How to Wear Blazers for a Wedding

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tres dean Associate Menswear Editor
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Updated Mar 28, 2024
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Blazers for weddings aren't just a wardrobe staple when it comes time to get dressed for a ceremony–they're a wardrobe staple, period. Everyone should have one (or more) in their closet for formal and casual fits alike. They're versatile, able to be dressed up or down for couples and guests like few other pieces of clothing. They can make a casual outfit feel more dressed-up, they're the foundation of putting together suit separates pairings, and they can help lock in a formal fit with ease. If you're looking for advice on how to wear a blazer or the best ones to add to your rotation, you've come to the right place.

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FAQs About Blazers for Weddings

Wondering how to best go about wearing or styling your blazer at a wedding? You've come to the right place. From color selections to dress code guidance, here are the answers to all of your questions about how to wear a blazer at a wedding.

Can you wear a blazer for a wedding?

First of all, let's define what we mean by a blazer from here on out: a blazer is a sport coat or suit jacket that either does not have a matching pair of trousers or is being worn without matching trousers. You can wear a blazer to a wedding if the dress code permits it. More formal dress codes will require a suit or a tuxedo. Starting around the semi-formal dress code you can get away with mixing suit separates, which is when you can start wearing blazers. Dress codes aren't just for the boys, either. Women can of course wear a blazer to a wedding as well.

Is a suit or blazer better for a wedding?

Whether or not you should wear a suit, a tuxedo, or a blazer to a wedding depends on the dress code. For black-tie weddings, wear a tuxedo. For formal weddings, wear a tuxedo or a suit. In either of these cases, a blazer won't be the right call. Cocktail attire dress codes call for a suit. Beginning with semi-formal wedding attire though, you can wear a blazer and mix it with suit separates.

Which color blazers are best for weddings?

When in doubt it's always safe to stick with a reliable neutral shade for your blazer. This means a navy, gray, or beige blazer will always look good. You can also lean into seasonal shades–light blue in the spring, burnt tones in the fall, and others. And it never hurts to ask the couple if they have a selection of wedding colors that they'd like to see guests incorporate into their outfits–this can also be a great opportunity to experiment with a colored blazer.

Can you wear a blazer with a t-shirt for a wedding?

We generally advise against wearing a tee shirt underneath your blazer to a wedding. The rare exception (and you should always check with the couple before doing this) would be a dressy casual or destination wedding, and in those rare instances the tee shirt should be a high-quality one. No undershirts or graphic tees, please–go with a high-quality cotton or linen tee, or something with a knit pattern.

Can you wear a blazer without a tie to a wedding?

If the dress code is semi-formal then ties aren't necessarily going to be required. You can get away with an open shirt collar in these instances.

How to Wear a Blazer for a Wedding

Blazers are versatile–you can style them in just about any way you can imagine. Here are three of our favorite blazer style staples for your wedding outfit inspiration.

Chinos and a Blazer

When to wear it: Chinos or dress pants and a blazer are going to be right at home at a semi-formal wedding.

How to wear it: Mix colors for this one. Going for the suit separates look is crucial, so make sure your pants don't match the blazer. It should be clear that the pieces are separate.

Jeans with a Blazer

When to wear it: Go for this look at a dressy-casual wedding or a western-themed one.

How to wear it: Wearing a blazer with jeans is an inherently more casual look, so lean into that. Try wearing it with an open-collared oxford or a western shirt. You can even try a nice sweater underneath if the weather permits it.

Dress with a Blazer

When to wear it: Women have a bit more leeway as to when they can incorporate blazers into their wedding fits. There are ways to pull the look off for more formal dress codes like cocktail attire as long as the way the blazer is incorporated is smart and plays by the rules of the dress code. And for more casual ones, they have as much free reign as men.

How to wear it: The Knot's associate fashion editor Lauren Whalley has some great pointers on how to style a blazer for a wedding. "When it comes to selecting the perfect blazer, don't be afraid to look for pieces that have texture and color and experiment with different lengths and fabrics to find the perfect balance that complements your dress. To complete the look, add some accessories like a pair of statement earrings or a bold belt to define your waist," she says. Assistant fashion editor Sofia Deeb suggests: "For a Parisian chic vibe, try layering an oversized blazer over a satin slip dress. Not only will it make for a stylish ensemble, but it will be super versatile as well. After the ceremony, you can remove the blazer to free up your arms for dancing at the reception."

The Best Wedding Blazers for Men

Blazers are a menswear staple at weddings for a reason. They're simple and timeless, the perfect anchors to hold a wedding fit in place. Here are some of our favorites, from neutral shades to patterned statement pieces.

Black Wedding Blazer: Bonobos Jetsetter Blazer in Black

Black Wedding Blazer for guest
Photo: Bonobos

Keep it simple with black blazers. Bonobos's Jetsetter signature cut is a classic blazer that will never go out of style.

Navy Wedding Guest Blazer
Photo: Brooks Brothers

You can't go wrong with a navy blazer and you can't go wrong with Brooks Brothers.

Dressy Wedding Blazer: Todd Snyder Madison Suit Jacket

Dressy gray wedding guest blazer
Photo: Todd Snyder

Looking to make a big impression? Go with Todd Snyder's stunner of a herringbone blazer in their classic Madison cut.

Casual Wedding Blazer: Buck Mason Italian Twill Graduate Blazer

Casual Tan Wedding Guest Blazer
Photo: Buck Mason

Coming in an unconstructed twill, Buck Mason's Graduate blazer comes loaded with casual collegiate cool.

Printed Wedding Blazer: Percival Floral Tailored Blazer

Printed Floral Wedding Blazer for guest attire
Photo: Percival

Who said blazers have to be boring? Bring a loud print to the table with this floral blazer from the folks at Percival.

Western Wedding Blazer: Perte D'ego Te Amo Blazer

Western Blazer for wedding guest
Photo: Perte D'ego

For a unique handmade touch to your Western wedding fit, try the rootin' tootin' Te Amo blazer from Perte D'ego.

The Best Wedding Blazers for Women

Blazers at weddings aren't just for the boys. A blazer can bring a lot out of a womenswear fit, whether worn with jeans and an oxford or over a dress for a more formal vibe. Here are some of our favorite selections from trusty retailers and some slept-on designers alike.

Black Wedding Blazer: Everlane TENCEL Blazer

Black wedding guest blazer for women
Photo: Everlane

Coming in a cool, slouchy fit, Everlane's oversized blazer is the perfect finishing touch to your wedding fit.

Navy women's wedding guest blazer
Photo: J.Crew

J. Crew keeps it sleek and simple with its classic Willa blazer in a timeless navy.

Dressy Wedding Blazer: Banana Republic Sculpted Blazer

Dressy gray wedding blazer for women
Photo: Banana Republic

With its peaked lapels and deliberate construction, Banana Republic's gray blazer is all class, perfect for more formal fits.

Casual Wedding Blazer: Levi's Cotton Blazer

Casual Women's Wedding Blazer for wedding guest attire
Photo: Levi's

Full of laid-back cool, Levi's cotton blazer is a sure way to lock in a casual wedding fit.

Printed Wedding Blazer: Wildfang Empowered Double-Breasted Blazer

Printed Floral Women's Wedding Blazer
Photo: Wildfang

Wildfang keeps suiting fun, with this printed take on their signature Empowered blazer bringing a bold pattern to your fits that nobody will forget.

Western Wedding Blazer: Cinq à Sept Paisley-Embroidered Blazer

Western Women's Wedding Blazer
Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue

Pair this beauty with a Western shirt or a chambray number, or layer it over a Western dress for an instant Western wedding classic.

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