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Channel Jay Gatsby, JFK, and every #oldmoneyaesthetic icon in between with our guide to stealth wealth wedding menswear.
Old money wedding menswear inspiration.
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tres dean Associate Menswear Editor
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tres dean Associate Menswear Editor
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Updated Jun 28, 2023
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Over the course of Succession's run at the top of the TV world it introduced us all to the concept of "stealth wealth," a new (and perhaps truer to real life) interpretation of the way the world's ultra-wealthy dress. Interest in old money style for men and women alike was spurned on around the same time by shows like The Crown (which reintroduced Princess Diana, a genuine icon of fashion and specifically menswear, to a generation) and both modern films like The Wolf of Wall Street and classics like The Talented Mr. Ripley. As Succession drew to a close, interest in the style began to peak. Now it's the toast of everything from classic menswear institutions to TikTok influencers. If you feel like incorporating some old-money aesthetic into your next wedding fit, here's the best way to do it.

What is Old Money Aesthetic?

Here's the thing: the term itself is pretty nebulous and subjective.t's hard to actually crack what "old money style" actually is. Some people interpret it as ultra-preppy and others as ultra-luxe. The reality is somewhere in between the two interpretations. If you look at old money style over the decades, the recurring themes are a lack of showiness (this is to say you're purchasing quality when you buy these pieces, not recognizable logos) and a lack of preciousness over wearing the pieces in. From the perspective of the ultra-wealthy, you don't need to worry about breaking in a new dress shirt when you can just buy a new one if you need to. But the reality is that over the years the idea of old-money style became tied to timeless and high-quality pieces that have a worn-in quality to them. There's a reason the aesthetic of the rich hasn't changed a ton over the years–they invest in quality clothing that's meant to look as good a generation down the line as they do today.

The idea of old money style isn't defined by one single styling element. It's something you know when you see. It's a vintage Cartier Tank watch that may or may not be a family heirloom. It's that blue oxford button-down that looks like you could have owned it since high school. It's pairing a high-end sport coat with Levi's denim. It's having all the right accessories without drawing attention to the fact that you have all the right accessories.

Old money style also sticks to the classics of American prep and formality. You aren't going to see a ton of elements of foreign styling, nor does westernwear tend to make its way in (even if the Dutton Family from Yellowstone is somewhat of an old money icon itself). You're sticking with the classics and elevating them ever so slightly.

How Does Old Money Style Translate to Weddings?

Much of weddingwear revolves around the sort of prep-centric classics and formalwear that old money style in menswear revolves around. It's not building a new outfit from the ground up so much as approaching the one you're probably already planning to wear with an eye for detail. We're talking a well-tailored suit, quality materials like cashmere, and timeless pieces like suede loafers. With the right detailing in your tuxedo, the right wedding watch to match your look, or just a good combination of cuff links and tie, you can channel old money vibes into a wedding day look with ease.

Old Money Brands You Oughta Know

Some of these old money clothing brands are the real deal–actual high-end brands that the old money set genuinely gravitates towards. Others channel the aesthetic of old money at a fraction of the cost. Either sort will have you looking like a proper Kennedy at weddings, be they your own or ones you're attending as a guest.


Ralph Lauren Ralph, as those in the know (i.e the old money crowd) call it, is real-deal old money excellence. Across a number of brands including Polo Ralph Lauren and Purple Label, the father of American fashion has perfected old money style.

Loro Piana If Succession is responsible for the modern old money aesthetic resurgence, Loro Piana is collecting residuals in a big way. Much of the show features costuming from the ultra-luxurious brand that elevates basics into works of fashion art. The price tags aren't for the faint of heart but rest assured that the brand offers you the absolute best that money can buy–and without a logo in sight.

Spier & MacKay Those looking to get an old-money suit for, well, less money should check out Spier & MacKay. Their line of suits all come in at around $500 and for that price you get classy old-school tailoring in rich colors cut from quality fabrics.

