Where to Find Your Cake Baker

Whether ordering your wedding cake is the least of your worries or it's high on the "must-obsess-over" list, you should do a little footwork when seeking out a wedding cake baker. Let us point you in the right direction with where to look and the pros and cons of each option.
Blue and white tiered wedding cakes
Photo by Philp Ficks

Your Caterer

Nine times out of ten, these folks can produce a delicious wedding cake. But just because you trust their take on poached salmon and penne alla vodka doesn't mean they're wedding cake wizards. Our advice? Be specific about your desires: During your meeting, show visual examples of what you like and ask to see pictures of past cakes. Then sample your heart out.
Pros Convenience
Cons May not be able to create your dream wedding cake design

Commercial or Boutique Bakery

Check out your neighborhood (supermarket or specialty) bakery to find out whether they make wedding cakes. Commercial and boutique bakeries often cost less, but you may have to work with limited, simpler designs. While many bakeries may not be equipped to provide the most complex motifs or embellishments, they often make up for it in the taste department, with a focus on ingredients and flavor.
Pros Lower cost, great taste
Con May not be able to create your dream wedding cake design

Custom Wedding Cake Bakery

Seek out an independent wedding cake designer for the ultimate in design, ingredients, flavor and decoration. While this route will cost you more, wedding cake designers are passionate about their work and treat each confection like a work of art. This approach allows for personalization and robustly imaginative planning. Many couples use their cake to reflect certain unique characteristics or qualities, and a gifted cake designer is often the only one who can turn your vision into reality.
Pros Great taste, can create your dream wedding cake design
Cons Higher cost

Looking for a baker in your area? Visit The Knot Local Wedding Resources for a list of local wedding cake bakers.

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