The Top 15 Groom Shoes for 2024 Weddings

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Collage of 2024 Grooms shoes ideas including converse, penny loafers, and oxfords
Photos, from left to right: Converse, Morjas, Nordstrom
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Updated Feb 19, 2024
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Unless you plan on walking down the aisle barefoot, you're gonna need a pair of shoes to go with your wedding look. The right pair of groom shoes can be the finishing touch that brings an outfit together, whether it's that perfect pair of classic dress shoes with a tuxedo or the right lowkey loafers or sandals for a beach wedding.

If anything, you're spoiled for choice. There are incredible groom shoes available from your favorite department stores, or you can go for something from the stellar craftsmen at brands like Ace Marks, Morjas, and Crockett & Jones. Groom shoes are available across a wide range of styles and price points, making it easier than ever to find the right ones to pair with your wedding suit. Heck, sneakers aren't even out of the question at the right wedding. Looking to find the perfect pair of groom shoes? You've come to the right place.

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What Shoes Should a Groom Wear?

Wondering what kind of shoes are going to go best with your wedding suit? Look no further–we've got you covered. The shoes you wear as a groom are going to be determined by how you're suiting up for your wedding. More formal looks are going to require more formal shoes, while dress codes and fits that skew on the slightly more casual side allow for some variance in how you suit up.


This one is pretty simple: if you're going with a black-tie dress code for your wedding, you're going to want to pair your tuxedo with appropriate shoes. Traditional tuxedo shoes are whole-cut oxford made with patent leather. Velvet tuxedo loafers are also an appropriate option.


If you're suiting up to the nines but not necessarily donning a tuxedo for your wedding, you're going to want to stick with lace-up dress shoes. Oxfords are a reliable bet, as derbies and brogues aren't quite as appropriate for formal occasions, but it's not a total faux pas to wear them with a full suit.


Semi-formal is going to be the point where it's cool to slip on a pair of loafers. Whether you wear them with socks or not is your call. Lace-up dress shoes are also appropriate for semi-formal wedding fits, though you may want to aim for a pair of derbies or brogues so that your shoes aren't substantially more formal than your outfit. Dress boots are also a good call here.


All bets are off. Well, not all bets–you definitely shouldn't wear a pair of formal dress shoes with a casual wedding fit. That said, with casual dress codes you can style your groom shoes however you see fit. Loafers are fine, as are cowboy boots, sneakers, and anything you feel brings out the best in your wedding look.

The 15 Best Groom Shoes for 2024

Looking for the right pair of shoes to wear with your groom's suit? Look no further. Below we've selected the best of the best, from great bargains to luxe loafers and even a sneaker or two. Read on for the best groom shoes you can buy this year.

Best Sub-$50 Dress Shoe: Apt. 9 Denver Dress Shoe

Apt. 9 Denver Affordable Black Dress Shoe for Groom
Photo: Kohl's

For grooms looking to pick up a pair of solid shoes for under $50, look no further. Apt. 9's Denver is a classic cap-toe oxford that'll look great with formal and semi-formal suiting looks.

Size Range: 7-13 | Style: Oxford

Best Brogues: Johnston & Murphy Dandridge Dress Shoe

Black Cap Toe Oxford grooms dress shoe
Photo: Nordstrom

Think of brogues as oxfords with some seasoning. The detailed perforations, like those featured on these from Johnston & Murphy, make them a little bit less appropriate for highly formal situations but if you're attending a wedding with a cocktail attire or semi-formal dress code they're a fun finish to a suit.

Size Range: 8-13 | Nordstrom

Best Tuxedo Loafers: BOSS Colby Velvet Dress Loafers

Velvet Dress Tuxedo Loafers for groom
Photo: Macy's

Tuxedo loafers are a stylish, unique way to accessorize your black-tie groom suit. BOSS's take on the style is simple, suave, and sure to bring the best out of your tuxedo.

