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26 Photos You Need to Take With Your Bridesmaids on Your Wedding Day

No photoshoot is complete without these sweet shots.
sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
by Sarah Hanlon
sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
Sarah Hanlon
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Your wedding photos will be cherished long after the big day—especially those taken with your bridesmaids. When searching for wedding photographers, it's important to hire a team that fits your preferred photography style and understands your wedding day vision. Your vendors will capture all the special moments you'll want to remember, so investing in wedding photography is a worthy use of your budget. 

After you've hired your wedding photographer, share your finalized day-of timeline. This is an essential wedding planning task, because you'll need to determine all the photos you want taken throughout your special day and coordinate timing with your pro. They'll need to know logistical details, like if you're planning a first look or seeing each other for the first time at the altar, as well as any special surprises they'll want to capture (like a fireworks display or a grand exit). 

As you gather wedding photo inspiration, don't forget to include bridesmaid pictures in your photography requests. Your wedding party plays a key role in your wedding, and the group is likely comprised of your closest friends and family members. To help inspire your bridesmaid pictures, we've rounded up the best photo ideas to capture on the big day. Browse the sentimental shots below, and save your favorites to share with your photographer.

Getting Ready Together 

When coordinating your wedding day schedule, ask your photographer to arrive early so they can start snapping pictures as you get ready with your bridesmaids. This special time before the ceremony will result in plenty of must-have wedding photos, from sipping champagne to dancing to a fun playlist. 

Bridesmaid Robe Pictures 

If you're treating your crew to bridesmaid robes or matching pajama sets, ask for photos of everyone wearing their outfits. You'll love looking back on your glam prewedding moments. 

Champagne Pop 

Don't forget to schedule an obligatory champagne pop on the morning of your wedding. As you're getting ready with your bridesmaids, ask your photographer to snap photos of your group popping a bottle of something bubbly. This frame-worthy photo idea will make you smile long after the wedding day. 

A Prewedding Toast 

Once you've popped a bottle of champagne, lead a toast with your bridesmaids. Since the rest of the day will be spent mingling with guests, take advantage of this opportunity to spend some solo time with your crew. 

A First Look 

While you might be planning a first look with your S.O., make time for one with your bridesmaids too. Your best friends' reaction to your wedding dress will be priceless, and you'll be grateful to have it memorialized forever. 

One-on-One Maid of Honor Time 

Take individual photos with each of your bridesmaids, including your maid of honor. There's a reason you asked her to fill this special role on your wedding day, so dedicate time for the two of you to pose for pictures.

Funny Bridesmaid Pictures 

No wedding photoshoot is complete without funny bridesmaid pictures. Let loose with silly faces and poses that let your personalities shine. You certainly won't regret adding a few fun photos to your shot list.

Bouquet Details 

Detail shots are a nice way to remember the small, thoughtful touches throughout your day. As you finalize your list of must-have pics, include snaps of the bridesmaid bouquets. Since wedding flowers are an investment, you'll appreciate having photos of their handheld florals.

A Classic Group Shot 

Of all the bridesmaid pictures to take on your wedding day, a classic group shot is an absolute must. Gather your bridesmaids for a variety of posed and candid photos. 

Custom Details 

Custom details will set your wedding apart. If you and your 'maids are wearing personalized jackets, unique shoes or special jewelry, you'll want it documented on camera. 

With the Flower Girl 

The flower girl plays an important role in your wedding party. For cute bridesmaid photos, ask the flower girl to make an appearance. She'll be thrilled to be involved with the rest of the wedding party. 

Scenic Shots 

If you're saying "I do" at a scenic venue, capture its natural beauty in your wedding photos. Whether you're planning a destination beach wedding or your celebration is set in the mountaintops, pose with your 'maids in front the views. 

Photos with the Groomsmen 

Don't forget to involve the rest of the wedding party too. After you're done taking bridesmaid photos, include the groom and his groomsmen. Your group photos will be a happy reminder of your special day. 

A Closeup of the Bridesmaids Dresses 

After you've posed for solo pictures in your wedding gown, ask your photographer to capture photos of the bridesmaid dresses too. 

Flowers in the Air 

Wave your flowers in the air for a fun photo opp—especially if you plan to invest in lavish bouquets.

Walking to the Ceremony 

Walking to the altar may be one of the most exciting parts of the wedding day. The anticipation will be palpable in your bridesmaid pictures. 

Listening to the Vows 

Your crew will have the best reactions to your vows. While you and your S.O. will be the stars of the ceremony, ask your photographer to sneak a few photos of your bridesmaids watching everything unfold. 

At the Ceremony Site 

When the ceremony is complete, pose for a few shots at the venue with your wedding party. You'll be grateful to have pictures at this special location. 

Candid Shots 

Even though you'll have a planned shot list, candids may end up being your favorite photos. Your photographer will know what to do—just enjoy your day and trust that they'll capture emotional (and funny) candid shots. 

Venue Details 

A standout venue requires plenty of photos to document its beauty. Whether you're getting married at a lush greenhouse, a trendy winery or a swanky rooftop, your bridesmaid photos should show off the locale. 

Furry Friends 

If you plan to include your pet in your wedding day, ask a wedding party member to keep an eye on them during the ceremony and reception. As you're posing for bridesmaid pictures, have your furry friend make a cameo. 

A Confetti Toss 

Looking for cute wedding ideas? Kiss your spouse under a confetti shower tossed by your bridesmaids and groomsmen. The photos will be worth the effort (and the cleanup). 

Wedding Party Reception Entrance 

A creative reception entrance makes a wedding unforgettable. Whether your wedding party is coming in to a high-energy song or they're planning a choreographed dance routine, this moment is one you'll definitely want documented. 

Celebrating at the Reception 

Some of the best candids will come from the reception. Ask your pro to take photos of your bridesmaids tearing up the dance floor, indulging in cake and singing along to the reception playlist

Bridesmaid Speeches 

Reactions to wedding party speeches are priceless. As soon as the maid of honor grabs the mic for a toast, ensure your photographer is ready to capture the fun. 

Reception Exit 

The reception exit is your last chance for wedding photos. Tell your photographer if you're planning a special sendoff with your wedding party—a grand exit will make for great pictures.

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