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Reviewed on 1/12/2015 Jaclyn N

I had an unfortunate experience selecting a gown from Le Salon. My family and friends were unable to come to the initial appointment because my fiance and I were temporarily living in Valparaiso for his line of work. Upon trying on several dresses, I had fell in love with 2 dresses. I couldn't decide which I really liked and was steered towards the first dress because of my venue. Le Salon's policy is that you cannot take a picture of yourself in any of the dresses unless you have (obviously) purchased the dress. I needed my friends and family to help me make the decision, but was told I could not photograph myself. Also, I was told there was a discount of 10% off that was ONLY available during the initial appointment and one of the dresses I had selected was the very last one. This put pressure on my decision. When trying on the dress I shouldn't have purchased, 2 people had to zip me up to get me into it. I didn't remember (because I tried on several dresses) that I had also mentioned I would have to remove a rib for me to fit into this dress. I was told that it was standard to buy a dress smaller and make some alterations to fit perfectly to the bride. The very next morning after I purchased, I called the manager and told her my reservations about the purchased dress and how I definitely wanted the second dress. I was told it was FINAL sale and there was nothing they could do, except for me to purchase the second dress as well. It was less than 24 hours later.. who wants to buy two dresses anyways? Seeing that I was upset, my sweet mother came to visit because she wanted to see me in all the dresses. My mother cried when she saw me in the second dress. We all loved it way more than the one I purchased. It was the one. Since my mother flew up to see me, she also wanted to see me in a couple of other dresses since her only daughter was getting married. That was rushed and discouraged. My mom was extremely upset. After being stressed about the dress situation, I decided to give up on trying to do anything about it. The last thing I wanted was for family, friends and myself to be upset over a dress. I'm keeping the dress that makes me feel stuffed inside and not special because I don't want to purchase a second dress. After all, it's "just a dress' right? Hopefully I can still make it work for my wedding day...

Dream Dress

Reviewed on 10/06/2014 Jesse J

Jonas & Alexis were so helpful while I was looking for a dress. The show room is set up beautifully, I told them what I was looking for and they picked out gowns that were perfect. I ended up buying the first dress I picked out ( I didn't have time to get it tailored we had a short engagement), a 1920s inspired Jenny Packham, which was actually being sent back to their Indiana store the next day. Alexis didn't pressure me to purchase the dress and held it from being sent to Indiana, and opened the store for me the next day to try it on again. I would recommend any bride to be to purchase their wedding dress from Le Salon, they get in unique pieces and are so welcoming. Couldn't be happier with my decision. I am obsessed with my dress!


Reviewed on 12/17/2013

I had so much fun , and I got so much info.

Angelina Sienkiewicz

Reviewed on 12/16/2013 Angel S

Le Salon was extremely helpful from the very beginning. Their stylist Alexis called first to get an idea of what kind of style you are looking for so she could better assist you at your appointment. They were very professional & actually listened to what you are looking for. After going to 6 other places to find my wedding dress, I found mine with the first one I tried on at Le Salon. : )

Personal service

Reviewed on 10/17/2013 Melissa K

I felt so special!! I was the only one in the salon and they found my perfect dress!! It was the first dress I tried on. It was perfect and no pressure

Dream Come True!

Reviewed on 9/25/2013 Julinda

It's a girls dream to get married to her best-friend, the man of her dreams and have a happy ever after. For me this day is becoming real little by little. They say once after you find the gown(s) of your dreams it all becomes so real. I couldn't ask for a better place to get my gowns from, Le Salon Bridal Boutique of Birmingham is the best there is here in Michigan Hands down! From the first phone call to the actual appointment I felt like home. I took my Mom, Mother-in-law, older sister, little sister, little bother-in-law and my niece with me. From the start I new I wasn't going home empty handed! There were so many variety, all kinds of styles, but I already knew what I wanted! My amazing, and ohhh so sweet consultand Alexis Williamson was truly the BEST! My sisters are getting married soon and they know exactly where to go without a doubt!!! I will 100% recoment this place everywhere I go. Thank you for helping me get the gowns of my dreams I cannot wait until July of 2014 so i can put those dresses on! Every one will be WOWED for sure. Truly one of a kind place and amazing stuff! Thank you soooooooo much, this is one VERY VERY happy bride to be! Alexis Williamson and Jonas Pascua you guys are just simply the BEST!

Couldn't be happier!

