21 “Simply the Best” Schitt’s Creek Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Four Schitt's Creek bachelorette party ideas: "simply the best" confetti, Schitt's Creek game, crow cupcake toppers, Schitt's Creek hangover kit
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Updated Apr 04, 2024
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If "Ew, David" or even the word "bebé" is in your daily vocabulary, then we think a Schitt's Creek bachelorette party might be the right move. This iconic show makes for a trendy bachelorette that still stays true to what you love. We've rounded up some of our favorite decor, props and themes for this bachelorette party idea that would be Rose family-approved. It's time to grab your party planning checklist, Jazzagal and get ready for a party that's a little bit Alexis.

Schitt's Creek Bachelorette Party: What You Need

From decorations to party favors, we have all the inspiration you need to make your weekend feel like you stepped right into Schitt's Creek, population: your wedding party. You can even find some fun printables for games and signage throughout the event. Here are some of our favorite ideas to make you say, "Wow! Wowee!"

1. Best Wishes Bach Banner

Best Wishes party banner  Schitt's Creek bachelorette party idea
Photo: Amazon

Just like David, you've found your Mariah Carey. Display this banner at your Schitt's Creek party for the very "best wishes" for a fabulous weekend with friends.

2. Oh Schitt Bachelorette Shirts

Schitt's Creek bachelorette party t-shirts
Photo: PinterDesign

These bachelorette party shirts are anything but "Ew, David." It's time to match your wedding squad with some Schitt's Creek sayings for a weekend of Jazzagal-style fun.

3. "Rose" Gold Backdrop

Rose gold backdrop Schitt's Creek bachelorette party idea
Photo: The Knot Shop

Here's a subtle way to incorporate the Roses into your decor. This rose gold backdrop is a perfect photo op spot; just make sure to wear some Schitt's Creek-inspired outfits.

4. Simply the Best Confetti

"Simply the best" Schitt's Creek confetti bachelorette party idea
Photo: SPCompany

Was there anything more romantic than Patrick singing "Simply the Best"? (Maybe the proposal, but still.) This confetti celebrates your love story and your love for this show.

5. Moira's Sleep Mask

Custom sleep mask Schitt's Creek bachelorette party idea
Photo: Sprinkled With Pink

As Moira once said, "I've had enough waking hours for one day." Give your besties a custom sleep mask to help them get a good night's sleep during your big weekend.

6. The Crowening Cake Toppers

The Crowening cake toppers Schitt's Creek bachelorette party idea
Photo: Amazon

These crow cake toppers perfectly commemorate Moira's role in The Crows Have Eyes movie. It's a subtle nod to the show that true fans will appreciate.

7. The Rose Family's Gold Balloon Arch

Gold balloon arch Schitt's Creek bachelorette party idea
Photo: The Knot Shop

The Rose family is known for their opulence, so add a little gold to your bach weekend with this balloon arch. Or you can choose the white arch to match Moira and David's signature shades of black and white.

8. Do You Know Your Schitt? Game

Schitt's Creek party game bachelorette idea
Photo: Amazon

Put yourself into the world of this iconic show during your bachelorette with this fun game. You can also test your knowledge with a round of Schitt's Creek trivia.

9. Rosebud Hotel Keychain

Rosebud hotel keychain bachelorette party favors
Photo: The Knot

Let your girls know it's time to check in for a weekend of fun with this party favor. Here's a keychain they'll be using long after your Schitt's Creek party.

10. An Alexis-Worthy Bag

"Team bride" Schitt's Creek-inspired bachelorette tote bag
Photo: The Knot Shop

Here's a glam welcome bag that's a little bit Alexis. Stock this with favors and goodies for the weekend so your squad has everything they need for this trendy bachelorette party.

11. Rose Apothecary Notepad

Rose Apothecary notepad Schitt's Creek bachelorette party idea
Photo: Amazon

You can jot down your bach party ideas on this or use this for games throughout the night. This fun favor even has the Rose Apothecary stamp of approval.

12. Bridal Bebé

"Bride bébé" headband Schitt's Creek bachelorette party idea
Photo: FestiveGal

You are officially the bride, bebé. Pair this headband with the perfect Moira-worthy outfit, complete with an outlandish wig.

13. "I Like the Wine, Not the Label" Wine Glasses

Schitt's Creek-inspired bachelorette party wine glasses
Photo: Sprinkled with Pink

These are the perfect bachelorette favors for your besties. And you can enjoy some Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wines out of these wine glasses.

14. Oh Schitt Hangover Kit

"Oh Schitt" hangover kit bachelorette party idea
Photo: ShopJustForKicks

If you find yourself saying, "This wine is awful. Get me another glass," during the bach party, then this hangover kit is a must. It has everything your wedding party needs for after the festivities.

Schitt's Creek Bachelorette Party Ideas

Now that you've got some decor and bachelorette favor inspo, it's time to consider what to do for the big weekend. Here are some themes and ideas to help plan your Schitt's Creek bachelorette itinerary.

15. David and Patrick's Escape Bachelor Party

Plan an escape room, just like David and Patrick had before their very own wedding. You can book a weekend away to a fun location and do an escape room in a new city to make it even more exciting.

16. Gala Bachelorette Party

"Look at us, the Roses, attending this town's most illustrious fundraising gala." Throw your own fabulous gala for an excuse to dress up Rose family-style (before their move to Schitt's Creek, of course).

17. The Crows Have Eyes Movie Premiere Party

It's time to dress to the nines for a walk down the red carpet during an exclusive movie premiere of Moira Rose's new film. To make this a true movie night, you can even play other classic films from the cast while snacking on Schitt's Creek-inspired bites.

18. Rosebud Hotel Weekend

Plan a trip to the Rosebud Hotel. Well, maybe not the real one, but any hotel getaway in a quaint town can definitely give you the feel of your favorite show for an unforgettable weekend.

19. Games Night

Throw a classic games night (though hopefully one much more successful than Alexis and David's). Bring your favorite board games or play sleepover classics like Truth or Dare.

20. David and Stevie's Spa Getaway

Celebrate in the style of the show's two besties with a weekend getaway to a spa. Just make sure you learn from Stevie and David, and don't book the couple's weekend by mistake. You can even do an at-home spa night with crafts, like making your own mud masks and bath bombs.

21. Vineyard Weekend

Moira filming the Herb Ertlinger commercial was a classic moment in the series, so how about a trip to a vineyard? You can enjoy a wine tasting and maybe even some food pairings for a gorgeous "peregrination."

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