The Cutest Matching Underwear for Couples You Can Buy Online

You're already the perfect match—now your underwear can be, too.
Matching Underwear for Couples
Courtesy of MeUndies / Cloundies via Etsy
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Updated Feb 12, 2024
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So maybe matching sweaters aren't necessarily your and your partner's thing. And that's totally fine! If you're looking for a more subtle way to coordinate outfits—or maybe just something a little cheekier—consider matching underwear for couples. (Yes, seriously!)

In addition to all their too-cute qualities, matching underwear for couples is also a unique way to create a connection even when you're not physically together. (Hello, amazing long-distance relationship gifts!) Every time you wear them, they'll serve as a sweet reminder of your other half and vice versa, while helping build intimacy in your relationship. You can also get cute matching underwear sets for couples to celebrate various romantic occasions, like Valentine's Day, your anniversary or another holiday.

And if we've now convinced you to twin with your other half, why stop at undergarments? Try matching swimsuits if you're heading on vacay together, cute couples bracelets to mark your anniversary or matching loungewear to wear in your downtime.

Read on to discover where to buy matching couples underwear online.

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The Best Matching Underwear for Couples

Ready to take the plunge? We've rounded up the best couples underwear to suit a variety of body shapes, tastes and budgets. Whether you're searching for some sexy intimates for a special occasion or cute and comfy undies for everyday wear, you're sure to find the perfect matching pair below.

Romantic Underwear for Couples

Matching Underwear for Couples, MeUndies
Courtesy of MeUndies

Who says coordinating your underwear has to be a one-time thing? With a matching Meundies subscription, you and your partner can keep twinning all year long. The site doesn't just offer "his and hers" matching underwear sets, though—you can opt for two pairs of women's underwear or two pairs of men's underwear to suit your relationship. There's also a range of inclusive sizes available.

Sexy Couples Underwear

Matching Underwear for Couples, Lovehoney
Courtesy of Lovehoney

Whether you're on the lookout for "his and hers" lingerie or matching underwear and bra sets for couples, Lovehoney has plenty of enticing options. This lace chemise and pair of trunks are available in red or black and are guaranteed to spice things up in the bedroom. You can also pick up matching stockings and suspenders to complete the look. Valentine's Day gifts don't get much sexier than this.

Gender-Neutral Couples Underwear

Two models wearing matching purple unicorn print bra and underwear in different cuts
Courtesy of TomboyX via Facebook

Shopping for matching underwear for couples is supposed to be fun, right? TomboyX certainly makes it more enjoyable with their array of vibrant and versatile options. Their genderless approach means you can find undies to suit your personal style and overall vibe as a couple. Their Organic Cotton and Rainbow Pride collections are the perfect places to start your search.

Cute Constellation Undies

Matching Underwear for Couples, Shinesty
Courtesy of Shinesty

Your other half is your sun, moon and stars. Celebrate your stellar love with this matching constellation-print underwear set. The cheeky-cut brief comes in sizes XS to 2X and the boxers are available in S to 5X. Of course, if a set of boxers and briefs doesn't suit your relationship, you can mix and match your own pair by shopping for undergarments separately.

Matching Designer Undies

Matching Underwear for Couples, Calvin Klein
Photo by Calvin Klein

If designer undies are on your wishlist, you can't go wrong with Calvin Klein matching underwear for couples. While the brand is synonymous with classic styles, they're not above adding cute details for an extra dash of romance. Both items in this matching set feature the CK logo and heart motifs—making them the perfect choice for Valentine's Day or your anniversary. The trunks are made from recycled polyester, while the matching thong is made from reprocessed cotton for a more sustainable design. They also offer a matching bralette to complete the set.

Matching Couples Underwear Sets

Matching Underwear for Couples, Tipsy Elves
Courtesy of Tipsy Elves

Searching for matching couple underwear sets on a budget? Tipsy Elves has some fun and affordable options to keep you smiling. These boxers and briefs each come with a pair of matching socks—all with a colorful candy heart pattern. Notice how every heart motif has a spicy message? Now that'll sure get you both in the mood for romance. The men's set comes in sizes S to 2XL, while the women's set is available in sizes XS to 2XL.

Funny Formal Underwear Set

Matching tuxedo print boxers for couple
Courtesy of Shinesty

Consider funny matching underwear for couples if you and your partner like to goof around. These tuxedo-inspired boxer briefs are perfect for adding a humorous touch to your next formal outing (hello, date night!). Bonus: They're moisture-wicking and have a built-in pouch for added comfort.

Sustainable Couples Underwear

Matching Underwear for Couples, Allbirds
Courtesy of Allbirds

Good news: There are lots of eco-friendly underwear options out there—and yes, that includes matching boxers and panties. (Doing your bit for the planet doesn't mean you have to miss out on twinning with your favorite person.) These silky-soft undergarments from Allbirds are made from sustainable materials, like organic cotton and lyocell, that minimize moisture and odor for maximum comfort. Just choose respective colors and cuts.