Brooks Brothers The original American prep brand is still making killer oxfords, suits, and dress shirts at affordable prices today. Like I said, old money aesthetic in menswear isn't necessarily about spending the most money but about spending money on something that will still look good at the country club five or ten years from now. Brooks Brothers is the place to go for that.


Turnbull & Asser British menswear hub Turnbull & Asser produces a wide range of menswear products but it's their ties you want to look into if you're aiming for an old money vibe. They'll set you back a few bucks but these ties are powerful statement pieces for guys looking to lean into old money aesthetic.

Longines Longines is one of the more popular names in the world of watches because of the bang they give you for your buck. For a fraction of what you'd pay for a Rolex or Cartier the brand offers premium Swiss watchmaking that'll last a lifetime. They make a wide range of watches but it's their dressier options that can really cap off an old money wedding look.

Moscot If you're looking to finish an old money wedding look off with an accessory that you can get plenty of use out of after the big day, throw on a pair of Moscot glasses. They're a New York institution and make the sort of small, eye-catching frames that let people know that you knew what you were doing when you put this outfit together. They're available with prescription lenses and are sure to look just as good the day after the wedding as they are the day of.

G.H. Bass Like I said, it isn't always about what's going to cost the most money so much as it is about what's still going to look good ten years from now. G.H. Bass loafers, specifically the legendary Weejun loafer, are the sort of shoes that you can wear into the ground, get resoled, and wear into the ground all over again. Pick a pair up to go with a classic preppy navy suit or a two-toned pair to go with a black one and you'll have the old money aesthetic locked in.

Shop Our Picks for Old Money Outfits to Wear for Weddings

Whether you're looking to channel Jay Gatsby or Kendall Roy at your next wedding, here's the only shopping guide you need. Below are the best suits, shirts, and accessories to get you looking your old money best on the big day.

Spier & MacKay Light Taupe Pinstripe Double-Breasted Suit

Pinstripe suit by Spier & MacKay.
Photo: Spier & MacKay

As old money as it gets, Spier & MacKay's pinstripe taupe suit is the perfect stealth wealth wedding suit. It'll crush anything from a black-tie-optional dress code or a semi-formal affair at a country club.

Wythe Blue Oxford Cloth Button Down

Blue button-down oxford shirt by Wythe.
Photo: Wythe

Wythe makes the kind of oxford button-downs the prep set go crazy for. They're lightweight and wear beautifully. Pair this one with a navy sport coat for a great old money look.

G.H. Bass Larson Colorblock Weejuns Loafers

Color-block loafers by G. H. Bass.
Photo: G. H. Bass

G.H. Bass's Weejuns have been synonymous with loafers since the shoes made their way over to America. This cool colorblocked pair brings a ton of preppy old-money character to a wedding suit, especially in the spring (worn sockless, of course).

Longines Avigation Type A-7 Watch

Much of Longines' watch line pairs beautiful timepieces with handsome leather straps, making them perfect as dress watches at weddings. The Type A-7 is a stunning aviation watch that oozes old money class, plus its titled dial is a super unique and eye-catching detail.

Turnbull & Asser Navy and Light Blue Striped Zigzag Silk Tie

Navy and light blue zig-zag print tie from Turnbull & Asser.
Photo: Turnbull & Asser

We're all about geometric ties in 2023 and Turnbull & Asser's take on the vintage vibey trend is as high-end as you'll find. Twist this one up in a fancy knot with a nice white dress shirt and you'll look like you're trading stocks for the same firm your granddad founded back in the day.

Polo Ralph Lauren Wool Twill Suit

Ralph Lauren suit for an old money aesthetic.
Photo: Polo Ralph Lauren

Stealth wealth isn't about logos or flashiness. It's about the basics done better than the rest. Polo Ralph Lauren's simple navy suit in wool twill isn't complicated. It doesn't need to be. It's a classic selection done at the highest level.

Moscot Lemtosh Sunglasses

Moscot sunglasses for an old money wedding aesthetic.
Photo: Moscot

Moscot has been an institution of New York's fashion scene for over a century. It's the sort of place old money families would pick up lenses and frequent from generation to generation. The Lemtosh is their most iconic frame and will have you looking like the next generation come the day of the wedding. Plus, sunglasses are an underrated suiting accessory, especially when the wedding takes place outdoors.

