30 Cute Matching Couples Gifts to Show Off Your Taken Status

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Four matching gifts for couples: personalized aprons, matching candles, his and hers towels, matching watches
Photos, clockwise: RichDesignCo, Uncommon Goods, Weezie, Fossil
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Updated Jan 19, 2024
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There are many ways to announce that you're in a relationship: the classic, though a bit outdated, Facebook status update, a cute Instagram picture (AKA a hard launch) or flaunting matching outfits during your next outing (#twinning). Matching couples gifts, be it coordinating sweatshirts, friendship necklaces or home decor items, make for some seriously romantic gestures, whether you're celebrating a new relationship or an established marriage. They convey a sense of unity and togetherness, letting your S.O. know you love being their other half. Our curated selection of cute and non-cringeworthy matching couple stuff includes the best ideas for anniversaries, Valentine's Day and spontaneous gestures. You're sure to find the perfect matching gift idea for your unique relationship below!

1. Anniversary Sweatshirts

Brown and white matching anniversary date sweatshirts
Photo: NunusStudio

Wear your heart on your sleeve (quite literally) with this adorable sweatshirt. This hoodie is embroidered with your anniversary date in Roman numerals on the chest and each of your initials on the sleeve with a heart. It's a cozy matching couple outfit you'll both want to wear regularly.

2. Hand-Holding Mittens

Couple holding hands wearing matching black mittens with red heart button
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Winter matching couple accessories don't get cuter—or more practical—than this. Complete with two separate gloves and one mitten built to share, this gift will let you link fingers even on a cold, snowy day. The knit accessories get an even more romantic touch from red heart buttons.

3. Holding Hands Socks

Hand-holding socks matching couple gift
Photo: Amazon

Your feet can "hold hands," too, thanks to these funny socks. They feature 3D eyes and arms, each equipped with magnetic hands that allow them to latch onto each other when close (like while you latch onto your love). The set includes two pairs of socks in either white or black, so all your toes will be warm and in love.

4. Matching Underwear

Couple laying in bed wearing matching heart underwear
Photo: MeUndies

If you're looking for something for your eyes only, consider this sexy matching couples gift idea. MeUndies will send you one pair or one pair a month of matching couples underwear. Pick each of your preferred undergarment styles, then a fun pattern. It'll be your little secret.

5. Personalized Fleece Blankets

His and hers matching personalized fleece blankets for couples
Photo: Personalization Mall

It's an age-old problem for couples: sharing blankets. No matter how big the throw is, someone's toes aren't covered. While we're big fans of cuddling, it's way easier to spoon with two blankets. Grab two cozy fleece blankets, one embroidered with your partner's name and pronouns, the other with yours, for a cozy matching gift idea.

6. Matching Couple Pajamas

Matching pajamas couple gift
Photos: Eberjey

Whether you're looking for matching couple gifts for the holiday season or celebrating moving in together, complementing loungewear is a great idea. Slip under the covers in these matching couples pajamas for arguably better sleep. You'll feel like royalty in these soft and breathable sets that come in black, charcoal or navy with ivory piping on the hem. You can have the pocket on each monogrammed for extra cuteness.

7. Kissing Mugs

Uncommon Goods kissing mugs for cute matching couples gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed, complete with this matching mug set. When the two porcelain pieces sculpted to look like faces come together, their puckered lips unite. It's a small way to add a little romance to your morning coffee routine. You'll definitely get a kiss, too!

8. Personalized Coasters

His and hers personalized wooden puzzle piece coasters
Photo: LuckandLuck

You fit together like pieces of a puzzle, so show off that fact with some sweet home decor. You'll each have a designated coaster for your nightstands or coffee table. No more confusing your water glasses.

9. Crochet Desk Buddies

Crochet desk buddies matching couple gift
Photo: bohohandmadeML

Celebrate your love for each other (and for coffee) with these handwoven coffee bean and coffee cup figurines. Each holds a witty card to read, "You are my favorite human bean" and "I can't espresso how much you mean to me," respectively. They'll be an adorable addition to your kitchen whether you live together or each just want a reminder of your connection when you brew your morning pot.

