3 Tips for Dining Out on a Bridal Diet

Just because you're on a bridal diet doesn't mean you should avoid dining out. You and your fiance should enjoy a romantic dinner, and you and your friends should celebrate your upcoming marriage. This is a fun time in your life, so enjoy it. That said, there's no reason you should have to sabotage your nutrition plan in the process.
by Doug Rice

Here are three tips for the bridal dining excursion:

1. Take Your Time in Choosing a Restaurant

Check out the suggested restaurant's menu online. Does it have healthy options? If not, move on. Do your homework and find an alternative spot nearby that does.

2. Pretend That Fast Food Doesn't Exist

Let's put it this way: Healthy options at fast-food restaurants are slim pickings. Even options that are advertised as "healthy" can end up being surprisingly high in calories. The best way around this is to just imagine a world with no fast food. It isn't an option. Until you reach your bridal goal, fast food is dead to you!

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3. Make Your Own Personal Menu

As you do your research or discover new restaurants around town, keep a list of the places that offer healthy options, as well as the dish you like to order there. The next time you're invited out to dinner, get everyone on board with a spot from your list!

The Bottom Line

A bridal diet doesn't have to keep you locked away from the world. All you have to do is be aware of your options and make healthy choices no matter where you go.

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