The Complete Guide to a Port Antonio Honeymoon

The destination is a romantic playground for water worshippers.
Port Antonio beach from above
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Updated Nov 18, 2019
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Ask any Jamaican for the most beautiful location on the island and, no contest, they'll reply that it's the parish of Portland on the northeast coast. It scores high on the romance meter with lush, tropical vegetation everywhere, including breadfruit, banana and coconut trees. Honeymooners will see flowers in every color of the rainbow.

Here, couples will find the highest elevation in Jamaica with the Blue Mountain Peak rising to more than 7,400 feet. Water worshippers will be beside themselves too. The region boasts four waterfalls, world-class beaches and the turquoise Blue Lagoon, the site of an extinct volcano that plunges 180-feet-deep. In the center of the beauty is Port Antonio, the parish's capital city. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, Port Antonio was a haven for Hollywood elites like Errol Flynn and the Rat Pack who wanted to get away from it all. It's still magical and ideal for a romantic getaway. Jamaica is an easy jaunt from the states, especially for those in the South and couples based along East Coast of the US.

Is Port Antonio Good for a Honeymoon?

View of Port Antonio
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Pros of a Port Antonio Honeymoon

Port Antonio is somewhat off the beaten path compared to Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Because you won't find hordes of tourists here, you don't have to worry about people hassling you to buy stuff when you're trying to tan on the beach. The vibe is definitely chill. You can stare into each other's eyes, uninterrupted. A Port Antonio honeymoon is perfect for newlyweds with the sultry jungle and sea right at your fingertips. (The rum punch will do its thing too.)

Cons of a Port Antonio Honeymoon

Well, there's a good reason why the greenery is so lush. It rains almost daily in the parish of Portland because it's along the path of the prevailing northeast trade winds that bring rain. But then again, as a newlywed, you might not mind being holed up in your hotel. The good news is, the rain is usually short-lived, so you likely won't lose an entire day.

The Best Times of Year to Go on a Port Antonio Honeymoon for Good Weather

While there's never a bad time to be in Jamaica as year-round the temperatures are warm, The summer months can be scorching hot and humid. Late fall and the winter seasons are cooler, though temperatures are still around 80 degrees with lower humidity. The fall though can be rainy, particularly from September through December.

Things to Do During a Port Antonio Honeymoon

Bamboo skiff on Rio Grande
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Go to Reach Falls

Just about 90 minutes away from Port Antonio is Reach Falls. Not only is the drive scenic, but the falls are something right out of a movie with underwater caves, a heart-shaped Jacuzzi, mountain views and more surrounded by the jungle. Some folks say the falls have healing properties, but you'll have to give it a try and see.

Raft the Rio Grande

Spend two-three hours winding your way down one of Jamaica's longest river on a bamboo raft. You can leave the driving up to the captain, but pack a swimsuit as you may want to stop for a swim.

Explore the Folly Point Lighthouse and Folly Ruins

The red and white facade of Folly Point Lighthouse was built in 1888. Forty feet high and constructed from fireproof masonry, the Folly Point Lighthouse flashes every 10 seconds via its solar-powered white light. The Folly Ruins will stir the imagination. This former mansion, which resembles a Roman castle, was built in 1905 and once had 60 rooms. Its ruins include an indoor swimming pool, sauna, stables and more.

Frolic in Frenchmen's Cove

Frenchmen's Cove, where water from the Blue Mountains flows out to the Caribbean Sea, is spectacular. In fact, the canopy of tropical greenery and white sand beaches are a bonus. This is the spot that wows honeymooners. If a vigorous swim stirs your appetite, you're in for a treat after indulging in the sea. Couples can enjoy Jamaican Escovitch Fish, a big red snapper, fried and marinated in a sauce of vinegar, spices, onions, carrots and peppers, rice and peas. It's served with bammy, a flatbread made from cassava.

Take in the Local Culture

Mingle with the locals at Winnifred Beach and experience the real Jamaica. The music will be pumping, young folks taking selfies, couples cuddling (like yourselves), and families relaxing. You'll want to take in the local food stands from vendors. You might find yourself even doing a little shopping with talented local artisans. A visit here may just be one of the best memories of your honeymoon.

Best Hotels and Resorts in Port Antonio for a Honeymoon

Goblin Hill Villas at San San Bay
Goblin Hill Villas at San San Bay

Geejam Hotel

Secluded, luxurious and home to a music studio, this boutique gem has been a hideaway for A-list celebs like Rihanna, Beyonce and Jay-Z. Between the villas, cabins or "Rumba Rooms," couples will also enjoy the experience of taking in more than 40 pieces of art per booking. The infinity pool has a panoramic view of flora, fauna and the ocean. Relax on the private beach or take a kayak out to sea. If billiards are your thing, grab a cocktail from the bar and flaunt your skills at the outside pool table. The open-air Bush Bar offers ocean and mountain views–and did we mention it serves traditional Jamaican cuisine like jerked lamb chops?

Kanopi House

Love is in the air at this secluded treehouse resort overlooking the Blue Lagoon. Set on a hillside amidst wise Banyan trees, Kanopi House's eight treehouses are connected via stairs and winding bamboo pathways with ginger lilies and an array of flora and fauna. It's downright dreamy, just like your treehouse. The bed is so comfortable that you'll have a hard time getting out of it. The jungle vibe and the Blue Lagoon both contribute to a wildly romantic environment.

Goblin Hill Villas at San San Bay

With its 12 acres of lawns and gardens overlooking nearby San San Beach and Princess Nina Island, you might feel like you're on a movie set. Settle into one of the lovely chairs on the lawn, take your eyes off each other for a moment, and take in the stunning sea and tropical flowers. You might even catch sight of hummingbirds fluttering through the natural environment. Arrange yoga in the gardens or get a massage to the sound of crashing waves. Dine alfresco from your villa deck for the perfect champagne toast.

What to Pack for a Port Antonio Honeymoon

Several swimsuits are a must as Port Antonio is all about the beach. Put sunscreen, sunglasses and hats on your packing list. An absolute must is bug spray. The lush environment is also home to insects, like pesky mosquitoes. You'll want an umbrella because it will rain. During the day, couples can dress casually. Come evening, however, you'll want to show off a bit, so pack a statement outfit, especially if you're going to Geejam's Bush Bar.

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