Wedding Gifts: Telling Wedding Guests Where to Send Wedding Gifts?

Q: We live in Hawaii, where my fiance is currently stationed, but we're planning a wedding back in our hometown in South Carolina. We can't afford to ship all of the wedding gifts to Hawaii after the wedding, so I'm hoping we can ask wedding guests to ship the gifts straight there when they buy off the registry and to spread that info by word of mouth. He wants to include a line in our wedding invites asking guests to mail the gifts, which I think is rude. What should we do?

A: You're right, and because buying gifts online and having them shipped is rapidly becoming the norm, chances are most of your guests will simply do that anyway rather than bring them to the wedding. But as with all registry info, it's impolite to assume guests will get you gifts, even if 99% will. So definitely don't include this info on the invites. You certainly can tell people to ship to the island address by word of mouth, but more importantly, make sure that the address you give to the stores where you've registered is the address where you'd like gifts sent. That's not at all unusual, and in your case, it's definitely understandable.

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