Brooks Brothers Regent Class–Fit Madras Sport Coat

Brooks Brothers plaid suit jacket for an old money wedding aesthetic.
Photo: Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers are the OGs of accessible prep-wear and have kept flying their colors proud in the century-plus since first opening. Their madras sport coat is country club couture and the perfect old money coat for a wedding at an outdoor venue or, you know, a country club.

Gitman Vintage Blue Stripe Oxford

Gitman Vintage isn't your parents' oxford shirt any more, even if they quite literally may have worn them back in the day. The brand's resurgence over the last few years has been spectacular and the highlight of their line remains this classic blue-stripe oxford that pairs great with suit separates for a spring or summer wedding.

Abercrombie & Fitch Geometric Johnny Collar Sweater Polo

Abercrombie & Fitch geometric sweater polo shirt.
Photo: Abercrombie & Fitch

Speaking of resurgences, Abercrombie's pivot to modern menswear over the last few years has taken the brand from the sort of name you associate with what you wore back in middle school to one that's as on the cutting edge of accessible fashion as titans like Urban Outfitters and Zara. They've been especially ahead of the curve with their johnny collar polos over the last few years, an old money staple that makes for a great option at a dressy-casual or destination wedding.

Todd Snyder Wythe Herringbone Double-Breasted Sport Coat

White double-breasted suit jacket by Todd Snyder.
Photo: Todd Snyder

A key to the old money menswear vibe is to not be afraid to mix high and low. Take this killer white sport coat by Todd Snyder, for example. Your inclination may be to wear this jacket with matching pants or suit separates, but might I suggest making this the anchor piece of a semi-formal or dressy-casual wedding look? Wear this over a pair of nice denim and a sweater or knit polo and you'll look like you just got back from some time on the yacht that people will definitely assume you own.

Bonobos Empire Stretch Italian Wool Tuxedo Jacket in White

White tuxedo jacket for an old money wedding by Bonobos.
Photo: Bonobos

The key to wearing a tux old money style is to make sure you wear it in a way that suggests you're in a tux every other weekend. This is where the white dinner jacket look comes into play. White shawl collar tuxes like this stunner from Bonobos have a suave, breezy feeling to them that suggests that the person wearing them is in their element at formal events and black-tie affairs. Even if you aren't, you know what they say: fake it til you make it.

Tom Ford Satin Peak-Lapel Two-Piece Tuxedo

Satin two-piece tuxedo from Bergdorf Goodman.
Photo: Bergdorf Goodman

As Eva Green said in Casino Royale, "There are dinner jackets and there are dinner jackets. This one is the latter." Tom Ford does luxury evening wear better than any other designer out there right now. If you're looking for a tux that will last a lifetime and channel an old money look, this broad-lapeled beauty is the way to go.

Alex Mill Mercer Blazer in Cotton Linen

The best old money aesthetic pieces are high quality ones that you don't have to think much about before throwing on and don't have to worry about if they tear. Alex Mill's classic cotton-linen blazer in navy is the perfect embodiment of this ethos. You can wear this to semi-formal, dressy-casual, and destination weddings for years and years to come and then throw it on for a day of trading stocks–or whatever it is old money folks do.

Miansai Singular Cuff in Sterling Silver

Sterling silver cuff by Huckberry.
Photo: Huckberry

Old money jewelry is subtle, simple, and timeless. This sterling silver cuff from Miansai is all of those things. It's the perfect piece of jewelry to accompany old money looks in any dress code.

The Tie Bar Classico Stripe Burgundy Tie

The Tie Bar burgundy stripe tie for old money aesthetic.
Photo: The Tie Bar

Sometimes it's as simple as getting something that wouldn't look out of place on the Harvard grounds. The Tie Bar's rugby-stripe tie is classic prep and oozes old money energy while coming in at a steal of a price.

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