10 Wedding Ideas You've Never Seen Before

Think you've seen it all? Here are 10 genius ideas your guests will never see coming.
  1. 2. Paint Can Reception Table Lighting

    Photo by Susan Montagna

    Event planner extraordinaire, David Stark, created a cityscape of light using paint cans! Each can was illuminated from within with candles and mounted onto black posts to create a floating illusion.

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  2. 3. Ski Wedding Guest Book

    Photo by Red Loft Studios

    Take a cue from this couple and swap out the album for a pair of wooden skis (or a record, guitar, hockey stick -- you name it!) that you can later display in your home.

  3. 4. Custom Wedding Cake Table

    Photo by Justin & Mary Photography

    Give your wedding cake extra wow-factor with a tricked out cake table. Wrap it in vines or string lights, construct it out of stacks of books, or ask your florist to swap in tall vases of submerged flowers for a look that will make your guests do a double take.

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  4. 5. Tree-Planting Wedding Ceremony

    Photo by Sarah Q Photography

    Sure, you could stick with the traditional candle or sand ceremony, but why not cap off your wedding ceremony with a tradition that really celebrates growth? If it won't work logistically for the wedding, pot a tree together and then have it transferred to your backyard later.

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  5. 6. Custom Illustrated Wedding Invitations

    Photo by CA/VA Weddings

    Custom illustrations like this are hot for wedding stationery. (Bonus tip: Turn the illustration into a motif you can incorporate in other aspects of your wedding, such as the cocktail napkins or a guest book poster!)

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  6. 7. Bathtub Reception Decor

    Photo by Jules Bianchi Photography

    Reinvent the way drinks are served. A vintage bathtub makes for a very interesting vessel for colorful bottled soda and beer. The best part? Repurposing odd items like this is also eco-friendly!

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  7. 8. Phonograph Cocktail Hour Music

    Photo by Justin Marantz Photography

    Surprise guests at the cocktail hour by renting an antique phonograph to play old-time favorites. Quick tip: Make sure you have someone experienced who can help man the music during cocktail hour. Your DJ or band leader is your best bet.

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  8. 9. Big-Time Wedding Branding

    Photo by Next Exit Photography

    Okay, it might seem a little egocentric, but today is your day, right? Blow out the standard wedding monogram by constructing an oversized version to decorate your reception space. This couple used their names as an eye-catching backdrop for their lounge area.

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  9. 10. A Boutonniere for Your "Trophy Groom"

    Photo by Postcards & Pretties

    We found this reinvention of the boutonniere on Post Cards & Pretties Blog this week. Made out of spray-painted mini trophies, and then filled with moss and tiny succulents -- such an easy idea!

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