7 Premarital Counselors in Fort Worth, Texas for You and Your Partner

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Updated May 15, 2024

During your engagement, you may be hyperfocused on your wedding day, when in actuality, it's just that—one day. Taking the time to prioritize your relationship, and plan for your marriage will benefit you and your partner in the long run. And premarital counseling is a great way to do just that. Fortunately, there are plenty of premarital counseling services in Fort Worth, Texas, including both wedding officiants and couples' counselors. With these counselors, you'll discuss such topics as sex, finances and future goals.

While, of course, it never hurts to work on your relationship, there are also benefits to completing a premarital counseling course—in Texas, couples are encouraged to complete the eight-hour Twogether in Texas course, which allows you to have the 72-hour marriage waiting period waived, and save up to $60 on your marriage license fee. Below, we've listed seven premarital counselors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and noted which ones participate in the state-run program. To find even more premarital counselors near you, visit The Knot Vendor Marketplace, filter "Wedding Events" and select "Premarital Counseling." And if you don't have time to meet with a counselor, there are premarital counseling apps that provide similar benefits in a convenient format.

Candyology Coaching Services in Arlington, Texas

Founded by wedding officiant and certified sexologist Candace (Candy) Jackson, Candyology Coaching Services provides non-religious and Christian premarital counseling for couples of all backgrounds in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Says one client: "We did our eight sessions [with Candy] and gained so much insight…we kept her on retainer once a month to help us navigate the major issues that come up." Candyology Coaching Services participates in the Twogether in Texas premarital counseling course.

Grounded in Good in Allen, Texas

One of the hardest parts of premarital counseling is setting aside the time to do it—we're all busy! Fortunately, Dr. Kara Shade of Grounded in Good in the Dallas-Fort Worth area offers private counseling sessions via Zoom, and participates in the Twogether in Texas program so you can get a discount on your marriage license. Says one past client: "A no-brainer for anyone getting married! Dr. Kara is incredibly knowledgeable and has developed a comprehensive course to ensure you and your partner are given the skills to navigate all of the major areas of marriage. My partner and I felt we were already pretty aligned in most areas, but Dr. Kara's course helped us take the good in our relationship to great! Best money you will spend on your wedding!"

Liz Higgins, MS, LMFT Associate in Dallas, Texas

Whether you're looking to figure out how to resolve conflicts, improve your communication, discuss finances or simply strengthen your bond, Dallas-based Liz Higgins will help give your marriage a strong foundation. She participates in the Twogether in Texas program so you can receive a discount on your marriage license.

Maryellen Dabal, MA, LMFT in Southlake, Texas

Southlake-based Maryellen Dabal creates a personalized program to help you and your partner plan your future together. She also participates in the Twogether in Texas program, which means you'll complete at least eight premarital counseling sessions with her. "We will go over topics such as finances, conflict resolution, communication, parenting, strength and growth areas of the relationship, as well as lots of discussion on how your families of origin have worked with these issues in the past, and what you would like to be the same or different in the family you are about to create," she says. And couples agree: "Maryellen was compassionate and patient as we worked through our many challenges associated with getting married," says one recent client. "The program she uses allowed us to prepare for what would lie ahead for our future."

Put a Ring on It Dallas! in Dallas, Texas

LaTrice Roman of Put a Ring on It Dallas is not only a popular wedding officiant in the DFW area, she also provides premarital counseling under the Twogether in Texas program. Counseling is usually done online (super convenient!), and goals include improving communication, conflict resolution, setting boundaries and strengthening the emotional connection and intimacy. She also uses the SYMBIS Assessment which will help you and your partner learn more about each other, and you'll receive a personalized report to keep after the sessions are complete.

Dallas Wedding Officiant in Bedford, Texas

Officiant Rick Sutherland of Dallas Wedding Officiant works with couples of all backgrounds, and provides both faith-based and non-religious premarital counseling that follows the Twogether in Texas program. He can meet in person or online. Says one recent client: "We completed premarital counseling with him before the big day, and he brought up some amazing points and food for thought that we have found to be very valuable. His great personality, sense of humor and professionalism were much appreciated leading up to and during our wedding."

Dee'Tox Life Coaching Services in Dallas, Texas

When it comes to finding premarital counseling in the Fort Worth-Dallas area, it's essential to find someone who's easy to talk to and understands your specific needs as a couple. Queer wedding officiant and life coach Dee Coleman of Dee'Tox Life Coaching Services in Dallas has been praised for her ability to do just that in her premarital counseling sessions. Says one recent client: "My experience with Coach Dee has been deep, preparing me to stay true to who I really am so that my future partner and I can stay dedicated to our individual growth and the best versions of ourselves as we grow through love together."

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