Wedding Family Matters: How to Tell Your Parents You're Getting Married?


My boyfriend and I plan to have our wedding next July, when I'll be 18. One problem: My parents don't approve of him. What can I say to my parents when it's time to tell them we're getting married?


A lot of people have probably been asking you, "What's the rush?" Honestly, it's not a bad question. You are still pretty young, and you haven't even given yourself time to travel with friends, live on your own (a scary but exciting experience), or go to college. Get out and explore the world! If you two really love each other and this is meant to be, you'll still feel that way later -- although you might be surprised to find, in a few years, that you've both changed a lot in your tastes, expectations, and likes and dislikes. Why not find that out in a few years and then get married -- instead of doing it now and finding out later that you're really not compatible?

If you decide to wait, then it's time to approach your parents. Tell them you two were thinking about getting married but have decided to wait a little while. Let them know you would like them to respect your mature decision by not interfering in your relationship anymore. And then go to college!

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