Unique Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas That Will Make Your Guests Smile

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Updated Apr 13, 2021
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There are still many traditional wedding stationery rules out there, but at The Knot, we believe every part of your wedding should reflect who you are—including your wedding invites. If flowery, formal language doesn't fit your vibe as a couple, consider using unique wedding invitation wording instead. The casual language will capture who you really are, and get guests excited to attend your wedding.

Not only will unique wedding invitation wording make your guests smile, it'll also clue them in on what to expect. A stationery suite filled with cheeky or laid-back language will signify to your guests that the event will likely be more relaxed than other black-tie weddings they've attended. Plus, a creative pun could give them more insight on the wedding venue itself. (If you're hosting a beach wedding, for example, we encourage you to seas any opportunity to use a witty pun!)

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Small Ways to Make Your Invites Feel Unique

If you're looking to make your wedding invites feel slightly more casual, make a few subtle swaps. For example, using "a.m." or "p.m." instead of "o'clock" for a laid-back feel. Or, instead of saying you "request the honor of your presence" to your guests, simply invite them to celebrate with you. You can also make changes to the host line, like not including titles or full names. Additionally, you can use numerals for the wedding date instead of spelling it out (i.e. "2020" instead of two thousand twenty). All of these details will make the stationery more personalized to your special day.

We also love the idea of using unique wedding invitation wording because it shakes up old-school layouts. For example, if you're paying for your own wedding, there's no need to include your parents' (or guardians') names. Additionally, you don't need to label yourself as "Ms." or "Mr." if you don't feel comfortable doing so. Pro tip: If you're searching for a gender-neutral title, consider using "Mx." Using unique wedding invitation wording means you get to decide the rules.

Continue bucking tradition by using unique wedding invitation designs to complement your laid-back language. Use bold, bright colors or an eye-catching pattern. Looking for even more personalization opportunities? Get a custom illustration done of the two of you. (Psst: illustrations are a major stationery trend for 2021.) Your guests will appreciate the extra time and care you put into making your stationery look and feel like you.

Using unique language doesn't mean other wedding invitation etiquette should be completely ignored. You still want to make sure you're sending out your save-the-dates early to give your guests the opportunity to block off your wedding day in their calendars. You'll also want to send out your invitations eight weeks before you say "I do" (more if you're hosting a destination wedding).

You'll also need to include all of the necessary information on your invitations: your names, the date and time of the wedding, and the venue's address. We also recommend including your dress code and wedding website URL so your guests are fully prepared for the big day.

Other than that, feel free to do whatever you want with your wedding stationery. Include a light-hearted joke in your save-the-dates or a cheeky pun on your RSVP cards. But we especially encourage you to get creative with your wedding invitations, as they contain all of the information your guests need. (Psst: The Knot Invitations allows you to completely customize the text on your invitations so they reflect exactly who you are.) To help get you inspired, we put together a few unique wedding invitation wording templates. See some of our favorite ideas, below.

If The Couple Is Hosting the Event

Most traditional wedding invitation wording examples assume that the bride's parents will be hosting the marriage of their daughter. But that's not the case for many couples—whether neither person identifies as a bride or if the couple is paying themselves. In fact, more and more couples are paying for their own nuptials. If you and your partner are going to be covering the costs for the event, you have total control over your wedding stationery. Take advantage of that with unique wedding invitation wording that will get your guests excited to participate in the merriment. Use laid-back language, cheeky jokes or witty puns. For a more casual approach, skip your middle names and use your first and last names (or just your first names).

Relaxed Request

Many couples are forgoing formal phrases like "honor of your presence" or "pleasure of your company" and opting for something more relaxed and festive.

We'd love nothing more

Than you by our sides as we exchange vows

Rosalie Anne


Aaron Alan Triguireo

Will wed at 4 p.m.

August 29, 2020

Followed by dinner and dancing

At Serendipity Garden

12865 Oak Glen Road, Oak Glen, CA

Funny Text

Stay true to your personalities. If you like to crack jokes, use cheeky language on your wedding invites.

unique wedding invitation wording funny text
Onelove Photography

Dress up.

Get hitched.

Eat cake.

You're invited to the wedding of

Georgia Washburn & Hamish Thorsten

Four o'clock Saturday on September twentieth, twenty-twenty two

The Bremont Hotel in New Long, Connecticut

Feast and fiesta to follow

Clever Pun

Who doesn't love a good pun? Pull inspiration from your wedding's theme ("tying the knot" for a nautical celebration, for example) or your venue (such as "love is brewing" for a brewery) for the perfect pun.

We are tying the knot

Join us for the wedding of

Rebecca Morrison


Michael Robinson

Saturday November 20, 2018 at 3 p.m.

Beaumont Yacht Club | 282 Seaside Avenue

San Francisco, California

Reception to follow

If Parents Are Hosting the Event

If your parents are hosting the event, that doesn't mean you have to use hyper-formal language. Work together to find something that conveys who's hosting the wedding ceremony and wedding reception (whether it's one set of parents, both sets of parents or both sets and the couple). Then, find a fun way to communicate the vibe of your celebration of love. Is it going to be sweetly semi-formal or totally casual? If you're including step-parents or a deceased parent, adjust the language accordingly. Pull some inspiration from these unique wedding invitation wording ideas, below.

Together With the To-Be-Weds

Many couples who are hosting the wedding alongside their parents use this kind of wording to indicate financial and loving support from their parents.




Together with their families

Invite you to their wedding

Saturday | 8.15.24 | 4:30 p.m.

Ole Hanson Beach Club

105 W Avenida Pico, San Clemente, CA

Party to follow

Relaxed Request

Alter the request line to suit the style of your wedding. Many couples marrying in a casual setting pen their invitations with "pleasure of your company," but feel free to get creative.

Mr. and Mrs. John Gadson

and Dr. and Mrs. Heath Anderson

Invite you to the marriage of their children

Brynn + Xavier

The ninth of December, two thousand and twenty-two

At five o'clock in the evening

The Danbury Lodge

1286 NW 5th Ave, Bedford, New Hampshire

Reception to follow

Casual Invitation

List the parents names without the customary surnames for a more laid-back vibe. Use a blank card or customize the text on any invitation template to bring this vision to life.

Jason and Eliza Miller

invite you to the marriage of their daughter

Katie Lynn


Tabitha Rose

daughter of

Kanesha and Jevonate Richards

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