40 Eclectic Opal Engagement Rings That Are Sure to Wow

These bohemian stones are stunning diamond alternatives.
Opal engagement rings
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Updated Feb 06, 2020
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In the market for alternative engagement jewelry? Consider an opal engagement ring. This eclectic style is a trend on the rise, and for good reason. Ideal for someone with bohemian style and unique taste (or a penchant for astrology), opals have long been perceived to be a powerful mystical gem. Available in a variety of shades ranging from milky white to deep navy, the diversity of the stone makes it a great option for those who want their jewelry to stand out from the crowd.

If you do decide to purchase an opal engagement ring, take note of the required upkeep. Opals are a softer gem, falling between 5.5 and 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning they can be prone to scratches. They can also contain significant water content, making them more likely to crack or dry out in environments with low humidity. That's not to say you shouldn't purchase one, especially if you know an opal engagement ring is perfect for your partner. To keep the gem in top shape, simply clean it regularly with mild soap, warm water and a soft brush or cloth and store it in a cool environment. With a little TLC, your opal engagement ring will be kept pristine for years to come.

Whether you're looking for some ring-spiration or you're ready to make a purchase, we've rounded up our favorite opal engagement rings below. From vintage-inspired baubles to elegant designs with modern flair, these options are sure to wow. Browse through our picks, and buy your favorite if you find "the one." Your partner will have no problem saying "yes" to any of these rings.

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Rose Gold Opal Engagement Rings

Searching for a bauble that feels utterly romantic? Consider purchasing a rose gold opal engagement ring. The pink hue adds a charming touch that your partner will simply adore.

Rose gold emerald cut opal engagement ring

This emerald-cut opal is encased in a diamond halo and set on a simple rose gold band, making it a no-brainer for someone with a preference for romantic designs.

Blue Nile emerald cut opal ring with diamond halo in 14K Rose Gold, $1,390, BlueNile.com

Rose gold opal engagement ring

A simple ring doesn't have to be subdued. This opal engagement ring has just enough sparkle to make it shimmer from any angle. The opal stone is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds and set on a thin rose gold band.

Anne Sisteron white opal diamond solitaire ring in 14K Rose Gold, $645, AnneSisteron.com

Rose gold diamond opal engagement ring

A unique shape will make any engagement ring stand out. This Australian opal is surrounded by diamonds at the top and bottom, while the twisted band brings an elegant flair.

Sunday Island Sweden diamond opal engagement ring in 14K Rose Gold, $778, Etsy.com

Rose gold cluster opal engagement ring

Engagement rings with multiple stones are one of the hottest jewelry trends of 2020. This rose gold beauty features four opal stones and clusters of diamonds to deliver a serious wow factor.

James Allen open opal and diamond ring in 14K Rose Gold, $890, JamesAllen.com

Geometric rose gold opal engagement ring

This geometric design is unlike any other. The opal stone is surrounded by a diamond-encrusted band, and the rose gold hue offers a subtle pop of color.

Anna Sheffield Butterfly single wrap ring in Rose Gold, White & Champagne Diamond, $3,200, AnnaSheffield.com

Rose gold diamond and opal engagement ring

For those with a fondness for extravagance, consider this show-stopping opal engagement ring. The design features 14 opals, 14 diamonds and one morganite stone. Together, this cluster of gems (along with the rose gold setting) makes for one stunning engagement ring.

Anne Sisteron Gisele morganite opal diamond ring in 14K Rose Gold, $1,405, AnneSisteron.com

Topaz and opal rose gold engagement ring

Looking for more color? Check out this opal and topaz engagement ring. The opal centerstone is framed in a double halo of diamond and topaz stones set on a rose gold band, creating an opulent design.

Blue Nile oval opal and swiss blue topaz halo ring in 14K Rose Gold, $995, BlueNile.com

Black Opal Engagement Rings

Believe it or not, black opals aren't exclusively black. This type of opal is named for its dark body color, which can range from gray to blue and even green. Black opals are mined exclusively in Australia, and they're one of the most popular opal variations on the market. Though they're rare, we've rounded up our favorite black opal engagement rings below.

Black opal engagement ring with diamonds

This black opal ring features flecks of cerulean, turquoise and orange throughout, meaning it will catch and reflect light in a stunning manner. The stone can be set on a white, yellow or rose gold band and features clusters of diamonds on either side.

Pristine Custom Rings natural black opal ring in 18K Yellow Gold, $890, Etsy.com

Black opal engagement ring on milgrain band

Keep it simple with this black opal engagement ring set on a gold milgrain band.

