Bellesa Sex Toys Are 60% Off for Pride Month—Here's What We're Buying

Courtesy of our Senior Sex and Relationships Editor.
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Jamie Cuccinelli the knot writer and wedding expert
Jamie Cuccinelli
Jamie Cuccinelli the knot writer and wedding expert
Jamie Cuccinelli
Senior Editor, Sex & Relationships
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Updated Jun 14, 2024
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Celebrating and advocating for love and inclusion is a year-round thing for us. That doesn't mean that Pride Month is any less special, though. Come June, there are so many opportunities to support the LGBTQIA+ community and let your identity shine. And, hey, if a new Bellesa sex toy is how you plan to celebrate, more power to you! The beloved sex toy company is marking Pride Month with a massive 60% off sale on practically all of their branded products. And, as your resident Senior Sex & Relationships Editor (and card-carrying member of the LGBTQIA+ community), I consider it my duty to share some fan-favorite picks that'll you'll want to scoop up when the getting's good.

Worthy of note: Bellesa sex toys run the gamut of the gender and sexuality spectrum, meaning that they're not just suited to heterosexual, cis-gendered indivudals and couples. So whether you're searching for your next self-love tool or something new for partner play with your spouse (we are The Knot, after all!), you'll likely find it here.

Browse our fave finds from Bellesa's 60% Pride Month sale below. Orgasms—and major savings—are ahead.

Thrust by Bellesa

Pink Thrust sex toy by Bellesa
Photo: Bellesa

Out of all the toys in my collection, this is one of my personal favorites. With the ability to stimulate both the clitoris and G-spot simantously, blended orgasms are officially on the table. But what sets this vibrator-dildo-hybrid apart is its natural-feeling thrusting motor and swirling beads at the base of the shaft. Consider this the gold standard for rabbit vibes.

Notable Review: "It took me a couple of months to decide to spend the money and buy this and I am angry at myself for waiting that long… The actual thrust feels so good and the separate movement at the top just makes the entire experience phenomenal. I've recommended this to my friends without hesitation. Run, don't walk to try this!"

Thump by Bellesa

Gray Thump suction sex toy by Bellesa
Photo: Bellesa

Unlike most traditional vibrators, this unique find "thumps" aganist the clitoris (in lieu of a buzzier sensation). The feeling is something akin to a showerhead orgasm or pulsating palpitations. This baby pulls triple duty though: Flip it over and you'll find a suction mechanism, and the device also vibrates if you want to mix things up.

Notable review: "I'm the one who always reaches for a penetrative toy and uses an external toy as a bonus. I've NEVER had an orgasam from an external toy alone like the ones I've had with this toy. The lower settings are perfect to allow me to edge for a long time, and the higher settings are just right for when it's time to move to a higher gear. This toy has fantastic range. She's my new thumpy best friend!"

The Demi Wand by Bellesa

Yellow The Demi Wand sex toy by Bellesa
Photo: Bellesa

A powerful wand vibrator that's now under $40? Now that's a turn-on. Besides its FOMO-worthy price point, what sets this vibe apart is its compact size and whisper-quiet motor (two unexpected features when it comes to most wand toys). Powerful yet discreet, it's a great choice for beginners and its unobtrusive design makes it ideal for partnered play.

Notable review: "I bought this for a six month work season away from my spouse, thinking if we've gotta be apart then we deserve an upgrade. And it's worth it! I've always been shy about toys, but Demi has helped me come (pun intended, multiple times) out of my shyness."

Halo 2 by Bellesa

Halo 2 penis ring sex toy by Bellesa
Photo: Bellesa

Curious about penis rings? Consider the Halo 2. This wearable couples toy is thoughtfully designed to better the pleasure of both the wearer and their partner. Worn around the penis, it'll deliver powerful (hands-free) vibes at its base as well as to the clitoris during penetrative vaginal sex. Featuring five vibration settings and waterproof capabilities, it's perfect if you're looking for something both you and your partner can enjoy.

Notable review: "The best thing about this toy is how easy it makes it for everyone involved to get in on the fun. The hands-free, one button control makes it super simple for my partner and I to get straight to the fun with minimal set-up, and it lets us just get lost in the moment."

Strapless by Bellesa

Blue Strapless strap on sex toy by Bellesa
Photo: Bellesa

Priced at just over $50 at press time, this strap-on eliminates the need for, well, straps. The bulbous end is worn inside one partner—vibrating against the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously (thanks to the nifty ribbed clit-stimulating pad)—while the penetrative end can pleasure the other. With an adjustable bend, it's easier for a variety of body types to find a fit that works for them and it's also praised for being a gender-affirming option.

Notable review: "This hits the spot for both parties! The vibration modes will make you melt. You feel a lot closer with your partner and the pleasure hits the right places. Lots of fun and makes for an unforgettable experience."

Cone by Bellesa

Cone vibrator sex toy by Bellesa
Photo: Bellesa

I'm personally obsessed with the modern-art look of this discreet vibe. But besides being the sexiest piece of interior decor you'll own, it gets its intended job done with 10 vibrational speeds and a tapered shape that makes it ideal for stimulating a variety of erogenous zones. Beginner-friendly and fully waterproof, it's a great one-and-done buy.

Notable review: "I love this little cone toy. Its size, texture, and shape gives it many uses; vaginal, anal, clitorial, and it's amazing on the neck and shoulders, and works wonders for tension headaches too. This toy proves satisfying however it is used. The multiple speeds, vibrations, and pulses are amazing. There are many settings to choose from."

Keyvibe by Bellesa

KeyVibe by Bellesa, Secret Panty Vibrator
Photo: Bellesa

Looking for a way to level up date night? Try a wearable vibe on for size. The Keyvibe by Bellesa is an innovative panty vibrator that comes complete with magnetic attachment, allowing it to be worn securely in one's underwear while out and about. Hand your partner the remote—cheekily disguised as a car key fob—and let them secretly stimulate you on-the-go. Cue the muffled moans and can't-wait-to-get-home anticipation.

Notable review: "I'm blown away by this toy. The key is so realistic, y'all, I was shocked when I saw it in person. Not to mention how incredibly powerful the vibe can be without making a peep. This takes discretion to the whole next level! My boo and I are obsessed with public play and this just amped up our game to the next level entirely!"

Cuffs by Bellesa

Purple satin hand cuffs by Bellesa
Photo: Bellesa

Curious about BDSM? This bondage accessory is non-intimidating and as aesthetically pleasing as they come. In a pretty lavender hue, these cuffs are comfortably soft but will still hold wrists or ankles firmly in place during consensual restraint play. Adjustable ribbon ties complete this budget-friendly bedside addition.

Notable review: "Tie me up and never let me go if these are the cuffs you're using. Seriously, these are next level in terms of quality. I've already recommended them to all my girlfriends looking for an accessory to help spice things up in the bedrooms with their partners. Unbeatable quality at this price point, I love it!"

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