10. Long-Distance Bracelets

Long distance bracelets matching couple gift
Photo: Bond Touch

Technology is cool, especially when it brings you closer to your partner, even if you're miles apart. Bond Touch bracelets connect to each other via an app on your phone so you can send vibrations and light patterns to your partner wherever. They're a unique way to let your love know you're thinking of them. Choose between a few different band colors and designs to fit your everyday style—trust us, you'll never want to take this sweet long-distance couple gift off. Luckily, you won't have to often. They're waterproof and can last for four days on one charge.

11. Couples Phone Cases

Matching pink and clear couples phone cases with connecting astrology heart
Photo: Giftablee

Everyone will know who you're texting when you whip out your phone in this case. It features half a heart constellation with a sweet lil' astronaut and your name that perfectly lines up with your partner's matching phone case. Just make sure to order two, one with the first graphic and one with the second.

12. Sporty Belt Bags

Lululemon matching couples belt bags in bright yellow and brown
Photo: Lululemon

If you're the kind of duo who's always on the move, you need these matching couple accessories for your next adventure. These belt bags are made from water-repellent fabric and let you go hands-free with ample pocket space for all of your things. Plus, they're available in a bunch of different colors, so you and your S.O. can mix and match.

13. Matching Baseball Hats

Matching baseball hats couple gift
Photo: WorthBuyShop

This ball cap looks good on its own, but even better as one half of a matching set. Pick your partner's favorite color for the cap, then it'll be embroidered with a white or black smiley face—it's the perfect symbol of your love, since you're always cheesin' together. Grab a different color for yourself, then let the selfies commence.

14. Custom High-Top Converse

Custom high-top Converse matching couple gift
Photo: Converse

Do you and your S.O. share the same fashion sense? For a subtle matching gift idea, hand over a pair of classic Converse while sporting your own. There are over a dozen color options, but our favorite idea is designing a custom pair, so that only the two of you will ever be twinning. You can choose a unique color or print for each part of the shoe, from the tongue to the heel strip, and even have elements custom embroidered with both of your initials.

15. Half-Heart Necklaces

MYKA gold personalized matching heart necklaces for couples
Photo: MYKA

You'll each get one half of this fashionable heart pendant that's split between two necklaces. Choose your desired material (sterling silver, 18K gold vermeil, 18K gold plated or 18K rose gold plated) and chain length, then add your names—one for each necklace. You'll think of each other whenever you wear your matching couples jewelry.

16. "I Do" Ring Dishes

"I do" ring dishes matching couple gift
Photo: HappilyChicDesigns

Here's another cute matching gift for couples, particularly those that recently got engaged: ring dishes. Sold together, the square saucers read: "I do" on one and "I do too" on the other. Not only will they keep your jewelry safe and sound, but they're also keepsakes that you can cherish forever.

17. Snuggle Candle Holder Set

Snuggling candle holders matching couple gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Illuminate your space with these tealight holders that fit together to mirror you and your partner snuggled on the couch. That's right, they're not just functional and artistic home decor, they convey a sweet message of connection and togetherness. Just assign each of you one of the happy, leaning vessels depending on who is most often the big spoon versus the little spoon.

18. Cozy Bathrobes

Couple wearing matching cozy bathrobes in white and gray
Photo: Brooklinen

Slip into these cozy bathrobes after a relaxing bubble bath with your partner. They have functional pockets, a comfy waist tie and are made from 100% Turkish cotton, so you'll both stay warm and snuggly all year round. Say hello to your new couples self-care routine!

19. Monogrammed Bath Towels

Monogrammed couples bath towels matching gift
Photo: Weezie

Ever reach for a towel, only to find your partner already beat you to it? Welcome to the thrilling world of unintentional matching in the bathroom. Enter: Weezie's Signature Bath Towels. Crafted with premium long-staple cotton, they boast a plush and absorbent feel, ensuring a comfortable and indulgent post-bath experience. But the key to this couples item is that each towel can be personalized with the owner's initials, so just the color and embroidery match.

