Dressing the Ring Bearers

Ring bearers need formalwear too. Look here for cool choices for your tykes.
by The Knot
Ring bearer with boutineer and bowtie
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So you've enlisted a little lad to tromp toward the altar as your ring bearer -- now what? Dress him up, of course. Whether you go the tiny tux route or the path less traveled, scan these snazzy tips for the little dude's duds.

Customary Costumes

Opinions on ring bearers' attire vary. There's the "Please, no mini-tuxes," school, but others find little boys in grown-up formalwear endearing. More traditional choices are satin and velvet suits, often in dark colors like navy or hunter green. You can also consider dark blue jackets, white shorts, and blue or white knee socks, or for summer, a seersucker or linen suit -- you could even put the tiny guy in a sailor suit.

Whatever you choose, make sure the boys are comfortable, while still remaining faithful to the overall tone of your wedding. Also, encourage ring bearers to try out their clothes before the wedding so they won't pull at the neck or the crotch in an unseemly way on the big day.

Our Favorites

  • Classy Kids (407) 737-2666. Looking for a little-man tux? Classy Kids offers several classic tuxedo styles -- with or without tails -- in black or white. If you want to avoid tiny tuxes, check out their relaxed but occasion-appropriate ensembles. Sizes: Infant to 14.
  • Oscar de la Renta, Raffinati, and After Six (800) 351-6767. These prestigious formalwear brands feature boys collections similar to their men's styles. The designers stick to basic black or gray tuxes with ties and cummerbunds in various colors such as gold, silver, burgundy, and hunter green. Sizes: 3 and up.
  • Pegeen (973) 442-0799. The ultimate resource for tiny tots, Pegeen offers pastel and white suits, Victorian-type getups, and even sailor suits. Sizes: Infant to 7.
  • The Wooden Soldier (800) 375-6002. You'll find lots of great little-boy looks in The Wooden Soldier's catalog. If you want suits and dressy attire (but not tuxes) in navy, white, and gray, look no further. Sizes: Infant to 20.
  • Dante Zeller Tuxedo (888) 876-9068. Pick up tuxes for big guys and little boys at the same spot! Zeller's features formalwear rentals in a wide range of colors, cuts, and styles for the young and younger. Designers include Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior, and Lord West. (Your neighborhood tuxedo rental or men's shop ought to offer similar options.) Sizes: 3 and up.

Ring Bearer Pillows

Don't leave your ring bearer empty-handed! For the final touch, take some time to select the perfect pillow. Treat it like an accessory -- it can blend with the ring bearer's outfit, the bride's gown, and the overall tone of the wedding. Standard ring bearer pillows come in ivory or white silk, satin, or moire fabrics, and are often adorned with flowers, pretty ribbons, or pearls. Make sure he's comfortable walking the aisle balancing rings on a pillow by practicing before the wedding. Check out dozens of options in The Knot Wedding Shop.

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