Reviewed on 9/25/2013 Jenny B

I went to Le Salon in hopes of finding the perfect wedding dress... and found the absolute most amazing dress! The staff was more than wonderful! They were all so helpful and genuinely kind! It truly makes a difference when you're shopping for the most important detail for your wedding!!!! They had such an amazing selection of dresses and brought several out for me to try on, and I loved each of them. I had visited approximately 7 bridal shops before going to Le Salon and after visiting Le Salon... My mind was set! The dress that she brought out and wanted me to try I wasn't even positive I'd like it at all. Long behold, that was my dress. I walked out and my heart dropped. I was so pleasantly surprised and I did not want to take the dress off. I ended up getting the beautiful dress along with the sash and veil she had matched with it. My wedding day was perfect and my husband LOVED my dress! Nothing better than seeing his eyes filled with tears as I walked down the aisle! I received so many compliments on how pretty my dress was... and I still think the same! Since my wedding, my sister got engaged and one of the first stops when she came to Michigan from Georgia was Le Salon! We love it there! Amazing store and I'd recommend it to anyone shopping for a bridal dress or accessories! Great selection!!! -Jenny K

Le Salon gets it

Reviewed on 9/08/2013 kristin s

This review comes from very choosy bride, who wanted a Rosa Clara dress. I found it at Le Salon. Alexis and Jonas were efficient, professional, and helped make my gown-search one of the best parts of my wedding planning. Between Alexis' background in the visual arts and her kind intuition, not to mention the stunning selection of gowns, I knew my trip to Le Salon was the start of something magical. Do not be surprised if you find more than one gown here that suits your style and figure. I was torn between two Rosa Clara dresses that spanned completely different aesthetics. My mother and I had so much fun styling each look in order to make the big decision. Alexis was sincerely invested in the process. This is such a huge moment for all brides! I loved it. Aside from quality, expertly curated merchandise, Le Salon offers the kind of customer service that comforts and inspires a bride. She wants to feel as though the vision for her wedding does not simply amount to a given trend, but is a visual expression of her past, present, and future. A dress is never just a dress.

ChiChi Styles & LeSalon Bridal

Reviewed on 9/03/2013 Lena T

I had a great experience purchasing the bridesmaid dresses! I went online, found exactly what I wanted and luckily found LeSalon Bridal ChiChi Styles! They helped me make an account so I could see exactly what my bridesmaids ordered and to make sure everything would be the style and color I wanted! My wedding is right around the corner so they helped me make sure the dresses would all get to my bridesmaids in time! Also the discounted prices were much appreciated by my bridesmaids! They saved an average of 30%! Every time I call I get the same people helping me so it made the experience more personal and they were always eager to help!

The Staff Truly makes you feel Special!

Reviewed on 7/08/2013 Lisa W

I purchased my dress from this boutique because of a friends recommendation. The staff here are truly amazing and easy to work with. I loved how you emailed them dresses that you "loved" and dresses that you "didn't love" and they pulled the dresses ahead of time so there was no confusion. I only tried on 2 dresses and found the perfect one!! Very easy ordering and shipping process, my dress was a "couture fit" so when it came in it almost fit me perfectly (in other words my alterations were inexpensive). The only negative I have is their now location can be difficult to find...I purchased from them when they were still in Royal Oak.

Mixed Feelings

Reviewed on 6/08/2013 Maura Y

I have a lot of mixed emotions about my experience with Le Salon. I appreciated the one-on-one appointments, and I appreciated the fact that dresses were pulled for me as opposed to having to search through the racks. Alexis was really skilled at finding flattering styles, as well as helping me to step out of my comfort zone. I found a beautiful dress and accessories, and fell in love with all things Rosa Clara. My bridesmaid dresses were also from Le Salon. However, there was an uncomfortable vibe throughout a lot of the experience. There were times that I would call or e-mail with a question and would not receive a response. I would have to call numerous times before I heard anything back. They do have a "bride's only" text line, but I'm not much of a texter, and given the amount of money that I spent there, a prompt call back would have been appreciated. There were also a few "quirks" that happened: my earrings did not arrive until the day before my wedding (though they were ordered well in advance), and even still I was required to make an appointment to come and pick them up. It was very stressful because I had SO much to do that day, and my earrings were the least of my worries. Also, when it came time for my dress fitting, there was a bit of an issue. I had originally scheduled to come in on a Thursday evening, and my parents took time off to be there with me. It was going to be really special. It was approximately a 2 hour drive to the shop from my parents' home, and due to traffic, we were running about 15 minutes late. As a result, the appointment had to be rescheduled for two days later. It stunk because we made it all the way to Birmingham, and my dad wasn't able to be there for the actual fitting. The other odd thing that happened was that after the wedding, my wedding photos were posted to their website without my knowledge or permission (they were taken from my facebook page). When I asked them to be taken down, they did so promptly, but the whole thing seemed very unprofessional. All in all, the dress was beautiful, but the experience left something to be desired.