Camo Matching Underwear

Matching Underwear for Couples, W&S
Courtesy of W&S

Fancy a game of hide and seek? You won't blend into the background with this cute camouflage underwear. The print is available on boxers, bikini briefs, cheeky briefs and a coordinating bralette. (And if your partner isn't as much a camo fan as you, there are lots of other matching underwear designs to choose from).

Artsy Couples Underwear

Matching Underwear for Couples, PSD
Courtesy of PSD

Matching underwear for couples isn't just about coordinating with your partner—it can also be a great way to celebrate your shared interests. If you've both got a creative side or an eye for bold street art, these matching boxer briefs and boy shorts are for you. From the cool graffiti-inspired print to the stretchy logo waistband, there's lots to love about these PSD pants.

Matching Personalized Boxers

Matching Underwear for Couples, Etsy
Courtesy of DoodleDMonograms via Etsy

If you're the type of couple who likes to wander around the house in your undies, check out these adorable boxers. They're made from cozy flannel and have a loose fit that's perfect for lounging. You can even have them embroidered with your initials or names for a personalized finish. Couples matching underwear doesn't get much cuter than this.

Unisex Silk Boxer Shorts

Matching Underwear for Couples, Fleur Du Mal
Courtesy of Fleur Du Mal

In the mood to splurge on luxurious matching underwear for you and your boo? We've got two words for you: Silk boxers. Sure, these gender-neutral briefs from Fleur du Mal are more expensive than your everyday pants, but they're ideal for a special occasion. Made from real silk, they come in a variety of classic colors and cute prints. Choose from unisex sizes XS to XL for the perfect pair for you and your partner.

Vintage-Inspired Matching Undies

Matching Underwear for Couples, Etsy
Courtesy of UNIKPACKAGING via Etsy

Here's another unique pick from Etsy with a cool and colorful print that's sure to grab your S.O.'s attention. These vintage-inspired matching undies will make a secret statement underneath your clothing. The set includes a pair of boxers and briefs made from plant-based fiber, natural cotton and stretchy spandex for comfort and breathability.

Custom Photo Collage Undies

Matching Underwear for Couples, Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

Laughing together is sexy! If you and your partner are up for a chuckle, these custom undies are a playful take on the trend. Simply upload two photos of your faces to create a unique print for both the boxers and the thong—then get ready to giggle with your other half. Choose from a variety of design templates and sizes to tailor them to your preferences.

Matching Penguin-Print Underwear

Matching Underwear for Couples, Etsy
Courtesy of Cloundies via Etsy

Can you tell we love fun and flirty prints? This matching penguin set is especially fitting for couples (these cute birds are said to mate for life, after all). The icy blue colorway is bright and cheery, and each pair of briefs or boxers comes with cozy matching socks. For the full ensemble, you can also pick up a matching bralette for $25.

Where to Buy Matching Underwear for Couples

While matching underwear for couples may sound like a niche market, there are actually tons of places online where you can buy them. Many online retailers offer a diverse range of sizes and styles, so you're sure to find the perfect match for you and your sweetie. Whether you're looking for something cute, comfy or spicy (or perhaps all of the above), check out these brands below.

MeUndies: One of our favorite places to pick up matching couples underwear sets is MeUndies. They offer a wide variety of styles on their site, from understated neutrals to bright hues and adventurous patterns—something to suit every mood and personality. The icing on the cake? You can sign up for a monthly couples underwear subscription if you're committed to coordinating.

Lovehoney: Looking for something a little more spicy? Lovehoney is our go-to spot for sexy matching underwear for couples. From lacy lingerie to leather boxers, they have an array of options that'll get your hearts racing. They also offer inclusive sizes for men and women.

TomboyX: With their genderless approach to fashion, TomboyX has some of the best matching underwear for couples on the market. The site has so many colorful and unique styles in a diverse range of cuts. Simply choose your favorite designs and then you and your partner can each pick out your preferred fit.

Shinesty: If you're on the hunt for Valentine's Day- or holiday-themed matching underwear for couples, Shinesty is the place to go. You'll find plenty of fun, seasonal styles for you and your other half, as well as a selection of funny (and sometimes downright daring) designs that look great at any time of the year.

W&S: Playful prints more your thing? At W&S, you'll find any number of funky matching underwear sets for couples. Dragons, flamingos, planets and even wine—the list of cute and colorful designs goes on! They're a pretty affordable option too, so you can easily stock your underwear drawer with new pieces.

Etsy: Etsy is another great place to look for unique undergarments, especially if you want something that's personalized. From naughty to nice to everything in between, it's a great site to snag matching couples underwear with a twist.

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