21 Kacey Musgraves Love Songs Sure to Give Your Butterflies

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Kacey Musgraves performing at Glastonbury music festival in 2022
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Lauren Dana Ellman - The Knot Contributor.
Lauren Dana Ellman
Lauren Dana Ellman - The Knot Contributor.
Lauren Dana Ellman
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Updated Jan 23, 2024

While there are tons of incredible wedding songs to choose from across all genres, you can never go wrong by incorporating some Kacey Musgraves love songs into your playlist. The award-winning singer-songwriter first achieved fame in the late 2000s, and since then, she's released dozens of swoon-worthy country wedding songs for every moment of your big day. Below, we've rounded up a few of our favorites—21, to be exact—Kacey Musgraves songs about love for your wedding band or DJ to play at your wedding. Oh, and no need to fret if you haven't found a live band or DJ yet: The Knot Vendor Marketplace makes it easy to comb through hundreds and thousands of vendors near you!

1. "Butterflies," Golden Hour

Lyrics you'll love: "Kiss full of color, makes me wonder where you've always been/I was hiding in doubt 'til you brought me out of my chrysalis/And I came out new/All because of you"

Laden with lovely lyrics, this sweet, slow song encapsulates what it feels like to fall in love. With this in mind, it's safe to say this number is perfect for your first dance as a married couple.

2. "Velvet Elvis," Golden Hour

Lyrics you'll love: "Soft to the touch, feels like love/Knew it as soon as I felt it"

In "Velvet Elvis"—a homage to the King of Rock & Roll himself—Musgraves croons about the kind of love she's looking for. You and your wedding guests can't help but smile while listening and singing along to the beautiful lyrics.

3. "Love Is a Wild Thing," Golden Hour

Lyrics you'll love: "Running like a river trying to find the ocean/Flowers in the concrete/Climbing over fences, blooming in the shadows/Places that you can't see/Coming through the melody when the night bird sings/Love is a wild thing, yeah"

You—and your wedding guests—will undoubtedly fall in love with this song (pun-intended, of course), which features some pretty poetic lyrics. The soft guitar instrumentals add an extra-romantic touch.

4. "Oh, What a World," Golden Hour

Lyrics you'll love: "Oh, what a world, don't wanna leave/All kinds of magic all around us, it's hard to believe/Thank God it's not too good to be true/Oh, what a world, and then there is you"

"Oh, What a World" has a slow, steady tempo, making it an excellent pick for your first dance. Additionally, the song is especially unique in that it features guitar and banjo instrumentals.

5. "Follow Your Arrow," Same Trailer Different Park

Lyrics you'll love: "When the straight and narrow gets a little too straight/Roll up a joint, or don't/Just follow your arrow wherever it points, yeah/Follow your arrow wherever it points"

Although "Follow Your Arrow" dates back over a decade, its powerful message of self-acceptance still holds true to this day. With that in mind, it's well worth adding to any wedding playlist, especially LGBTQ+ celebrations.

6. "Rainbow," Golden Hour

Lyrics you'll love: "If you could see what I see, you'd be blinded by the colors/Yellow, red and orange, and green, and at least a million others/So tie up the bow, take off your coat, and take a look around"​​

Few tracks can serve as both a first dance song and a father-daughter dance song—and "Rainbow" is one of them. Moreover, this uplifting ballad is chock-full of metaphor-filled lyrics that will inspire and empower upon first listen.

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7. "Late to the Party," Pageant Material

Lyrics you'll love: "Oh, who needs confetti?/We're already falling into the groove/And who needs a crowd/When you're happy at a party for two?/The world can wait/'Cause I'm never late to the party/If I'm late to the party with you"

While you won't actually be late to your own party (or, more specifically, in this case, your wedding reception), this sentimental love song makes for the ideal first dance song for country music aficionados. Get ready to sway with your partner while you gaze into each other's eyes as everyone looks on in awe. Alternatively, "Late to the Party" also makes a fun wedding reception entrance song.

8. "Somebody to Love," Pageant Material

Lyrics you'll love: "Just tryin' to hold it all together/We all wish our best was better/Just hopin' that forever's really real/We'll miss a dime to grab a nickel/Overcomplicate the simple/We're all little kids just looking for love/Yeah, don't we all just want somebody to love?"

Musgraves tugs at the heartstrings with "Somebody to Love." The poignant song encompasses the beauty of pure, unconditional love—the same one you share with your spouse!

9. "Space Cowboy," Golden Hour

Lyrics you'll love: "We had our day in the sun/When a horse wants to run/Ain't no sense in closing the gate/So you can have your space/You can have your space, cowboy/I ain't gonna fence you in"

"Space Cowboy" is among Musgraves' most famous songs. While it's not a love song, the instrumentals are absolutely stunning. That said, consider having your wedding band or DJ nix the lyrics and play the instrumentals during dinner or cocktail hour.

