a Wedding Gift?


If you give a gift of money at the wedding ceremony, to whom should the check be made out? Bride and/or groom? Married names or names before marriage?


The basic rule of thumb is that before the wedding, you should make the check out to the bride or groom, depending on who you're closer to (if it's the bride, use her maiden name, in case she hasn't changed it yet or isn't going to!), and send it to him or her. If it's the wedding day or later, make the check payable to both bride and groom (using married names unless the bride is keeping her own name). If you know the couple prefers money over a traditional gift, it's possible they've set up a cash or honeymoon registry. So before you get out your checkbook, check their wedding website, where this information is likely will be found.

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