GemOdes black opal engagement ring in 18K Yellow Gold, from $520, Etsy.com

Bezel set black opal engagement ring

A fresh take on an engagement ring design, this black opal stone is set within the gold oval band and is flanked by two diamonds on either end.

Capucinne black opal ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $1,470, Capucinne.com

Bezel set black opal engagement ring

Run, don't walk, to snag this black opal engagement ring. The Australian stone is set on a thin gold band, making it a no-brainer option for those with minimalistic style.

Mociun Australian black opal ring, $5,500, Mociun.com

Opal and Diamond Engagement Rings

You don't have to give up diamonds when you purchase an opal engagement ring. These designs combine the best of both worlds, making them great options for a gem-lover who wants an engagement right with an unexpected twist.

Opal engagement ring on sterling silver band

The colors of this classic opal stone are enhanced by two small diamonds on either side, while the white gold band gives the look a modern finish.

Blue Nile opal and diamond ring in 18K White Gold, $1,280, BlueNile.com

Opal and diamond engagement ring

Inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms, this opal engagement ring is handmade in Tokyo and includes an opal center stone surrounded by five small diamonds, with more set in the yellow gold band.

Kataoka Sakura opal ring in 18K Yellow Gold, $3,180, CatbirdNYC.com

Opal engagement ring on split shank band with double diamond halo

This opal engagement ring brings elegance and drama. The oval center stone is surrounded by a double halo of diamonds, while the split shank is enhanced with pavé stones as well, evoking a glamourous flair.

Effy Aurora opal and diamond cocktail ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $4,687, EffyJewelry.com

Opal engagement ring in braided gold frame with diamonds

Astrology lovers will adore this celestial opal ring. The sparkling center stone is wrapped in a golden braided frame, and the band is accented by small diamonds inspired by stars in the sky.

Sofia Zakia Luminary ring, $780, SofiaZakia.com

Open bar opal engagement ring

What's better than one opal? Two opals, of course. This unconventional design includes two teardrop opal stones with a small baguette diamond in the middle, set on an open bar band.

Zoe Chicco opal and diamond open bar ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $1,400, ZoeChicco.com

Opal engagement ring with diamond halo

An octogonal shape brings excitement to this opal engagement ring. The stone is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, while the unique setting is placed atop a yellow gold band.

Yi Collection opal & diamond mini magic ring in 18K Yellow Gold, $1,450, YiCollection.com

Engagement ring with diamond and opal

A radiant-cut diamond is set within a simple gold band, while a small opal brings a pop of color below the stone.

Wwake large nestled diamond and opal ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $9,630, Wwake.com

Opal engagement ring with diamond halo

A classic white gold halo ring gets an ethereal upgrade with an opal centerstone. This particular stone is surrounded by 44 pavé brilliant-cut diamonds, making this a dazzling option.

Blue Nile opal and diamond halo ring in 18K White Gold, $1,560, BlueNile.com

Opal engagement ring with pavé diamonds

Inspired by constellations, this crossover ring includes one opal, one .05 ct diamond and four white pavé stones nestled in a 14K gold band.

Wwake opal & diamond crossover ring, $750, CatbirdNYC.com

Opal engagement ring flanked by baguette and round diamonds

More diamonds? Yes, please. A variety of shapes come together to make this unique opal engagement ring a stunning option. The oval opal stone is accompanied with a baguette and round diamond on either side.

Jared natural opal ring in 14K White Gold, $1,000, Jared.com

Bezel set opal engagement ring with diamonds

This handmade opal engagement ring features all the best colors of a jaw-dropping sunset in one jewel. The oval stone is accented with round diamonds set within the gold band.

Jemma Wynne Toujours opal and diamond ring, $5,250, JemmaWynne.com

Two-tone opal and diamond engagement ring

A two-tone engagement ring is a timeless option (not to mention, it'll match just about any piece of jewelry). This design is the best of both worlds: The opal centerstone is surrounded by a raised diamond-encrusted white gold halo on a gold band.

Effy Aurora 14K two tone opal and diamond ring, $1,187, EffyJewelry.com

Teardrop opal engagement ring with black prongs

The addition of black prongs brings an unexpected twist to this already-unique engagement ring. The teardrop-shaped opal is set on a split-shank gold band with pavé diamonds.

ManiaMania Ritual solitaire ring in Opal, $3,800, CatbirdNYC.com

Opal engagement ring with black diamonds

Looking for an eco-friend engagement ring? This opal stone is lab-created, and it's flanked by black diamonds.

