Is Your Smile Ready for Your Wedding?

Since countless photos will be taken from your engagement party on, here’s everything you should do to make sure your smile is wedding ready.
by Sophie Ross

Unless you’re planning on smizing in all of your wedding photos (in which case, we still have some pretty good tips for you here), there’s probably a chance you want your smile to be as picture perfect as possible by the time your nuptials roll around. Below, find out how—and when—to start working on getting a wedding-ready smile.

6–8 Months Out: Teeth Aligners

This isn’t necessary for everyone, but if you’re self-conscious about the alignment of your teeth and know you’re walking down the aisle within the next year, you do have options that don’t involve getting braces. According to board-certified orthodontist Lynn Hurst, an affordable option for straighter teeth—that you’ll actually have time to pull off—is Candid’s at-home teeth aligners. You can order custom retainers straight to your door for just $95 (it’s kind of like Warby Parker, but for your teeth) and it takes about six months from start to finish.

2–3 Months Out: Lip Peels

Swearing by chapstick or Vaseline at bedtime isn’t nearly enough to keep your lips smooth and healthy year-round. Your lips go through a lot—between seasonal changes and everyday things like eating and talking—so it’s important to slough off any dead skin when necessary. Lip peels like Stacked Skincare’s Hydrating one will ensure a smooth, silky surface—which, in turn, will help your makeup and other treatments glide on perfectly on your wedding day.

1 Month Out: Lip Masks

Speaking of lip care, if you’re looking to plump yours up a little (without getting injections) and just generally moisturize them, lip masks are perfect. Just like the masks you use on your face, lip masks are deeply hydrating and conditioning, and collagen-infused ones will give you a fuller look for your wedding day. Plus, soft lips will always make your makeup look better and last longer.

2–3 Weeks Out: Teeth Whiteners

A few weeks out is the sweet spot to start the teeth whitening process. You have tons of options, but Crest Whitestrips are a continually trustworthy option that’s also budget friendly.

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