20. Funny Pillowcase Set

Funny personalized matching pillowcase set for couples
Photo: Personalization Mall

This matching gift idea for couples needs no introduction. One pillowcase says, "Let's cuddle," while the other says, "Let me sleep." You can choose between 11 fabric colors and have each personalized with a name—or leave them as is if the instigator and snoozer change daily.

21. Star Map Glassware

Uncommon Goods custom couples starry glassware for creative matching couples gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Embracing the idea that opposites attract, this custom star map glassware is a must-have for couples with differing drinking preferences, like wine versus beer. Each is engraved with the constellations that were visible on the night of your first date or wedding (or any other special date you choose), as well as your names, the significant day and a short caption such as "The start of our love story." These uniquely personalized glasses undoubtedly take the crown as the most creative matching couples gift. (Psst, you can order a set of just stemless wine glasses or pint glasses, too.)

22. Ice Cream Spoon Set

Ice cream spoon set pair for couples
Photo: EOJStudios

I scream, you scream, we all scream for love! Late-night snacking just got a whole lot cuter with these matching couple spoons. One is stamped with the phrase: "My Ice Cream," while the other says, "Your Ice Cream."

23. Sweet and Salty Aprons

Sweet and salty aprons matching couple gift
Photo: RichDesignCo

Cooking together just got a lot more fun with these matching "salty" and "sweet" couples aprons. Personalize each with your names for an extra special touch. The aprons are available in white, black, navy, maroon and more colors—so you and your partner can coordinate or rock different hues. Wear them to your first couples cooking class for a unique date-night idea.

24. Pinky Swear Ring Set

Pinky swear ring set matching couple gift
Photo: VeeaienDesigns

Make a promise never to ghost your partner with this unique matching ring set for couples featuring a gothic twist. Each metal ring is intricately engraved with a skeleton hand extending its pinky. When stacked with your partner's band, it forms a charming pinky swear—a distinctive symbol of your enduring and unbreakable love.

25. His and Her Watches

Fossil matching couple watches
Photo: Fossil

Gifting a watch is a classically romantic gesture, symbolizing endless love and shared moments. If you're a couple that values quality time, this matching anniversary gift is a perfect idea. The multifunctional stainless steel watch set includes both a traditionally sized men's and women's watch. Alternatively, you can opt for individual matching watches tailored to your unique relationship.

26. Matching Swimsuits and Cover-Ups

Matching swimsuits for couples
Photo: Kenny Flowers

Summer lovin'! Be the talk of the beach with these matching couple swimsuits. You can find this blue pattern in a one-piece, bikini or swim trunks to fit your waterside style. There are even matching children's swimsuits to get the whole family involved. Once you're ready to get out of the sun, you can throw on matching cover-ups, too.

27. Mr. or Mrs. Beach Towels

Mrs. or Mr. personalized beach towels matching couple gift
Photo: GalaxyShirtUS

Are you shopping for cute matching gifts for your tropical honeymoon? How about beach towels? These towels are personalized with each of your prefixes and now-shared last name (if you're changing or hyphenating).

28. Faux-Leather Passport Covers

The Knot Shop leather passport holders in pink and gray for practical matching couples gift idea
Photo: The Knot Shop

Before jetting off on a couples vacation, you'll appreciate having these chic matching passport covers handy. The durable faux-leather holders protect your passports and organize your travel documents. Personalize the covers with each of your initials and choose from pink, navy or gray fabric.

29. Couples Luggage Tags

Couples luggage tags
Photo: Create Gift Love

Speaking of travel and matching couple things, don't forget luggage tags. After all, you want to make sure your matching swimsuits and towels for vacation make it to their destination. This set of personalized luggage tags are handcrafted from beautiful brown vegan leather and stamped with an ampersand split between the two. After all, you only feel complete when your soul mate is at your side.

30. LEGO Heart Key Chain

Lego heart keychain for couples
Photo: Amazon

You'll always stay connected as long as you each have one half of this couples key ring set. Each features half of a LEGO heart, which is available in five different colors. With every glance at this reconstructed toy, you're prompted to celebrate your connection's playful, lighthearted side.

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