Here's Exactly How to Take Funny Engagement Photos You'll Love

Everything doesn't have to be so serious.
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chapelle johnson the knot associate editor
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Updated Feb 13, 2023

Who says you can't take funny engagement photos? Don't get us wrong, we're all for classic engagement shots, but the super-serious, lovey-dovey vibe isn't for everyone. That said, we encourage you to take a few traditional, romantic photos too—they might even end up being your favorite. So if purposely posing awkwardly, cheesy or in a funny manner for your engagement photo shoot sounds more your speed, we have advice on how to accomplish that. Read below for expert tips from engagement and wedding photographers about where to take your photos, what to wear and what props to use. Plus, check out 19 images from real couples of their silly engagement photos that are guaranteed to make you smile or laugh out loud.

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Where to Take Funny Engagement Photos

We encourage you and your partner to get as creative as possible for your engagement photos. Kariss Farris, expert photographer and owner of Pharris Photography and Films, thinks one of the things a funny engagement photo shoot relies on is a unique location. "Think outside of the box and experiment with a studio with fun color and background options. Take advantage of cool things in the city, such as graffiti walls, monuments and rooftops." Consider doing your photo shoot in places significant to your relationship too, like where you had your first date. Farris has seen couples take their funny engagement photos at restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums of their favorite sports team and museums. The options are endless for couples who want unconventional engagement photos.

Funny Engagement Photo Attire Considerations

If you don't want to only rely on silly props and poses for your funny engagement announcement photos, think about what amusing attire you can wear. For seasonal outfit ideas, wear a flower and bee costume for a spring photo shoot, colorful swimsuits for the summer, pumpkin suits for the fall or a conjoined ugly Christmas sweater if you're taking photos during the winter season. You can also base your cheesy engagement photos on a theme, like '90s hip hop, "Game of Thrones" or football.

Photographer's Tips for Funny Engagement Photos

What better person to get funny engagement photo tips from than a photographer? Read below to learn the top three things photographers think you should know before your photo shoot.

Hire a photographer you're comfortable with.

You and your partner being free to express yourselves how you want during your funny engagement photos depends on your photographer. Because of this, wedding expert Sarah Olson of CityLux Studios thinks it's important couples hire a photographer that you feel genuinely comfortable with. "If you don't feel comfortable with your photographer, it will be tough to take normal pictures, never mind silly ones. Silly photos require a bit more vulnerability, so being comfortable with your photographer is extremely important." Find a top-rated engagement photographer you love on The Knot Marketplace.

Incorporate things you and your partner enjoy.

Your funny or awkward engagement photos should reflect you and your partner in a way no one else can replicate. "Go take some photos at your favorite bar, play a sport you both enjoy or, if you're foodies, grab something fun to eat! Don't worry; you don't have to devour pizza and cannolis for the entire engagement session. You'll be able to snap some 'normal' engagement photos, too. If you want to have fun but aren't sure how just ask your photographer. They will gladly help you think of some ideas," Olson says. Remember, your engagement photo session doesn't have to be boring and don't be afraid to have fun with it.

Bring funny props and do silly poses.

One of the best parts of taking funny engagement photos is that you can use props and pose in silly ways. Jen Sulak, lead wedding photographer of Weirdo Weddings, offers some ideas you can try at your session. "If you are into anything nerdy at all, you know how to have fun with props and poses. My clientele runs through cosplay, LARPing and other forms of play that bring out many inside jokes, motions and silly faces. Wear that matching sports jacket, make that silly face and make your own secret handshake and symbols." Just think about things that make you and your partner laugh so that joy and candidness can be caught on camera and made into amazing photos.

Funny Engagement Photo Ideas

Ready to get some inspiration for your funny engagement photos? Then check our roundup of silly, cheesy and awkward engagement photos from real couples.

Silly Engagement Photo With Doughnut

Share your favorite food during your silly engagement shoot. For this couple, it happened to be doughnuts, but feel free to get a little messy. We love the idea of recreating the spaghetti scene from "Lady and the Tramp."

