Wedding Food & Drink: Can We Have a Potluck Reception?


I want to have a potluck wedding reception. Is rude to ask my wedding guests to bring a dish?


Although they're probably not the norm where you live, potluck wedding receptions are actually customary in some countries and cultures (like in the Quaker tradition), where the women of the community come together to help prepare the wedding feast. Some wedding guests will inevitably be put off if they're asked to bring food to a wedding reception. To ease the situation, tell out-of-towners they shouldn't feel obligated to bring a dish, and let the locals know the dish is in lieu of a wedding gift. Request that they prepare one of their favorite family delicacies, then ask them to give you the recipe so you can make them part of your newlywed repertoire. (Don't worry, most people will still bring you wedding gifts, but you'll look gracious for not soliciting them!)

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