20 Unique Wedding Invitations That'll Stand Out In The Mail Pile

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Unique Wedding Invitations
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We appreciate a traditional wedding invitation, but we especially applaud trendsetting, personalized stationery. When it comes to invitations, we understand you want yours to stand out among a crowded fridge littered with other save-the-dates and notices. Custom illustrations, creative color palettes, paper alternatives or even funny wording can inform guests of how much fun they're about to have at your one-of-a-kind celebration. To spark inspiration, we rounded up 20 unique wedding invitations that'll stand out in any mail pile. Here are some of our favorite unique wedding invitation designs. Your guests will certainly be excited to receive these creative wedding invitations.

Acrylic Art

NBarrett Photography

Here's a unique wedding announcement idea: consider acrylic invites instead. Print your details on a clear (or colored) piece of acrylic for an exciting wedding invitation alternative your guests won't forget. They can proudly display the work of art in their homes until the wedding day arrives.

Engrave It acrylic wedding invitations, from $3 each, Etsy.com

Illustrated Minibook

Mismatched wedding invitation suite
Philip Ficks

Here's a creative take on wedding invitations. If you're planning a full-on wedding weekend, send out an illustrated minibook to brief your guests on all of the details. The design on the front will grab their attention, and the contents will get your guests excited for your nuptials.

Leslie Hamer Destination minibook wedding invitations, from $4 each, Minted.com

Plantable Paper

What's more unique than eco-friendly wedding invitations? These pretty invites are printed on seed-infused biodegradable paper so your guests can plant it in their yards after they've returned the RSVP.

Little Green Wedding plantable seed paper eco-friendly sustainable biodegradable wedding invitation, from $4 each, Etsy.com

Modern Marble

If you're not into traditional floral patterns, you'll likely appreciate this modern marble design. Your guests will enjoy looking at this on-trend, aesthetically-pleasing pattern on their fridge.

The Knot Invitations Mod Marble wedding invitations, from $2 each, TheKnot.com

Passport Invite

Abby Jiu Photography

If you're planning a destination wedding, lean into the travel aspect. Give them everything they need for the big trip (date, time, details) all stamped onto a cute passport design. It's a creative wedding invitation idea they'll love.

The Knot Invitations Passport wedding invitations, from $2 each, TheKnot.com

'70s Chic

Anita Calero

Are you and your partner the trendsetters of your friend group? You'll love this 1970s-inspired stationery, which features classic colors and old-school typography. All of your guests will be delighted to open these unique wedding invitations.

Blush and Blossom Paper 70s retro wedding invitation, $2 each, Etsy.com

Starry Night

Jackie Cooper Photo

Whether you're planning nighttime nuptials or you love to stargaze on the weekends, a starry night pattern is perfect for you. The unique design is a departure from traditional flowers or watercolor brushstrokes, and it will light up your guests' refrigerators.

The Knot Invitations Starry Night wedding invitations, from $2 each, TheKnot.com

Vellum Paper

Looking for unique wedding invitations that aren't too over-the-top? Consider vellum paper. This cardstock gives your invites something special without bright colors, loud patterns or 3D designs.

Leigh Louise Creative vellum foil wedding invitation suite, from $2 per piece, Etsy.com

Comedic Checklist

onelove photography

Wedding invitations don't have to be formal. If you're a laid-back couple, your invites should reflect that. Consider these unique wedding invitations, which comedically detail the events of the day.

2birdstone Basically wedding invitations, from $2 each, Minted.com

Venue Illustration

Lauren Fair Photography

Get your guests excited about your wedding venue by including an adorable illustration of it. The work of art will stand out against text-only invites in the mail.

Mono Art and Design custom wedding invitation with watercolor venue painting, $150 for 125 invitations, Etsy.com

Majestic Mountains

Milou + Olin Photography

Calling all outdoorsy couples. Rather than default to the ultra-formal calligraphy, consider this bold design instead. It'll display your appreciation for Mother Earth, and your guests will look forward to seeing you say "I do" in nature too.

The Knot Invitations Painted Mountains wedding invitations, from $2 each, TheKnot.com

Custom Graphic

Love + Light Photographs

You're not just limited to your venue when it comes to illustrations for your invites. Get a drawing of you (the couple), a map of your wedding's location, your furry friend or your favorite flowers. It will make for a unique wedding invitation your guests will cherish.

Things I Drew illustrated wedding invitations, from $525 for a custom portrait, Etsy.com

Swirling Colors

We Are Diamond Eyes

Good news for creative couples: colorful wedding invitations are becoming more mainstream. Look for a stunning pattern that makes you happy. This awesome wedding invitation features a swirled paint effect that your guests will love to look at.

Hooray Creative Marble Majesty wedding invitations, from $3 each, Minted.com

Double Rainbow

Jeremiah and Rachel Photography

If you and your boo are total '90s kids, this adorably vintage design will showcase your old-school vibe perfectly. Couples skate, anyone?

Pink House Press Double Rainbow wedding invitations, from $3 each, Minted.com

Message in a Bottle

If you're searching for a unique wedding invitation for your beach nuptials, consider this creative idea. Send your guests a message in a bottle. It will be fun for them to open it, and they'll want to save it as a keepsake afterwards. Preview the sample at home and then place your custom order.

Message in a Bottle Shop message in a bottle signature wedding invitation sample, $12, Etsy.com

Wood Grain & Lace

Lean into your rustic-themed wedding. These adorable invitations—with wood grain and lace designs—will get your guests excited for your impending nuptials. Plus, they'll stand out against a sea of plain calligraphy.

The Knot Invitations Woodgrain Lace wedding invitations, from $2 each, TheKnot.com

Artistic All-In-One

Ditch the classic layout for wedding invitations and opt for this inventive all-in-one design. It contains the envelope, invitation and RSVP card—all folded up into one neat package. Add an artistic design, and you've got one unique wedding invitation.

Hooray Creative Sculpture Garden all-in-one savvy wedding invitations, from $2 each, Minted.com

Ornamental Elegance

Choose a pattern that's as unique as your love story. This design is the perfect mix of eclectic and elegant—perfect for couples looking for different invitation ideas.

The Knot Invitations Ornamental Elegance wedding invitations, from $2 each, TheKnot.com

Coaster Invitations

Here's a creative wedding invitation alternative. Send your guests this cute coaster set, which neatly showcases your wedding details. Not only will it be a fun surprise to open, they'll be able to use it long after they've sent in their RSVP.

Personal Types unique beer coaster wedding invitation set, $12 for a sample, Etsy.com

Dark Foil

We're here to tell you that foil detailing on wedding invitations doesn't have to be gold. Check out this dark paper and dark foil combination. It's a tasteful blend of edgy and elegant.

Joyce Pinheiro Garden foil-pressed wedding invitations, from $3 each, Minted.com

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