Size Range: 7-13 | Style: Loafer

Best Twist on a Classic: TAFT Gladiator Leather Dress Shoes

Brown Leather Dress Shoes for groom
Photo: Macy's

For a fun spin on a groom shoe standard, try TAFT's Gladiator dress shoe. It features the structure and detailing of classic brogues but with a cool twist in the form of an off-kilter strip of leather running across the toe. These are guaranteed to garner a, "Where'd you get those?" or two.

Size Range: 6-15 | Style: Brogue

Best Monk Strap Shoes: Anthony Veer Men's Roosevelt Single Monk Strap Shoes

Brown Single Monk Strap Shoes for groom
Photo: Macy's

Monk strap shoes provide an elegant touch to any suiting look, from formal to semi-formal and everything in between. Anthony Veer's single-strap shoes are a great, subtle take on the dress shoe sure to look excellent walking down the aisle.

Size Range: 6.5-12 | Style: Monk Strap

Most Comfortable: Cole Haan Original Grand Wingtip Oxford Shoes

Original Grand Wingtip Oxford Shoes for groom
Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue

If you're looking to blend style and comfort, look no further than Cole Haan's wingtip oxfords. They feature the traditional construction of wingtip dress shoes with a cushy EVA midsole designed for a comfy, cozy fit.

Size Range: 7-15 | Style: Wingtip

Best Tassel Loafer: G.H. Bass Lennox Tassel Weejun Comfort Loafers

Brown Tassel Loafer for groom
Photo: Macy's

G.H. Bass has been the most recognizable name in the loafer game for decades now. Their take on a tassel loafer is still fresh as hell and perfect for semi-formal and outdoor weddings.

Size Range: 7-13 | Style: Loafer

Best Penny Loafers: Morjas Penny Loafer

Black penny loafer for groom
Photo: Morjas

Swedish brand Morjas makes some of the nicest penny loafers on the market today, period. The craftsmanship and proportions are perfect and the materials are of a quality that guarantees a lifetime of wear.

Size Range: 5.5-13.5 | Style: Loafer

Best Tuxedo Shoe: Ace Marks Wholecut Oxford Plain Toe

Best Patent leather oxford Tuxedo Shoe for groom
Photo: Ace Marks

Ace Marks' simple black tuxedo shoe is elegant and subtle. With its high-quality patent leather and timeless design, it's the perfect finishing touch to a black-tie look.

Size Range: 5-15 | Style: Oxford

Best Sneaker for Grooms and Groomsmen: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

White converse sneaker for groom and groomsmen
Photo: Converse

If you're looking to go the sneaker route for your wedding, a pair of Chucks is a no-brainer. This isn't just a great pick for grooms looking to tie the knot in a pair of clean kicks–it's also a smart pick for anyone looking to coordinate with their groomsmen due to the accessible price point and basically always being in stock.

Size Range: 3-16 | Style: Sneaker

Best for Beach Weddings: Sabah Forth Worth Brown

 Sabah Forth Worth Brown beach wedding shoe for groom
Photo: Sabah

Tying the knot on a beach? Don't get sand all up in your best dress shoes. Slip on a pair of Sabahs, the easy, breezy leather loafers crafted in Istanbul. They'll look great with your wedding fit and just as great with a tee and a pair of swim trunks the morning after.

Size Range: 6-16.5 | Style: Loafer

Best Floral Flex: Taft 'The Jack' Shoe in Eden

Black and gold floral oxford shoe for groom
Photo: TAFT

TAFT's Eden edition of their signature Jack Shoe is a sight to behold and a truly unique take on the oxford. The rich gold foil detailing and flower print make this the perfect shoe to walk down the aisle in if you're having a bohemian-themed wedding or tying the knot outdoors.

Size Range: 6-15 | Style: Oxford

Best Dress Boot: Thursday Boot Co. Captain

Brown dress boot for groom
Photo: Thursday Boot Co.