Zales oval lab-created opal and enhanced black diamond ring in Sterling Silver, $249, Zales.com

Vintage Opal Engagement Rings

While many jewelers create vintage-inspired opal engagement rings, you and your partner might want to check out local estate or antique stores to discover a wider variety of true heirloom options. But if you do want to shop online, you're not out of luck. Here, we rounded up our favorite vintage (and vintage-inspired) opal engagement rings.

Purple opal vintage-inspired engagement ring

Set on a gold engraved band, this vintage black opal stone evokes an elegant, 1920s feel.

Greenwich St. Jewelers Valoria opal ring in 14K Rose Gold, $1,350, GreenwichJewelers.com

Vintage-inspired opal engagement ring

A sunburst halo is a vintage-inspired detail that's both eye-catching and elegant. A milky opal is set within the sunburst of diamonds on a sterling silver band.

Zales lab-created opal and whtie sapphire sunburst ring in Sterling Silver, $89, Zales.com

Gold vintage opal engagement ring

Thoughtful details make this vintage opal engagement ring stand out. Six decorative prongs secure the oval gem to an open gallery atop a gold split shank band.

Brilliant Earth Sandoval ring, $2,750, BrilliantEarth.com

Vintage inspired rose gold opal engagement ring

Yet another vintage-inspired option, this oval opal is set in dazzling halo of diamonds and is nestled in a tapered shank rose gold band.

Zales oval opal and diamond sunburst vintage-style tapered shank ring in 10K Rose Gold, $699, Zales.com

Vintage teardrop opal engagement ring

Pear-shaped engagement rings are coming back in style, and it's not hard to see why. This art-deco style stone is fastened to a silver band with four decorative prongs on a pierced gallery.

Brilliant Earth Loralie ring, $3,850, BrililantEarth.com

Gold Opal Engagement Rings

These opal engagement rings are good as gold. Whether your partner values minimalistic jewelry or they have a taste for timeless baubles, these gold opal engagement rings will elicit an immediate "Yes!"

Gold opal engagement ring with milgrain halo

You'll never want to stop staring at this exquisite opal and diamond ring. The milgrain decoration adds a subtle—but sophisticated—touch to this design.

Blue Nile oval opal and diamond milgrain ring in 14k Yellow Gold, $1,400, BlueNile.com

Gold bezel set opal engagement ring

This iridescent blue opal is centered within a 14K gold band, making it a total showstopper.

Melissa Joy Manning gold opal ring in 14K Gold, $1,3400, NET-A-PORTER.com

Gold opal engagement ring on milgrain band

This ring will garner all of the compliments. The shimmering opal is set in a gold diamond-encrusted halo on a milgrain band, making it a great option for those with fashion-forward style.

Effy Aurora opal and diamond ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $1,103, EffyJewelry.com

Elongated rose-cut opal engagement ring with diamonds

Named after silent film actress Theda Bara, this five-stone opal engagement ring is a knockout. The elongated rose-cut opal stone is centered between a baguette diamond and trillion diamond on either side on a 14K yellow gold band.

Anna Sheffield Theda ring, $8,690, AnnaSheffield.com

Simple opal engagement ring with small diamond

The simplicity of this opal engagement ring makes it an excellent option for minimalists who still want a pop of shine. An opal stone is bezel set on one side of a thin yellow gold band, while a prong-set diamond rests on the other side.

Zoe Chicco opal and diamond stacked ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $495, ZoeChicco.com

Opal engagement ring with gold beaded halo

A beaded halo offers fresh take on a common engagement ring setting. This opal stone is set in a double halo—one of diamonds, and one of gold beads.

James Allen opal and diamond beaded double halo ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $1,480, JamesAllen.com

Gold opal bezel set engagement ring

Those who love bezel settings will adore this unadorned opal engagement ring. Simplicity is key for this design. The Australian stone is elegantly set on a plain gold band.

Mociun opal bezel set ring, $5,900, Mociun.com

Gold asscher cut opal engagement ring

This opal engagement ring stands out with an asscher-cut shape. Bezel set on a gold band, it's a must for fashion gurus.

Grace Lee Maman square bezel opal ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $785, GraceLee.com

Teardrop opal engagement ring with emeralds

Emeralds are one of 2020's hottest jewelry trends, making this opal engagement ring a perfect choice for style connoisseurs. The dewdrop-shaped center stone is set on a dazzling emerald-encrusted split shank band.

Yi Collection opal & emerald dewdrop ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $2,950, YiCollection.com

Black and gold opal engagement ring

Looking for something truly unexpected? Consider this black and gold opal engagement ring. The shield-shaped center is set on a black and gold band. And as an added surprise, the opal lifts to reveal a small diamond in the center of the ring.

Santo by Zani black enamel with opal shield ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $2,650, SantobyZani.com

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