33 Bridesmaid Photos That You Have to Take On the Big Day

Grab these snaps with your bridal party.
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Updated Oct 20, 2023

Excited to capture all the exciting moments with your bridal party on your special day? Then you need to make sure you work with your photographer to take some incredible bridesmaid photos. It's so special to be able to look back on wedding photos with bridesmaids to see all the happy, emotional, and beautiful moments you shared together throughout your nuptials. From the very beginning of the day to the last moments of the night, there are so many great opportunities to document these amazing memories with your bridesmaids.

Want to figure out what are the best poses and shots for your bridal party over your wedding day? Look ahead to see the best bridesmaid photo ideas for your nuptials.

Bridesmaid Photo Ideas In This Story:

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Bridesmaid Getting Ready Photos

Want to have the best getting ready photos with your bridesmaids? "The magic of wedding day preparations lies in its spontaneity," advises wedding photographer Jenny Fu, owner of Jenny Fu Studio. Fu is a New York-based pro with more than a decade of experience capturing weddings. "Rather than staging every moment, allow the natural flow of emotions to guide your 'getting ready' photos. This part of the day is a whirlwind of anticipation and joy, so let these feelings shine through. Embrace the laughter, the smiles, and the shared excitement as you prepare for a day filled with love and celebration."

Show Off Your Matching Pajamas

Bride and bridesmaids outside posing in matching pajamas
Photo: Jose Alvarado Photography

Did you gift your bridesmaids with cute matching PJs? Get everyone together for a fun photo to show off your morning-of outfits.

Take a Glam Shot

If you and your bridesmaids are all getting glammed up, wait until hair and makeup is done before you take the majority of your group photos so you all look your best.

Champagne Pop

Have the bride break open a bottle of bubbly amongst her bridesmaids to enjoy that morning while getting ready. The candid moment from the pop always makes for a fun photo.

A Prewedding Toast

Once that bottle is open, don't forget to get a picture of all your bridal party raising a glass! Make sure to have non-alcoholic option on hand if anyone doesn't drink to make sure they're not left out of the photo.

Bring Out Balloons

Bride and bridesmaids posing on bed before wedding
Photo: Ivy Weddings

A classic bridesmaid photo spot is on the bed. Get your glammed up crew all on top and pose among balloons.

A First Look

You may have heard of doing a first look with your spouse-to-be, but consider having a bridesmaids first look, too! You won't want to miss those reactions to your dress.

Funny Bridesmaid Photos

While you definitely want beautiful photos with your bridal party, don't be afraid to get goofy and let all your personalities shine. Take a few funny bridesmaid photos that you'll love giggling at in the future.

Dance Around

Bridesmaids and bride dancing and laughing with champagne
Photo: Tyler Chase Collective

"A recent trend that adds a dash of fun to the wedding day is a pre-dress 'dance party,'" shares Fu. "Brides and bridesmaids, clad in their robes, let loose and dance to their favorite tunes. This not only creates a lively atmosphere but also results in vibrant and energetic photos that capture the joy of the moment."

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Let Out a Cheer for the Couple

Get your bridal party together with you and your fiancé to let out an enthusiastic cheer. You'll get some fun, candid expressions from your entire wedding party.

Tell a Joke

Bridesmaids and bride laughing together
Photo: Molly Lichten Photography

While taking photos with your bridal party, tell your photographer to keep shooting to capture candid moments. Tell a fun inside joke to your bridesmaids so you can get a shot of everyone genuinely cracking up.

Cute Bridesmaid Photos

While you definitely want to capture all the fun of the day, getting cute photos of your bridal party is probably your highest priority. See a few can't-miss moments ahead.

One-On-One Maid of Honor Time

Is a close friend or family member serving as your maid of honor? Make sure you get a special shot of the two of you together before walking down the aisle.

Bouquet Details

Get your bridal party their bouquets to have a beautiful details shot showing off the gorgeous blooms. After investing in those florals, you don't want to miss seeing them in all their glory.

A Classic Group Shot

There's nothing more classic than a photo of a bride surrounded by her bridesmaids with big smiles on everyone's faces. Make sure to get a mix of posed and candid snaps.

Highlight Custom Details

Did you order your bridesmaids custom jackets or another fun gift for the big day? Get a photo of everyone wearing that custom surprise.