Dress boots are an option at weddings with relaxed dress codes (think semi-formal and anything more casual) and can suit themed vibes like rustic, western, or bohemian as well. Thursday Boots' classic Captain in Brandy is the sort of simple, distinguished boot that you can lace up under a suit pants one day and throw on with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt the next.

Size Range: 6-16 | Style: Dress Boot

Best Sneakerhead Swerve: Air Jordan 13 'Cap & Gown'

Air Jordan 13 sneaker for groom
Photo: StockX

Sneakerheads looking for the perfect wedding shoe to flex on their wedding day need look no further. Air Jordan produced the Cap & Gown collection years ago with graduates in mind, but the slick patent leather finish makes them perfect for suits and even a tuxedo if you and your partner agree that it's okay.

Size Range: 7-18 | Style: Sneaker

Best Suede Loafer: Myrqvist Stenhammar

Brown suede loafer for groom
Photo: Myrqvist

A suede loafer is a great option for cocktail attire, relaxed dress codes, and outdoor affairs. It brings a unique texture to an outfit and can lean into a seasonal vibe. Myrqvist's nail the color, with a rich dark suede and excellent construction. Slip these on with a linen suit and you'll look like a million bucks.

Size Range: 5.5-13.5 | Style: Loafer

What to Look for in Groom Wedding Shoes

Now that you've got your groom shoes, it's time to style them. Lacing up or slipping on a pair of shoes is pretty simple, but to make sure you're nailing the look you're going for, follow this advice. You'll thank us later–and so will your feet.

Don't Forget the Dress Code

Listen, personally I'd wear sockless loafers every single day if I could get away with it. The temptation to go that route, or whatever your preference may be–sneakers, sandals, lace-ups, etcetera, is understandable. But first and foremost you need to keep the wedding's dress code in mind. Weddings with stricter dress codes like black-tie and formal dress aren't going to be the best place to deviate from the norm of standard dress shoes or oxfords (and you should wear socks with both). On the other hand, saying, "I do" in the sand is a little less fun when you're wearing polished dress shoes.

Ultimately, it's your wedding–you've probably put plenty of thought into the dress code with your partner. Put that same amount of thought into how you interpret it in your suit and which shoes you pair with it.

Color Coordinate

Black wedding shoes go with just about anything, but brown wedding shoes and other color variations are going to be a little tricker. Brown dress shoes are the second most common color of shoe after black and there's a bit more leeway in how you wear them with a suit (in short, they go with most color suits except for black and especially not with tuxedos). If you're breaking away from tradition, make sure you're picking a pair that doesn't clash with your outfit.

To Sock or Not To Sock?

The sockless look is popular in the warmer months of the year (and at beach weddings) and the temptation to lean into it can be strong. There are certain wedding environments and dress codes that lend themselves well to leaving your socks in the drawer. Beach weddings, for example, are a great opportunity to go sockless as are semi-formal and dressy casual events. However, even if it's hot out, black-tie and formal weddings generally require socks with your dress shoes.

Break Your Shoes In First

Brides-to-be are often advised to practice walking in their wedding shoes ahead of the big day to avoid utter calamity when walking down the aisle (in this particular case, "utter calamity" is tripping and falling in front of friends and family alike on the biggest day of your life). This advice applies to grooms as well. While stumbling is less of a concern given the lack of high heels in most of our favorite groom shoe selects, dress shoes (and loafers especially) are made from leather that's meant to be broken in and worn over years, sometimes even as long as a decade or more. As a result, when you put on a pair of groom shoes fresh out of the box, they're likely to be pretty uncomfortable. You don't need to run a marathon in your wedding oxfords or anything, but be sure to wear your groom shoes a bit before the wedding, even if just to walk around the house. Getting the shoes a bit more broken in will save you sore feet on your wedding day, plus it'll make dancing the night away at the reception way easier.

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