21 Stages of Picking Your Wedding Invitations, Told in GIFs

TFW you realize you need to lick 150 envelopes…
sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
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sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
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Updated Mar 18, 2022

Sending invitations is, without a doubt, one of the most important tasks on your wedding planning checklist. After all, you want your friends and family to show up at your wedding, right? To ensure your nuptials are slotted on guests' calendars, it's crucial to send your save-the-dates and formal invites in a timely manner (eight months and eight weeks, respectively). But before you can pop them in the mail, you'll need to find an invitation suite you love, customize the details, and seal all of them up. Plus, you can't forget to send thank-you cards after the wedding too.

Needless to say, the entire process of selecting and sending wedding stationery is a huge undertaking. (That's why we launched The Knot Invitations, because we want to make the paper process as easy as can be for you and your S.O.) So, if you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or downright crazed after licking all those envelopes, we understand. Scroll through 21 GIFs below that describe what it's like sending wedding invitations—because you certainly aren't alone.

Spending hours looking at invitation designs because there are so. many. options.

No, seriously: There are literally thousands of designs to pick from The Knot Invitations. Whether your wedding theme is moody and modern, classic romance or coastal grandmillennial chic, we've got a suite for you.

Realizing you can match your stationery suite to your wedding website.

Yes, it's true! We make it easy to coordinate all of your wedding materials, from your wedding website to your save-the-dates to your reception menu.

Trying to figure out how to decide between modern gold foil or elegant pastel calligraphy.

Why not just see them all in person?

Opening your mailbox only to see you went a little overboard with the free samples.

How can you not, though?

And realizing that you can only pick one option.

How do other couples do this?

But after careful consideration, you and your S.O. finally decide on the perfect invitation suite…

Go ahead and toot your own horn: It's the best wedding invitation you've ever seen.

…which means it's time to start customizing your design.

Let your creativity shine.

Finally putting your laptop away because it's 1 a.m. and you have work tomorrow.

Wedding planning can wait until later.

After a lot of hard work, your invitations are complete and you're ready to hit "Purchase."

And they're stunning, of course.

But then your S.O. finds out you went back to make "one last change" to the wording for the 17th time.

That's the last time for real though.

Staring at your mailbox waiting for your special order to arrive.

Any day now.

And when they do, they're perfect.

You're a creative genius.

Then remembering you need to stuff and seal 150 envelopes.

*Deep breaths*

And time seems to move backward while you're doing it.

Has it really only been 20 minutes?

But you and your partner tag-team and get it done in record time.

Teamwork, indeed, makes the dream work.

It's finally time to drop the invites at the post office…

Getting rid of them feels like a weight off your shoulders.

…and pick up a bottle of bubbly on the way home to celebrate.


Now, you have to wait until your guests receive them.

No, seriously—how long will that take?

And finally—after what feels like years—the RSVPs start rolling in.

Now it's starting to feel real.

Once the wedding day passes, your hard work is done…

You never thought this day would come.

…until you remember it's time to do the same thing all over again with your thank-you cards.

Don't panic, though: We've compiled 11 thank-you card templates you can copy word-for-word. (Consider it our wedding gift to you.)

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