Set Up a Posed Shot

Portrait posed shot with bride and bridesmaids
Photo: Nikki Daskalakis

Scout out some amazing spots at your venue to serve as the backdrop for a gorgeous posed photo of your bridal party. You can even incorporate chairs to create dimension in the shot.

Scenic Shot

You should also be on the lookout to see if your venue has a great view. You'll definitely want to take a scenic shot in front of the picturesque background.

A Closeup of the Bridesmaids Dresses

After taking the time to choose all the beautiful bridesmaid dresses, you will want to give them a moment to shine. Get a good group photo where you can see all the lovely designs.

Flowers in the Air

Have a fun moment in your photo session where all your bridal party waves their bouquet in the air. That extra energy will make an impact!

Walking to the Ceremony

Photos with movement can look absolutely stunning. Ask your photographer to capture you and your bridal party walking to the ceremony for a beautiful snap.

Listening to the Vows

You and your fiancé will be the star of the show at the wedding ceremony. However, be sure you have your photographer take shots of your bridal party throughout as well.

A Tearful Moment

Bridesmaid tearing up at ceremony
Photo: Kelsea Holder Photography

If tears fall during the ceremony, you'll want to capture that emotional snap. You can even gift your bridesmaids stylish handkerchiefs to help prevent their makeup from running.

Candid Shots

"The most cherished shots are often the most candid ones," advises Fu. "A bride embraced by her closest friends, a mother on the verge of tears seeing her daughter prepare for her big day, or any moment that authentically captures the spirit of the wedding day. These unposed, genuine moments are the ones that truly tell the story of your special day."

Venue Details

Have a unique venue? Capture the most amazing parts of the space by posing all around the property with your bridesmaids.

Highlight Traditional Ceremony Moments

Bride partaking in cultural tradition during ceremony
Photo: Mir Anwar Studios

If there is a special moment in your culture's wedding traditions with the bridal party, be sure to have your photographer on hand to document that special moment. It will be especially meaningful to look back on over the years.

Wedding Party Reception Entrance

You won't want to miss your bridal party's grand entrance to the reception as they get the party started. Let your photographer know when and where they are entering so they are perfectly posed to get the photo.

Bridal Party Speeches

Bridesmaid giving speech during reception
Photo: Emma Lili Photography

Is your maid of honor or any other member of your bridal party making a speech? Get photos of the moment in action with the newlyweds in the shot so you can capture the reaction.

Wedding Party Bridesmaid Photos

While you want to get shots specifically with your bridal party, don't forget to bring in the rest of the wedding party for photos, too! Have your wedding photographer highlight all the important people you chose to stand with you on your special day.

Photos With the Groomsmen

"Intermixing bridesmaids and groomsmen can add visual interest and break up the color palette," recommends Fu. "Choose a backdrop with excellent natural lighting, and you're sure to capture stunning group photos that everyone will treasure. For larger wedding parties, consider using chairs to create a more dynamic composition rather than having everyone stand in a straight line."

Don't Forget the Flower Girls

Photo of flower girls on wedding day
Photo: Unique Lapin Photography

While they don't have to be there for all the pre-wedding photos (especially if they are young and a little restless), make sure to snap some shots with your flower girls. They are sure to add a double dose of cuteness to your wedding album.

Furry Friends

Bringing your pup along to the big day? Make sure your furry friend gets in on those wedding party shots.

Wedding Party Walking Shot

Bride with wedding party walking photo
Photo: Starling Studio

Once you get the wedding party together, take a photo of everyone walking together. It can create a dynamic image focusing on different members of the group.

Ceremony Site Snap

When your ceremony is over, take a few group photos of your wedding party at the place you said "I do." The steps of a church or temple can be an excellent location to help stagger the group.

A Confetti Toss

Want to orchestrate a fun photo with the wedding party? Prepare confetti to toss as the bride and groom share a cute kiss.

Celebrating at the Reception

As you and your wedding party get down on the dance floor, have your photographer stay in the moment to shoot photos of everyone having a blast. Those late-night photos are some you don't want to miss.

Reception Exit

At the end of the evening, make a final exit among sparklers held by the wedding party. We promise you'll love this memorable and exciting shot.

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