Le Salon is the absolute best!

Reviewed on 5/25/2013 Rosalie B

Le Salon is the absolute best place to go for wedding attire! After visiting about every bridal salon in Southeast Michigan, I finally found the perfect place! Because it is appointment only, you are the only person in the salon, so shopping is a relaxed and enjoyable experience. You also get Alexis' full attention which is a huge bonus because she is so unbelievably helpful and patient! And of course, Le Salon has the best dresses. I actually fell in love with two of them on my first visit and after a long debate I ended up purchasing one that day. Then, when it was time to look for jewelry and accessories I went back to Le Salon because they have the best stuff and I was able to try on the jewelry and accessories with the sample of my dress so I could see the full look. I alsoordered my bridesmaid's dresses from Le Salon for a HUGE discount as well as the groomsmen's ties which match the color of the bridesmaid's dresses perfectly. And, after my mom got her dress she sent a picture of it to Alexis and she helped her pick out the perfect accessories. Throughout the entire process I had a lot of questions and Alexis and Jonas were always there to answer them. They are both super responsive, helpful, and patient and have made the entire experience easy and enjoyable. I delete just picked up the last item I ordered and am actually sad that my experience there is over. I highly recommend Le Salon for all wedding attire!

Highly recommended

Reviewed on 5/13/2013 Kelly H

I loved my wedding dress but it was all thanks to Rene at Le Salon. I went in looking for one dress and she chose another for me that was completely different from what I was looking for. They take care of you there and make you feel like you are the only bride they are working with (in fact, only one bride can be in the salon for an appointment at a time). They have dresses ranging from $2,000 to $20,000 and sometimes have good deals. I was able to get a custom made dress for a reasonable price and couldn't have been happier with the service, alterations, etc.

Le Salon

Reviewed on 4/03/2013 Dolores D

I had such a great experience working with Alexis & the Le Salon staff. They were super helpful & extremely kind! I felt very comfortable & welcome. They really made sure I found the perfect dress for me!!!

Mackinaw island wedding from Le Salon Bridal

Reviewed on 12/19/2012 cassy m

My sister found Le Salon Bridal for me. She made 3 appointments for me on the same day. I went to Le Salon Bridal in February 2011 for my first appointment, shortly after getting engaged. I knew what I didn't want but wasn't sure exactly what I wanted. I explained to the girls where and when the wedding was, what I didn't want and they went from there. I tried on maybe 5 gowns and wasn't really in love with any of them. I had told myself not to get discouraged I still had 2 more appointments. Alexis and Renee said we had time for one more. They brought in a 2 piece gown and I immediately said no way! They asked me to trust them that it was different on the hanger than it was on and that I may really like it. Sure enough I tried it on, put shoes on, a veil, a sash, and walked out to show my parents and sister. Immediately we all fell in love. That was it, we canceled the other 2 appointments. From there I ordered the WToo gown and the veil by Ariel Jennifer Taub Designs. Next was accessories. I was able to order all of my accessories from Le Salon Bridal. My ceremony sash was by Toni Federici, and my reception sash was by Rosa Clara. On to earrings, a bracelet hair piece, and necklace. I fell in love with a bracelet, hair comb, and set of earrings by Thomas Knoell but wasn't finding a necklace. Alexis was able to put me in contact with Thomas Knoell and over the phone we were able to design a custom necklace. It was shipped out within a week and was absolutely amazing! Next, customizing the dress to fit me and to put my own twist on things. I changed the back of my gown from a corset to an invisible zipper, chose the perfect bussel. All of the work was absolutely perfect. The seamstress was incredible. Overall I couldn't not have been happier with my dress, veil, and accessories!