10. "High Horse," Golden Hour

Lyrcis you'll love: "And I think we've seen enough, seen enough/To know that you ain't ever gonna come down/So, why don't you giddy up, giddy up/And ride straight out of this town?/You and your high horse, mm-mm"

Calling all country music fans who love to sing, dance and let loose: Play this high-energy track during your reception while grooving to the music—and belting the lyrics!

11. "High Time," Pageant Material

Lyrcis you'll love: "It's high time/To slow my roll/Let the grass just grow and lean way back/It's a fine time/To let it all go/I've been too low, so it's high time"

Musgraves' powerful pipes are on full display in this snazzy song. Play it softly in the background during cocktail hour or dinnertime, when guests can really sit back, relax and enjoy the tune.

12. "Cherry Blossom," Star-Crossed

Lyrcis you'll love: "I'm your cherry blossom, baby/Don't let me blow away/I hope you haven't forgotten/Tokyo wasn't built in a day/I'm your cherry blossom, baby/I don't wanna blow away"

This bouncy synthesized number is, in a word, delightful. The infectious melody is an incredible added bonus, while the fast-paced rhythm is great for dancing.

13. "There is a Light," Star-Crossed

Lyrics you'll love: "There is a light at the end of the tunnel/There is a light inside of me"

This fast-paced, ultra-catchy banger is sure to get everyone up and out of their seats and back up on the dance floor post-dinner. Oh, and did we mention the fantastic flute solos?

14. "Keep Lookin' Up," Star-Crossed

Lyrics you'll love: "And my daddy said, "Keep lookin' up/Don't let the world bring you down/Keep your head in the clouds/And your feet on the ground"

For a country-flavored father-daughter dance number, look no further than "Keep Lookin' Up." In this tune, Musgracves sings about how her father always told her to—you guessed it—keep looking up. The lovely melody is an added bonus.

15. "Simple Times," Star-Crossed

Lyrics you'll love: "Wish that I could put this game on pause/Skip this round, take the headset off/Put my lip gloss on/Kick it at the mall like there's nothing wrong/I need to step away/If I don't, I'm gonna go insane/'Cause being grown up kind of sucks/And I'm really just missing the simple times, uh huh"

"Simple Times" features nostalgia-inducing lyrics — Musgraves sings about simpler times spent hanging at the mall or making a 7-Eleven run — taking you back to the good ol' days of childhood and adolescence. Surprise your high school-slash-hometown friends by playing it at the reception—or while getting ready for the big day—and reminiscing about old times together.

16. "Easier Said," Star-Crossed

Lyrics you'll love: "I can wake up with a heart of gold sometimes/I can be the one you need me to be/Never said that I was easy to hold, but I love you/And I know that you love me"

This heartfelt number is made all the more special with Musgraves' beautiful harmonizing. Meanwhile, the acoustic guitar instrumentals add a distinct '80s-inspired flair.

17. "Biscuits," Pageant Material

Lyrics you'll love: "Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy"

Grab your friends and family and hit the dance floor to sing and dance along to "Biscuits" during your reception. You can't help but let loose as soon as this classic country tune starts playing!

18. "Die Fun," Pageant Material

Lyrics you'll love: "Before we get to heaven, baby let's give 'em hell/We might as well/'Cause we don't know when we're done/So let's love hard, live fast, die fun"

In "Die Fun," Musgrave sings about living life to the fullest without taking anything too seriously—a great lesson in our book. Since the song is on the slower side, it works well as a unique first dance song that'll give you—and your guests!—all the feels.

19. "Ribbons and Bows," A Very Kacey Christmas

Lyrics you'll love: "Don't need ribbons and bows to cure my woes/No, I just need your love/Expensive rings or diamond things/No, I just need your love"

This high-energy song has an incredibly catchy chorus. Given its fun, festive theme, it's especially apropos for a Christmas wedding, either during the recessional or a fun — albeit slightly fast-paced — first dance.

20. "Glittery," The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show

Lyrics you'll love: "You shake me up and turn me upside down/Just like a snow globe/And every time you touch me/I shiver right down to my toes/You've got a strange effect on me/You know you make me feel so/Glittery"

This duet, featuring British singer Troye Sivan, features some seriously stunning harmonizing — along with gorgeous guitar instrumentals and romantic lyrics. As such, it's perfect for a processional or first dance song.

21. "Can't Help Falling in Love," ELVIS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Lyrics you'll love: "Like a river flows/Surely to the sea/Darlin', so it goes/Some things are meant to be/Take my hand/Take my whole life too/For I can't help/Falling in love with you"

Musgraves puts a contemporary twist on this timeless Elvis song. The slow piano instrumentals, coupled with the singers' captivating voice, make it a prime pick for your first dance.

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