11 Photos You Need to Take With Your Bridesmaids

Give your photographer a heads up—these are mandatory.
by Andrea Fowler

Whether they're family or friends, your bridesmaids have probably seen you at your worst and at your best. They've seen you through all your panic attacks (peonies will cost how much?) and encouraged you to let loose during the bachelorette party. You'll be making plenty of memories together on your wedding day, so make sure you're capturing all the right snaps. 

  1. 1. Getting ready together.

    Photos to take with your bridesmaids
    photo by Kate Wenzel Photography

    If you and your girls took the time to coordinate fun getting-ready robes or customized shirts, you definitely want to get some photos in your matching wedding day gear.

  2. 2. Toasting to the new Mrs.

    Photos to take with your bridesmaids
    photo by Set Free Photography

    After everyone’s dolled up, but before slipping into formal dresses, take a beat and pop some bubbly. Your day is about to be flooded with even more friends and family—take advantage of one last opportunity to spend some solo time with your bridesmaids

  3. 3. A first look with your crew.

    Photos to take with your bridesmaids
    photo by Amanda Manupella Photography

    The first time your fiancé sees you in your wedding gown is priceless, of course. But there’s something about sharing that same moment with your best friends that’s equally as special. And not to mention, they probably have a better vocabulary to flood you with compliments. ("That shade of ivory perfectly complements your skin tone!" "The sweetheart neckline is beyond flattering!" "The natural A-line silhouette makes you look like a couture goddess!")

  4. 4. Forcing your dress into submission.

    Photos to take with your bridesmaids
    photo by Matoli Keely Photography

    In some wedding dresses, the layers of material might seem endless. It’ll take a small village to get it looking juuust the right way for photos. A snap of your best friends giving you a helping hand—like they’ve always done—is just so symbolic it hurts.

  5. 5. Making your way to the ceremony.

    Photos to take with your bridesmaids
    photo by Willet Photography

    This very well may be one of the most exciting parts leading up to actually walking down the aisle: making your way to the chapel (or wherever your altar may be) with your girls by your side.

  6. 6. Making your way to the ceremony like bosses.

    Photos to take with your bridesmaids
    photo by Lacie Hansen

    Stagger your squad a little and walk to the ceremony like you own the place—because you have the coolest gang around. 

  7. 7. Snuggling up together.

    Photos to take with your bridesmaids
    photo by Lisa Hodack

    You’ll want a handful of portrait-style photographs with your ladies posed up in a neat line, but that doesn’t mean it has to be stiff. When everyone is squeezed together it’s hard not to laugh a little—it’ll look formal and neat, but there won’t be any forced smiles.

  8. 8. One-on-one maid of honor time.

    Photos to take with your bridesmaids
    photo by Jana Marie Photogprahy

    The maid of honor probably put the most work in when it came to organizing prewedding events, like the bachelorette party and helping out with the bridal shower. She’s the yin to your yang, and there’s always room to add silly photos to the photo montage of your friendship.

  9. 9. Getting goofy with props.

    Photos to take with your bridesmaids
    photo by Loveintheory

    If anyone’s camera shy, the best way to loosen them up is to put a fake mustache on their face or let them hide behind a pair of shades. Give it a few minutes, and they’ll be blowing kisses at the camera before you know it.

  10. 10. Candid shots.

    Photos to take with your bridesmaids
    photo by Naina Aidee Photography

    Even though you’ll probably have a planned shot list, these very well may end up being your favorite photos from the day.

  11. 11. Celebrating at the after-party.

    Photos to take with your bridesmaids
    photo by Jenna Henderson Photography

    That’s right, don’t forget about the end of the night when the hair falls flat, the makeup gets smudged and the high heels have been kicked off. This is you and your girls at your natural state of having fun, goofing off and loving life—hairspray be damned.

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