Don't Go Anywhere Else

Reviewed on 11/07/2012 Kristyn M

Remarkable and wonderful!! I feel these two words characterize Le Salon and their team of wedding professionals. I will recommend Le Salon to every bride I meet. I went to so many salons all over Michigan not sure of what type of wedding dress I wanted. After months of searching I was getting close to the deadline of even ordering a dress. I finally decided on a dress only to have a salon tell me it was no longer available. I called everywhere to see if anyone could get me the dress I had finally decided on. No one would even try to get the chosen bride dress, until I spoke with Jonah at Le Salon. Their magnificent team not only got my dream dress, but I also purchased all of my wedding accessories from them. They have a wonderful collection of jewelry, hair pieces, veils, shoes, etc. Everything you could image! Le Salon made sure to accommodate me as I had to drive a few hours to get to their location. I also had my alterations done at Le Salon and the work was perfect the first time. I never had to tug or pull to keep it up and the bustle was gorgeous (best I or anyone has seen). They work so well as a team to make sure you, as a bride, gets all the attention you need and deserve for your big day. I had many compliments on my dress (including the priest) and I truly believe everything was made possible because of Le Salon. It was the best phone call I made, and I am not sure why you would go anywhere else. If you are just starting your wedding dress shopping make your first stop at Le Salon because they will find the dress of your dreams and you will not need to spend anymore time shopping around. As a bride, you deserve to be radiant and stunning on your wedding day. This is what Le Salon does, so let them do their magic with you!

Review of Le Salon Bridal Store- NOW IN BIRMINGHAM

Reviewed on 10/30/2012 Kari A

Horrible, TRIED BUT NOT TRUE. DO NOT USE. LOOK ELSEWHERE. That is the one word I use to describe everything about this place and its sales associates. They are unprofessional, rude and inconsiderate. They dont stand behind their products and I encoutered NUMEROUS problems with my dress and my 6 bridesmaids all had problems with their dresses. The staff were not helpful, they only made things more difficult. Dont go to them, they dont know what they are doing in terms of creating a stress-free and memorable experiences for brides-to-be. HORRIBLE. Buyers beware, you've been warned! In response to the comment by Le Salon: CORRECTION: my initial fitting was 8/25, my second fitting was 9/22, which was before Yom Kippur (which was on 9/25), and they told me my increase was due to my period and eating salty foods, nothing to do with the sacred religious holiday. A 3rd fitting was scheduled fo 9/29 but was canceled because we made the smart move to go elsewhere for tailoring. We did in fact use another tailor after the initial alterations because the seamstress at Le Salon (in the words of my trusted tailor) "butchered the dress" and did "poor work", so of course my mother was not going to pay for additional work, who would?! Their paperwork may be desiged to "prevent he-said she-said" situations but that's what every single problem turned in to, so it didnt really work well. All Le Salon does is hide behind policy after policy rather than take credit for their mistakes and stand behind their products in order to give everyone involved an enjoyable experience.

"The One"

Reviewed on 8/03/2012 Maricela A

As a bride to be one tends to focus on every detail of the wedding. From choosing the perfect wedding colors to centerpieces, all the details may change, but the one thing that never falters is the vision of how a bride wants to look on her wedding day. Every bride wants to find the dress that she has been dreaming of her entire life, the dress that elegantly hugs every curve on her body and seems to flow gracefully down the aisle with every movement. Walking in to Le Salon Bridal Boutique was like stepping into a dream realized . It was as if I had come one step closer in taking that vision of the perfect wedding dress and making it a reality. Right when I walked through the doors the atmosphere exuded warmth and happiness, and the consultants were very personable and professional. My consultant Rene patiently listened as I carefully expressed every last detail of dress that for so long had been dancing around in my head. She definitely captured what I described to her because the first dress I tried was "the one". It had every element I was looking for and gave me the "wow" factor I had always wanted. My dress had a couture fit and was custom made to fit me like a glove. The selection of bridal dresses at Le Salon Bridal Boutique are superior to any dress I had seen in bridal magazines and at other bridal boutiques in both Michigan and Miami,FL. The dresses are elegant, chic, exclusive, and one of a kind. Once I had chosen the perfect bridal gown Rene and Alexis went above and beyond to help me choose the perfect accessories. They were very accommodating to my busy schedule and every visit to the boutique was pleasant, and private. I highly recommend visiting Le Salon bridal boutique. Once you try on one of their dresses, you'll never want to take it off. Maricela Ashman

Not worth it

Reviewed on 8/01/2012 Robbie L

Unfortunately my experience at this bridal salon was far less than I had hoped for. Le Salon is incredibly unorganized and poorly managed. Working with the salon was stressful, impossible to speak to someone on the phone, impossible to get a phone call back (I would have to call at least 3 times to get a return call only to not have my question answered), full of empty promises of things that they could fix about my dress that were to be told the week of the wedding they were not fixable, and alteration fees are very expensive and in the end there were things that I paid to have fixed that never were. There was one sales person who was outstanding...Alexis. Had it not been for her I would have gone elsewhere for sure. She gets 5 stars!! With all that said, I did give the salon 2 stars because at the end of the day I did love my dress and felt good in it. But simply put...I'm not sure I couldnt have found an equally beautiful dress elsewhere without all the stress involved here. I would not tell someone to go to this salon.

