Wedding Gown: My Friend Has the Same Wedding Dress!


My friend and I will be married two weeks apart, and she (unknowingly) found the identical wedding gown to mine and plans to wear it for her wedding, which is first. Even though she now knows of this dilemma, she still wants the wedding gown. Many of the same people will attend both weddings. Is it unreasonable for me to ask her to find another wedding gown since she has not purchased hers yet?


We're sorry to say it, but yes, it is unreasonable. This is your dream wedding dress, right? You've chosen to wear it to your wedding, one of the biggest events in your entire life. Your friend has fallen in love with that very same dream wedding dress and wants to wear it to one of the biggest events in


life. So who are you to tell her she can't? While your feelings are understandable, it's not okay to tell her she has to give up her dream just so yours will be the way you want it. Besides, you are two different women. This dress is


going to look exactly the same on you. Each of you will look beautiful in it in your own way ( different wedding veils and flowers will also personalize the look). Let yourself


your friend off the hook about this -- it's not worth messing up your friendship. Instead, focus your energy on looking forward to your wedding!

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