5 Simple Wellness Tricks to Make You Feel Amazing on Your Wedding Day

Follow these smart nutrition and exercise tips to reach your wedding wellness goals—the healthy way.
by The Knot
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First things first: You deserve to look and feel like the most beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day—whatever that means to you. In other words, losing weight for your wedding is not mandatory at all. 

If you made the personal decision to adopt a wellness routine, that's great—but it's super-important to do so in a healthy, gradual way (that means no crash diets or crazy exercise plans). Here are five basic, foolproof and holistic ways to boost your health and capture that allover wedding glow you're looking for. There's no gimmick to these tricks, and best of all, they'll help set you up for a lifetime of mindful eating, better hydration and overall health improvements long after your wedding. 

1. Drink Water

Skip the juice and soda—yes, even diet soda—and start drinking tons of water. Water helps rid your body of toxins, banish bloating, improve your skin, up your energy levels and keep you from over-snacking. Keep a bottle on hand throughout the day to make sure you get your fill. Eight glasses a day is a good round number, but the amount of water your body requires is really based on your weight. To figure out how much water your body needs, divide your weight in half—the resulting number equals the number ounces of water you should be drinking every day.

Tip: Get a filtered water pitcher for better-tasting water, and add a few lemons or limes to jazz things up if plain water gets too boring.

2. Take Smaller Portions

Constantly indulging in huge servings of food can lead to weight gain, over-eating, bloating and other bad habits. Start with small portions and only take more if you're still hungry. Some experts suggest it's better to eat four or five smaller meals with moderate portions throughout the day than to have two or three large meals. Others say it can be beneficial to have larger meals earlier in the day and eat something lighter at dinnertime. But it's really whatever works for your body and your schedule. The most important thing is not to deprive yourself. Eat the right foods when you're hungry, but stop when you're full (read: before you feel sick).

Tip: Carry healthy snacks with you when you're on the go like fruit, vegetables, nuts or granola bars. Healthy munching will not only keep your energy levels up, but it'll also keep you from binging on a huge meal when you finally do sit down to eat.

3. Fill Up on Fruits and Veggies

If you get in the habit of eating tons of fruits and vegetables every day, you'll have less room for more fattening, sugary and processed treats. To keep your snacks interesting, find a good produce store where you can pick and choose from a wide variety. Instead of chips and crackers, pair guacamole and hummus with crunchy produce like peppers, jicama, carrots and celery. Stash some exotic fruit in your bag for when you're running errands or at work. While you're at it, buy a good knife to make prep work on fruits and veggies painless and quick.

Tip: When cutting back on calories, it's crucial you take a daily multivitamin. A lack of vitamins and iron may leave you tired and inclined to reach for a candy bar or processed junk food.

4. Cut Back on Cocktails

A celebratory drink can cost you 150 calories or more—which is totally worth it on some occassions (like your engagement party or to cheers to a big promotion), but there's no need to add all the extra sugar and calories to your daily diet. Even if you're in the habit of having just a few drinks a week, cutting back on alcohol can save you hundreds of calories in the end. Save the cocktails for the special occasions coming up and sip water instead.

Tip: Can't give them up entirely? Try alternating alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages so you won't feel left out of the festivities.

5. Get Some Exercise

Twenty minutes of exercise a day will do wonders to boost your energy and kick-start your metabolism. Walk to work, take the stairs or at least do a few laps of window shopping (seriously!). If you've given yourself more intense fitness goals, aim to do 30 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise (running, cycling, swimming) three or four days a week. Just make sure you're eating enough before a serious workout and replenishing with plenty of water both before and after you sweat.

Tip: Choose a time of the day when you usually feel motivated and energetic—that way, you'll be more likely to stick with it. If you're a morning person, hit the gym before work. But if you're the "don't talk to me till I've finished my coffee" type, an evening or even a quick lunch workout may be better for you.

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