Royal Treatment

Reviewed on 7/28/2012 Jessica E

I selected Le Salon Bridal in Royal Oak because I was looking for a particular couture gown. I called them to find out that they had the gown I wanted, so I made an appointment to try it on. At my first session, Alexis greeted me as though she had known me for 20 years! She was so warm and welcoming to me and my guests. When it was time to try on dresses, Alexis brought the dress I wanted to try on, as well as five others representing different shapes and styles. Within the five, was a dress similar to the one I requested. This dress happened to be the first one I tried on, and ended up being "the one." I liked it even better than the one I came to try on! Alexis did an amazing job of finding "my style," which made the selection process easy and stress-free! I said "Yes!" to the dress that day, so I received a "Love at First Sight" discount. Also, I opted for the "Couture Fit," meaning that they took several measurements of my body and had the dress made especially for me! Since I live in Arizona, and my wedding was in Michigan, Alexis, Jonas, and Allison were accommodating to my travel schedule for fitting and alteration appointments. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and they seemed excited and happy for me. They made me feel like a special bride! A suggestion for improvement is to keep updated notes on client profiles, so that they don't have to remind the staff of specifics during phone conversations. However, the staff was always very understanding and accommodating when this happened. The boutique went through many changes in the past year, becoming more beautiful each time I returned. Their decor represents couture and luxury, and they give you the royal treatment. They have a selection of designers and gowns that are unique, varied, and gorgeous! I highly recommend Le Salon Bridal for their professionalism, exceptional customer service, personability, and gown selection.

I fell in love!

Reviewed on 7/17/2012 Jennifer K

I had the hardest time finding a dress that I loved. I fell in love with the bottom of one dress and chose a top from a different dress. When we put them together, I was finally able to see myself as a bride. Le Salon helped me create the wedding dress of my dreams at an affordable price! Their seamstress was a miracle worker! The staff was unbelievable to work with! My husband still comments about how "hot" I looked!

Cinderella Experience

Reviewed on 7/13/2012 Theresa M

I stumbled upon Le Salon Bridal on the Friday after Thanksgiving. They were having their annual Black Swan sale and I was lucky enough to get an appointment. I highly recommend getting an appointment during this event because all of their gowns are seriously discounted. Prices range from $299-$899, which is a lot easier on the budget. From the moment I walked in my mother, friend and I were treated like princesses. Alexis and her team were so excited about every dress I tried on and seemed to truly love what they did. After about 20 dresses, I found the one, a beautiful Paradiso Couture dress with embellishments and crystals. Totally glam and not at all what I thought I wanted...until I tried it on. My mom mentioned that there were some other brides eyeing this dress so we bought it on site. I was so impressed with the experience that I decided to purchase my bridesmaids dresses there as well. It was as if my maids were getting married too with the way they were treated! I didnt like the original BM dress I had come in to buy, but not to worry, Alexis found the most beautiful Watters Too dress that was not only stunning, but super affordable! She then informed me to have my maids purchase their dresses through their website (lesalontreasures.com) to receive even better pricing! Everyone received their dresses in a very timely manner and in the correct sizes. My wedding date is September 15th and I have just been fitted for my dress (not much needed to be done because as Alexis said "it was like the dress was made for you"). I cannot wait to pick it up and walk down the aisle! I was more than happy to review Le Salon Bridal, becuase in my opinion their customer service was second to none. The wedding dress experience has been a breeze thanks to Le Salon Bridal. Even though my dress was a "sample sale" dress, I was never once treated like a "sample sale" bride. I would recommend Le Salon bridal to anyone of my friends who is getting married and I already have a friend who has purchased her dress at Le Salon Bridal because of my recommendation. However, this is just a review, I would recommend you go to Le Salon Bridal and experience, their wonderful, professional fantastic salon on your own. You will not be disappointed. Cinderella