Cozy At-Home Engagement Photo

Do something simple that you both love, like cuddling on the couch. You don't have to leave your house, and you'll be in the most comfortable position––just try not to fall asleep.

Couple Laughing Together During Park Engagement Photos

Let the world be your playground when you're thinking about where to take your photos. This couple went to their local park and used a tree as a sitting area instead of a park bench.

Gothic Engagement Photo With Silly Pose

You can never go wrong with a funny engagement photo pose. This silly gothic couple posed with a white pumpkin for their fall photo shoot.

Couple Doing Funny Engagement Photo Pose as Joke

Professional awkward couple photos are very popular and an easy way to make almost anyone who sees them laugh. This couple did a classic '80s prom pose while gazing off into the distance.

Marvel-Loving Couple Taking Comic Book Engagement Photos

Put on your super suit and show your love for your favorite comics by wearing superhero-themed shirts or full-on costumes. This happy couple pulled out a Spider-Man comic book and wore Avengers gear for their photo session.

Fun Basketball Engagement Photo

Get active as this couple did during their basketball engagement photos. If basketball isn't your thing, try playing tennis, football or soccer. And don't forget to wear sports attire, like tennis skirts and cleats, if it will fit the whole vibe.

Couple in Novelty Disguises for Silly Engagement Photo

Take the seriousness (or nervousness) out of the photo-taking process and use props. You can use fun props for a couple of silly photos and then set them to the side to take more conventional engagement photos.

Couple Sharing Cannolis Together

Go to your favorite pastry spot for your funny engagement announcement photos. The pastry shop works as a cool background for this couple's sweet treat exchange.

Couple Posing Elegantly for Park Engagement Photos

Pose like royals during your engagement photo session. You can do this among nature, as this couple did, or try an interactive museum with the right environment and props.

Couple Making Silly Faces During Engagement Photo Session

If the perfect way to make your partner loosen up and laugh is you making silly faces at them, go for it. Your engagement photographer may find some great candid shots you'll love.

Couple Holding Their Favorite Food

Grab lunch at your favorite restaurant before the photo shoot, then save some leftovers so you can rep them in your photos. This couple got a margherita pizza from their go-to pizza shop.

Funny Art Museum Engagement Photo

If you don't want to buy props, interact with your surroundings. This is the perfect opportunity to play with scale and angles, and create different optical illusions.

Couple Playing During Ocean Engagement Photos

Planning on doing your engagement photo session by a body of water? Then splash around and get fun dynamic shots of you and your partner. We suggest doing this at the end of the session since you'll mess up any hairstyle, makeup or clothes you may be wearing. (And don't forget to bring dry clothes to change into.)

Funny Central Park Engagement Photo

Clearly, parks are a very popular funny engagement shoot location. With beautiful nature, playgrounds and art installations, there's plenty of opportunity to be creative.

Candid Engagement Photo of Couple Laughing

We love an off-guard laughing photo. Once you're comfortable in front of the camera with your significant other candid laughing shots are easy to come by.

Couple Acting Like Explorers During Adventure Engagement Photos

Explore the great outdoors with your partner. If you have a pet that loves going outside, this funny engagement photo idea is a perfect way to incorporate your furry best friend.

Sunglasses as Funny Engagement Photo Props

Show off your sassy and cool side, and use sunglasses as fun photo props. Sunglasses are great because almost everyone has some in their car or house, they are stylish and help block out bright rays if you're taking photos on a sunny day.

Couple Pretending to Break a Giant Wishbone

Taking your engagement photos during the fall season? Then incorporate this unique Thanksgiving wishbone tradition in your shoot. The custom is that two people pull apart a wishbone while making a wish, and whoever snags the biggest piece gets their wish granted. This couple was lucky enough to find a large old tree that looks like a wishbone, so go on a scavenger hunt at your local parks to see what you can find.

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