Terribly Disappointing

Reviewed on 7/03/2012 Jennifer P

SO disappointed with my experience at Le Salon. I went to Le Salon for a bridesmaid dress for my brother s wedding. The dress brand my future sister in law selected was the same dress designer of my wedding dress (I was recently married less than a year ago when I went to Le Salon for this bridesmaid dress, and was the same weight as the day of my wedding). When I got there, they took my measurements per usual, but then recommended a size 3 sizes larger than my wedding dress. I expressed that I wasn t comfortable ordering a size that large, and that I really wanted to order the same size that was my wedding dress. Same designer, so it shouldn t have been an issue. They continued pressing that I needed the size they were recommending, so I let them know that I didn t plan on getting my alterations done there - I have a tailor that I ve been using for years - and so they wouldn t be losing out on any potential alterations revenue by ordering me the size I knew I needed. I also expressed concern that a tailor can only do so much, and if the dress is incredibly large, even if it gets taken in, the shape and fit will be compromised & look awry. Again, they were adamant I get the size they wanted. I get the dress home, try it on, and IT. WAS. HUGE. It was so large, I literally had to hold on to it to keep it on. I knew this was going to happen, and I was absolutely irate. My tailor was astounded they d think it d be ok to order a dress this large for someone my size, and we both felt that clearly whomever took my measurements either was completely amateur and knew nothing about shape & fit, or were simply trying to make money off the inevitable alterations my dress would need. Please feel free to read the many amazing reviews of my tailor, as this was no fault of his, he is an absolute profession, and he did the best he could with the terrible hand of cards we were dealt. We took this dress in as much as we could, but it looked nothing short of terrible. (The Birmingham Tailor - http://www.yelp.com/biz/…) The shape and fit of the dress were completely compromised - the dress had boning in the torso and bust area that couldn t be changed, and I didnt come close to filling it out, even after it had been taken in as much as possible. The skirt that was supposed to look full & feminine inevitably had far too much bulk & fabric and ended up looking like a garbage bag hanging on me. What would ve been a beautiful dress ended up adding what looked like 15 lbs to my frame and didn t even look the same as the other girls in the bridal party. The bride was obviously terribly disappointed, as was I, and I felt hideous all day, sticking out like a sore thumb in the bridesmaid lineup. These wedding photos will be on my parent s mantle and in my brother s home for the rest of their lives, and I m so sad that this dress is going to be in every one of those pictures. Shame on Le Salon for either hiring associates that have no clue what they re doing, or for simply trying to make an extra buck on alterations at the expense of professional integrity and ethical business practice. I will never, ever do business with them again, and highly recommend you don t either.


Reviewed on 6/29/2012 suzanna r

DO NOT GO TO LE SALON!!!! They are horrible! They will treat you like a princess during the shopping process but as soon as you purchase your dress they will not pay any attention to you. I was told that I would get a swatch and sketch of my dress in February, I did not get it until May (I had to pick it up) and every time I called (which was three times) they said “Oh it’s in the mail.” My dress came in a month late and when I went to pick it up, it was missing the flower detail on the side of the dress. I had to come back and pick it up the very next day because they said they would charge me a $50 storage fee. Every time I had an appointment, I waited 20 minutes for them to get me in and then they cut my appointment short because they were running behind! Are you kidding me! The manager was so rude to my bridal party and treated them like garbage. To top it all off, when I went to pick up my dress after the bustle was complete, the bottom of the dress was filthy!! It looked like someone mopped the floor with it. I brought this to the associate’s attention and she said “well you have been wearing it.” How did my dress get so filthy from trying it on at the store for 5 minutes at a time??? How filthy are your floors? They did not offer to dry clean it and on top of that, it was wrinkled! They did not steam it! Please do not go there, save yourself the headache. Best of luck and congratulations on your engagement!!

Not a great experience

Reviewed on 5/06/2012 Meredith W

Le Salon was difficult to deal with throughout the process of purchasing a dress. They take WEEKS to months to respond to any correspondence, and it required me following up with multiple emails and phone calls to get anything accomplished. I flew from out of state to try on a dress they claimed they had, and it wasn't until I showed up that they admitted they never had this specific dress. In response to their comment, I am a Le Salon bride, and have been a member since 2008 for other reasons than bein engaged. It is perfectly normal to join these websites when you are in a bridal party and helping plan weddings for friends and family. Yes, Le Salon answers their phone, but they don't actually get you the information you need for months. I waited three months for something to be sent, during which I was asked about 5 times for my address by various employees at the salon. This was all after I had purchased a dress and they had my address on file, supposedly. Its sad to see Le Salon is trying to discredit true comments. They reported my post and the Wedding Channel contacted me to verify it. I provided all appropriate documentation proving I am a Le Salon bride.


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